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A true Story Of A Young Popular Singer In Maasin

A true Story Of A Young Popular Singer In Maasin

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a special feature story of a young local and popular singer in Maasin City,Southern Leyte who has a great chance of becoming a popular singer in the likes of Sarah Geronimo and the new breed of young popular singers in Cebu and Manila..
However, the unexpected twist of fate in her life has come when she went to Manila to...
a special feature story of a young local and popular singer in Maasin City,Southern Leyte who has a great chance of becoming a popular singer in the likes of Sarah Geronimo and the new breed of young popular singers in Cebu and Manila..
However, the unexpected twist of fate in her life has come when she went to Manila to...

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Published by: Quirico M. Gorpido,Jr. on Sep 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Sept.8,2009Feature StoryWhat Really Happens To Josephine B. Ramos?True Story About A Young Singer Who Gets SickBy Quirico M. Gorpido, JrMaasin City, Southern Leyte-Bad rumors silently spread like wild fire when a localyoung singer gets afflicted with a paralyzing disease that deeply grieved herparents, who also have to bear the pitiful condition of their child. At first thesinger’s mother wants to retaliate and confront those badmouths, but the spirit ofhumility pervades in her heart and lulls down her plans to file charges in courtagainst those backbiters. Instead she keeps her composure and is hopeful though,that when the time ripens, the truth of her child’s affliction will vindicatetheir malicious gossips.Here is the real thing, a true story of Josephine Batistil Ramos that becomes ahousehold byword by many in some communities of the province during her popularityas a promising young singer. By her behaviors and choices of activities andinclinations, one can say that she’s has the in-born talent for singing. Unlikeother children her age, by common observation they could hardly attune theirvoices to a song’s particular melody even with a musical accompaniment. But forJosephine, adjusting her voice’s flexibility to a song’s tune is as normal as anyother child’s activities she’s engaged in and gradually attaining mastery of herchosen pieces.What really happens to her, who in her days of popularity has unimaginablefalls into the pit of utter desperation after savoring her crown of glory reapfrom her winning stints in major singing competitions? Josephine starts singing inpublic at the age of 5 at St. Joseph College. Always passing the first auditionsin many amateur singing contests sponsors by different barangays of Tagnipa,Badiang, Lanao, Manhilo, Guadalupe, and Ibarra, she usually emerges as either achampion or a grand champion. She also marks her winning prowess in theneighboring town of Macrohon’s 2 barangays of Ilihan and LaraySinging Competitions.In 1993 at 10 years old, she was the grand champion in DYDM’s “Battle ofChampion” and Tacloban’s DYVL station, maintaining a winning streak in a weekly,monthly and grand final during that year. At eleven and12 years old, she won aconsecutive Grand Champion titles after defeating all those winners whoparticipated in that 2 events. Josephine seems so insatiable with all hersuccesses in the provincial and regional competitions. In all of the singingcompetitions she has participated in different places of the province and inregion 8(Leyte and Samar), it is always her father Segundino F. Ramos, now 65, whois her personal chaperon.At the age of 14 in Sept 1998, she decided to transfer to Sauyo National HighSchool in Novaliches, Quezon City where her aunt resides with her family. Knowingthe talent of her niece, she accompanies her for an audition at ABS-CBN’s KTV orKatunog Ng Voice. She passes. During the competition, she was asked by the hostabout her place. While other well-known personalities in this province who gain aniche in the field of music and in sports are somewhat reluctant to tell of theirrespective places, Ms.Ramos shamelessly told the audience that she is from brgy.Tagnipa, Maasin, Southern Leyte.(Equally proud of her roots, actress JenalynMercado speaks with candor that she hails from Southern Leyte when asks about herreaction of a great catastrophe that hits brgy Guinsaugon, a farming village). Inthat particular contest, she became the Grand Champion with her rendition of CelinDion’s song “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now”. She competes in this programrelentlessly maintaining her position for 4 months from August up to the grandfinals in November 1998.
At the age of 15 she became as representative of Sauyo National High School tothe Marian Movement Singing Contest at the National Capital Region and emerged asthe champion. Not long after that event, she joins the Red Cross Youth Super CampPhilippines held at Macario Peralta Janingdan in Capiz. As if lady Luck is alwayson her side, she becomes the champion in a vocal solo contest sponsored by the RedCross sub-camp category. Later on she decided to transfer to another school at St.Francis Divine College where beauty titlist and actress Miriam Quiambao studies inthe elementary. Still it is located within the vicinity of Novaliches, Q.C.Thereshe graduated in high school in 2000.Staying in Metro Manila for too long a period and away from her parents, shefeels homesick. On her return to Maasin, she joins the Offbeat /band until the endof 2001.Another local popular singer who is her classmate, Hazel Año, now alicensed Civil Engineer, also joins.In 2003 at the age of 19, she passed the audition in Search For The Star at GMAChannel 7 hosted by Regine Velasquez. While her singer-predecessor Sarah Geronimo,who is currently one of the popular singers in the country, was able to join theSearch For The Star competition only after her third audition. But the MaasinhonJosephine has made it in just the first audition.A Twist Of FateUnexpectedly however, not even a premonition or anticipation of some kind thather gradual rise to popularity of stardom would be snapped from a friend’spersuasion, whom she is not yet so familiar with, being new to her list offriends. How come? Josephine is friendly and can easily win friends, and in turncan easily be convinced2from a friend’s persuasion. One day, her mother, Genita Batistil Ramos, 49, aformer stenographer at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Southern Leyte.who resignedto take care of her daughter, says that according to Josephine, a Tagalog friendhas given her Bangkok slimming pills. She says she accepts it without hesitationafter her audition at GMA 7.She then starts taking the slimming pills butdiscontinue after 4 days because she feels bad like fast heartbeat and later afever. Instead of reporting to GMA 7 studio on schedule for the contest, she goesto the hospital consulting a doctor. When the host of the Search for The Starknows about her condition thru a telephone call, she informs her that she canstill join the next session. However, Josephine fails to make it.Her parents brought her to Makati Medical Center where the doctor subjected herto MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan in the laboratory. But the result of theMRI examination could not give the MMC doctor an exact diagnose of her sickness.The doctor refers her to Dr. Leonardo Fugoso of St. Luke Hospital where sheundergoes Positron Emission Tomography (PET) examination. After reading theresult, Dr. Fugoso could not also make a diagnosis. He refers the patient’s caseto Dr. Jonas Francisco Santiago, Diplomat, American Board of Medicine who sendsthe PET result to an American Hospital connected with St. Luke Hospital. But stillthe American doctor could not arrive for an exact diagnose and therefore could notalso prescribe medicine for Josephine.MOA SigningDr. Fugoso suggests to Josephine and her parents that a Memorandum of Agreementwill be signed by them giving him their consent that he be allowed to studyJosephine’s disease. After signing the MOA for their affirmation, Dr. Fugosostarts giving her medicines for Parkinson’s disease for a period of 5 months. Butbefore taking her medications, the patient would already twitch, says her mother.However, there’s no sign of improvement for her health despite the treatment.Instead her disease gets worst.
Her attending physician talks to her parents and reveals that their daughterhas only 6 months to live.The revelation strikes like a thunderbolt upon her mother’s ears. Grief and sorrowgrips her heart and starts imploring fervently to the Almighty Creator to give herdaughter a chance to live and heal her sickness. Then they decided to go home toMaasin. After a lapse of 4 months, they bring their daughter to Chong Hua Hospitalin Cebu City. There they have met Dr.Florenz Eubil C. Bilocura, adult neurologist,who utilizes EEG (Electroencephalograph), a device that detects and records theelectrical activity of the brain.(Electroencephalogram is the pattern traced by anElectroencephalograph).They stay at the hospital for 12 days.Refer To Manila Metropolitan HospitalDr. Bilocura, who now discovers the patient’s sickness, refers Josephine toDr. Martha C.T. Lu-Bolañoso,a pediatric neurologist. The doctor informs herparents that Dr. Lu-Bolañoso is his senior and that Josephine’s disease is achild’s disease, so his senior is fit to handle their daughter’s case. How comethat Josephine, the young singer has a child’s disease when in 2004 she is already20 years old?AT the Manila Metropolitan Hospital where Dr.Lu-Bolañoso is a residentphysician, the patent undergoes another examination and stays there for 19 days.She was brought to the Philippine General Hospital where her new doctor subjectedher to lumbar tap (spinal tap) which extracts brain fluid from a patient. Theresult of the laboratory exam conforms to that of Dr.Bilocura’s findings. Thesinger’s disease is diagnosed as Sub Acute Schlerosing Penencephalitis (SSPE).Dr. LU-Bolañoso prescribes for Josephine 8 1V globuline vials for one dose(500mg) for 5 days. After the5-day regular vial injections her eyelids startsmoving, can laugh, can smile, hear, but cannot speak. “Before her eyes would juststare, her eyelids motionless, after the 5- day injections the first voice I everheard from her is a cry. When she strives to talk she could not form a word”, hermother says. When I was ushered by her mother Genita after the interview at theirresidence in brgy. Tagnipa,I called her.She seems to response, but I could nothear a sound of words. During the previous years when she was still active and inthe pink of health, in some occasions I advised her to finish a four-year collegecourse. I explained to her that it would be much better for her to finish a 4-yearcollege course before she would concentrate on her carrier as a singer and thatthe right place for her exposure is Cebu and Manila.The doctor also prescribes for her patient the following maintenance forlifetime medicines and multi-vitamins:1)Immunosin(500mg) 6 tablets a day;2)Iveret-500 with folic acid-once a day;3)Neurobion(500mg)once a day;4)Duphalac 120 ml.-2tablespoon2 x a day. Dr. Lu-Bolañoso further informs Genita that her daughter still has thesense of hearing, seeing, smelling and feeling. 3Exhausted Financial ResourceThe Ramoses have already exhausted all their financial resources. In someoccasions, if Josephine can be left alone with her father Segundino F. Ramos, 65years old, a former DPWH worker, or her aunt as watcher, her mother Genita wouldbe selling okay-okay on credit for Josephine’s needed medicines. One day when RonWoods, an American married to a Filipina here in Leyte, was at Lina Hermosilla’sokay-okay store, when Genita coincidentally was also there, the former wasintroduced by Lina to the latter. Ms .Hermosilla reveals to Mr. Woods that she(Genita) has a daughter who is a singer but is sick and needs help. She even addsto tell him that occasionally Genita would lend her some money for Josephine’s

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