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D&D Alcohol

D&D Alcohol



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Published by Shinkei13

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Published by: Shinkei13 on Sep 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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POPULAR & STRANGE ALCOHOLS AMONGST THE WORLDS"You expect me to drink this swill?"--- AnonymousThese popular and strange alcohol drinks are usually rare or veryexpensive, and therefore aren't found in every establishment. Since,the larger settlement the better the chance that they can get theirhands on these exotic drinks, the chance of these drinks beingavailable to customers is increased. If the GM wishes to have a specialdrink added to the menu of an establishment, he/she should roll torandomly decide if a drink can be in the establishment (Table 1,relative to the size of the settlement), roll to randomly decide whatthe drink is (Table 2), or make the decisions instead.TABLE 1: Chance of Special & Strange DrinksSettlement Population ChanceThorp 20-80 5%Hamlet 100-400 10%Village, Wych 600-900 20%Town 1500-6500 50%City 10000-60000 75%TABLE 2: The Drinks (1d100 / 2 rounded up)1 Absinthe2 Aliant3 BD 20 20 (Blink Dog 20/20)4 Bloody Mary5 Brindleberry Wine6 Brown Mold Beer7 Bush Light8 Cragg's Flaming Twister9 Dimech Beer10 Dornakh11 Dragon's Blood12 Dragon's Breath13 Dwarven Jalepeno Wine14 Dwarven Thrower15 Dwutharian Brandy16 Fire Beer17 The Flaming Amigo18 Gammonberry Wine19 Glempe'20 Green Slime Wine21 Jagerbeir22 Jolly Dwarf (J.D.)23 Klatchian Coffee24 Lycanthrope Moonshine25 Mages' Brew26 Minotaur Malt Liquor
27 Obliviax Wine28 O.D.B.29 Old One-Eye30 Pulgue31 Potion of Dwarven Pride32 Red Righettini Fungus Beer33 Rocgut34 Sake35 The Silver Wolf36 Sparking Wine37 Spelljamming PanGalactic GargleBlaster38 Tiefling Iced Tea39 The Utter Moron40 Whimsy Wine41 Yellow Mold Beer42 Zombie Killer43-50 ROLL AGAIN (room is left on the table for future additions)Name: AbsintheType: LiquorMade By: HumansQuality: ExcellentDescription: An alcoholic liqueur flavored with wormwood, an aromaticplant that provides nice flavor and color to absinthe. "Madness anddeath are not things to which I aspire." is a common saying to thosethat refuse absinthe. Absinthe is highly toxic to the nervous systemcausing madness and death. Most regions make absinthe illegal becauseof its great danger.Game Effects: A character who becomes greatly intoxicated from absinthemust make a save vs. poison. Failure cause insanity. Roll 1d10 on thefollowing for the insanity:1-7 Roll on Types of Insanity Table of your RPG rule book orcheck out The Complete Guide to Sanity.8-9 Roll on Insanities Table 1 in the Sexual Insanity sectionof The Complete RPG Guide to Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.10 The insanity is chosen by the GM.Furthermore, the character's Amount Level becomes 8 and Drinking Levelbecomes 5.If not healed by neutralize poison, heal, and cure disease thenthe character will find himself dead in 3d6 days.Name: AliantType: WineMade By: GnomesQuality: ExcellentDescription: A dry wine made by the gnomes of the Cairn Hills of Oerth.This wine is produced from berries of the Alia plant, a plant exclusiveto the Cairn Hills. Each Alia plant will produce at most a forth of agallon of berries. One hundred grams of berries will produce one gallonof Aliant.After a laborious process, which is kept in strict secrecy by the
Cairn gnomes, the blue wine is aged. The longer the wine ages, thepaler it gets, and the more dangerous it becomes.Game Effects: Any gnome can drink the stuff with impunity - it is aexcellent, rare wine which they covet above all others. Gnomes will notsuffer the intoxicating effects of alcohol. To any non-gnome, Aliant isa potent neuro-toxin. Any non-gnome drinking a cup of the wine willautomatically go into a great level of intoxication and will suffer thepenalties as described in the rules.Name: BD 20/20 (Blink Dog 20/20)Type: WineMade By: HumansQuality: NormalDescription: Nicknamed "Blink Dog 20/20" by locals, BD 20/20 is toutedby its 'connoisseurs' as "grape squeezins with a kick". This less thanremarkable wine is the poorman's drink (at only 5 cp per cup) ofKynesboro, the small district in Karameikos where it is produced.Though the secret of its making has been well kept by clans Beryl andDarnsen (thus BD), it is said to be a medium-dry white wine "enhanced"with a particular combination of herbs and "other ingredients" found inthe locale of Kynesboro town.The manufacture of BD 20/20 takes only about 2 weeks, with averagepress-to-shelf time of one month. If kept in well-sealed barrels andstored under proper conditions, the flavor will become stronger, andthe eventual effects more immediate.Game Effects: Only when Great Intoxication is reached do the effects(and the significance of BD 20/20's nickname) become apparent. Whengreat intoxication is reached, the character drinking must save vs. hisor her Dexterity. Success results in no adverse effects THAT ROUND. Aroll against Dexterity is required each round that the charactercontinues to drink. Failure to save results in the following effect:for 2d6 rounds, objects in the character's gaze will seem to (butreally don't) blink for a distance of 4d6 inches in a random (or GM'schosen direction). This effect will probably be first noticed when thecharacter reaches for his/her cup. A direction table is given below,but GM's choice often lends more humor to the situation.Random Blink Table (d10)1 or 6 Forward (away from character)2 or 7 Back (toward character)3 or 8 Left4 or 9 Right5 or 10 Straight Up (most fun!)This effect applies not only to small objects, but to doorways, andeven (heh heh..) combat opponents. This confers a -4 to hit and -2 toall saves while the effect lasts. The adverse effects of BD 20/20 last2d6+1 rounds, after which the character passes out. The effects do notoccur if the character immediately stops drinking and retires for aminimum of 5 hours. Of course, the character will remember nothing ofhis actions/escapades while under the effects of BD 20/20... ("I didWHAT?!?!?!?!?")

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