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The Altered 3-4

The Altered 3-4

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Published by Rikkuhikari7

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Published by: Rikkuhikari7 on Sep 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Simulated moonlight trickled into the Miyazawa girls’bedroom. Te room was almost a glow as the aint lightbounced o the rice paper paneling. Yet, or a placeddeigned or sleeping. Te room was void o lie. For thiswas not a normal bedroom, this was the dwelling placeo Yuki and Yuna Miyazawa, the last known survivinggirls o a horrible massacre. Located in the undergroundtunnels o Oka Corp Labs, anything that seemed ordinarin this room was actually out o the ordinary. From the15th century twin doll collections to the vacant white silk sheets that lay prepared or bed. For these beds were day beds, used or napping and the occasional trampoline.Te girl’s night beds lay hidden behind a single decorativewall. Behind this wall lay two white vessels, each ten eetin length, cylindrical and pristine white with a single black tinted window located at one end o each. A droning humcame rom the 12’ x 12’ room as a system pumped a reshoxygen into each cylinder. Tese were advanced deprivationchambers, used to block out light, sound even electricalpulses. Tese devices blocked out the world. For thosewho were contained in these chambers were no ordinary mortals. Te two young girls contained inside deed many laws o modern science.Te inner lining had the so look o an elaborate con.White silk sheets were tightly tted inside. A metallicdiamond pattern was imprinted in the steel cover o the lid,broken by the black window peering into nothing. Yuna
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stared blankly through the window into nothing. It wouldbe another eight hours until Doctor Oka came to wake themin the morning. Her eyes drooped wearily, yet she could notsleep. Tese chambers were not here or her benet. Honestly Yuna could sleep anywhere and be happy. Tese were or hersister, the telepath. All the unltered subconscious thoughtswere silenced once the door closed. Yuna was ree to think without ear o adding to her sister’s constant pain. She couldthink… and she could cry. Finally sleep overtook her.Yuna was violently awoken by the rush o her capsuleopening. Tis was not how she was usually greeted in themorning, but a distant light illuminated Oka’s round glassesnone the less.<
Yuna, get up, quickly.
> Oka barked, pulling at the girl’swrist. Te whoosh o the second chamber opening drew theirattention to the other side o the room. A scream echoedthrough the room as the thoughts o the world bombardedYuki, her peace broken. In a uid moment Oka was across theroom mufing Yuki with a large hand.<
We have to leave, NOW 
.> Oka hissed.Te cold white hallways were only lit by thin tracks o light,barely lighting the way. Te doctor dragged the girls down amaze o hallways. Tese halls were strange to Yuna, or sheand Yuki rarely le the saety o their designated rooms. Outo the entire ten years they had lived in the lab, this was theirrst outing. Oka stopped abruptly, almost causing Yuna to
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smash into the short corridor wall. aking a thin plasticcars, Oka slid it across two metal strips, causing a indigolight to ash across the plastic. wo o the ve sheet panelsolded in on themselves revealing a small elevator. Okatyped a code into a small display, bringing the elevator tolie. Te tiny car rushed passed numerous oors Yuna andYuki had never been to until they reached one nal oor.Te elevator open onto a cement parking garage. A sleek black unrecognizable car idled beore them. Te door wasthrust open and the girls were shoved inside. Yuna ell overYuki trying to claw her way to the door.<
Doctor Oka-san, DOCOR OKA-SAN.
> Yuna poundedon the door, but the car sped o, its windows heavily tinted.Te girls were tossed in the back seat the car took violentturns. Tere was a crack and the smell o blood as Yukicaught her head on a hard plastic edge.<
> Yuki screamed, grabbing her sister. Terewas the sound o crunching and twisting metal and thecab lled up with the smell o smoke and gasoline. Terewas the sound or rantic voices screaming outside thecar. People could be heard pulling at the door. Te crashdamaged lock gave way as cold night air ooded in. Tegirls were pulled rom the car. Te man holding Yunatried to press her ace into his shoulder but Yuna caughta glimpse o the crash. Te ront o the car was wrappedaround a concrete pillar, glass and blood lay scattered inthe driver’s seat. Tere were men stepping away, their handsand shirts covered in blood, unsuccessul attempts to save

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