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t=1214133154 3534109 Good Hygiene Practices in Abattoir

t=1214133154 3534109 Good Hygiene Practices in Abattoir

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Published by hadiminshawi2029

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Published by: hadiminshawi2029 on Sep 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Good Hygiene practices )GHP)&Good Manufacturing Practices )GMP( in slaughterhouse
ةيساسل تزكرمنانويحرئاظح:نا
يرودلا صحفلامعطتلابردتلا) ,ك , ازفق , ةذأ ( ةقالا سلا
بصقم ىإ تاويح ير 
)فا( نلا ةو ف زاةئهتلاةلاعلا /ءلا ص ) فلا ى( ضاا ع 
تاويح س ام تافوم رئاظ ريو 
ةلاةئهتلاءاةظنلاءلا و علا  1
ةداق تاويح ز 
)علا , ةللا( ج  احلا  حت جتلا و مقتلاءلا / علا  ةتلا ةالا
ير  يج
رئاظح يمص 
 و Crush gateغا و تفلا ةه ا و تلا د ءا و ةئهتلا د 
ذ  
ها بنج شلا   علا مد ن ةالا2
 all practices regarding the conditions and measures necessary to ensure thesafety and suitability of food at all stages of the food chain
describe the requirements for hygienic design and construction of slaughter  premises and equipment.In short this means hygienic rules translated to instructions and procedures for employees and machinery
describes how GHP is to be achieved I.e. minimizing microbial, chemical and physical contamination.
The principal function of the lairage is to provide a reservoir of animalsfor the slaughter line. For the purposes of food safety, and on animal welfaregrounds, facilities must be available for the isolation and removal of any animalsshowing signs of illness. Pressurized water is preferred to wash animal's prior slaughter 
Animals must be adequately rested before slaughter for 12hrs.
Food should be withheld 12hrs before slaughter .
Anti-mortem inspection must be diligently carried out to detect sick animals. Many diseases is often more easy to detect during Am rather than pm
Appropriate protective clothing should be worn and replaced each day or when heavily soiled
Hands and arms should be washed and knives and equipments regularlysterilized
Workers should not move from dirty to clean areas.
Slaughtering should be done in tables or in hanging rail )in case of poultry(to reduce contamination by regurgitation
GHP for Slaughtering 
The slaughtering knife should be cleaned and sterilized between each carcass at82°C.The head should be removed and after skinning washed separately from thecarcass.Tonsils should be removed cleanly as they are heavily contaminated with pathogenic bacteria.The slaughter and dressing operation provides many opportunities for contaminationof the carcass with pathogenic bacteria which are not detectable at post-morteminspection. Good manufacturing practices )GMP( can be focused on limiting thisspread and, likewise, the establishment of control points at specific stages duringslaughter and dressing.
GHP for skinning
Prevent contact or dirt flicking from feed parts of the hide and meatsurface.3

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