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Oil of Antimony

Oil of Antimony

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Published by ganyesod

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Published by: ganyesod on Jan 02, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tract on the Tincture and Oil of Antimony
 byRoger Bacon(circa 1220 - 1292)
On the true and right Preparation of Stibium / to heal human weaknesses and illnesses therewith, and to improve the imperfect metals.From Friedrich Roth-Scholt,
Deutsches theatrum chemicum 
, !"rnberg# $dam %onathan Felsecker, &'(&.
Tract on the Tincture and Oil of Antimony1
)ear reader, at the end of his *ract on +itriol, Roger acon mentions that because of the multiplication of the *incture that is made from +itriol, the lover of $rt should acuaint himself with the *ract )e Oleo Stibii. *herefore  considered that it would be good and useful that the *ract )e Oleo Stibii follows net. $nd if one thoroughl0 ponders and compares these tinctures with one another, then  have no doubt that one will not finish without eceptional profit. 1et, ever0 lover of $rt, should mind alwa0s to keep one e0e on !ature and the other on $rt and manual labour. For, when these two do not stand together, then it is a lame work, as when someone thinks he can walk a long path on one leg onl0, which is easil0 seen to be impossible,+ale. %oachim *anckivs)e Oleo $ntimonii *ractatus.RO23R $4O!S $!25Summi Philosophi 6 4hemici.
Tract on the Tincture and Oil of Antimony2
Stibium, as the Philosophers sa0, is composed from the noble mineral Sulphur, and the0 have praised it as the black lead of the 7ise. *he $rabs in their language, have called it $sinat vel $inat, the alchemists retain the name $ntimonium. t will however lead to the consideration of high Secrets, if we seek and recognie the nature in which the Sun is ealted, as the 8agi found that this mineral was attributed b0 2od to the 4onstellation $ries, which is the first heavenl0 sign in which the Sun takes its ealtation or elevation to itself. $lthough such things are thrown to the winds b0 common people, intelligent people ought to know and pa0 more attention to the fact that eactl0 at this point the infinitude of secrets ma0 be partl0 contemplated with great profit and in part also eplored. 8an0, but these are ignorant and unintelligent, are of the opinion that if the0 onl0 had Stibium, the0 would get to it b0 4alcination, others b0 Sublimation, several b0 Reverberation and 3traction, and obtain its great Secret, Oil, and Perfectum 8edicinam. ut  tell 0ou, that here in this place nothing will help, whether 4alcination, Sublimation, Reverberation nor 3traction, so that subseuentl0 a perfect 3traction of metallic virtue that translates the inferior into the superior, ma0 profitabl0 come to pass or be accomplished. For such shall be impossible for 0ou. )o not let 0ourselves be confused b0 several of the philosophers who have written of such things, i.e., 2eber, $lbertus 8agnus, Rhasis, Rupecilla, $ristoteles and man0 more of that kind. $nd this 0ou should note. 1es, man0 sa0, that when one prepares Stibium to a glass, then the evil volatile Sulphur will be gone, and the Oil, which ma0 be prepared from the glass, would be a ver0 fied oil, and would then trul0 give an ingress and 8edicine of imperfect metals to perfection. *hese words and opinions are perhaps good and right, but that it should be thus in fact and prove itself, this will not be. For  sa0 to 0ou trul0, without an0 hidden speech9 if 0ou were to lose some of the above mentioned Sulphur b0 the preparation and the burning, as a small fire ma0 easil0 damage it, so that 0ou have lost the right penetrating spirit, which should make our
Tract on the Tincture and Oil of Antimony3

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