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Soal Recount

Soal Recount



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Published by feriand
it will help you
it will help you

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Published by: feriand on Sep 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Name: _____________________________Date: _____________________________A Trip to Parapat
Last Saturday was a public holiday. The students of SMP 1 Medan took a trip to Parapat. They hiredthree buses. They were new and luxurious.In the morning the students woke up early. Their mothers prepared some food, drinks and fruits for them their parents took them to the school. The buses were already there. Some students were in the buses.Their parents were waiting on both sides of the street. At six o’clock the buses left their school. The studentslooked very happy and started to sing.At nine o’clock they reached Parapat. The students hurriedly got out of the buses and carried their things and food. They gathered under a big tree. After they took a rest, they had their meals. At about teno’clock some of the students changed into their swimsuits and ran into a boat for a sail.At three o’clock the teachers called the students together because it was time to go home.In summary, the trip was very enjoyable. This place is so impressive with its beautiful panorama and boat ride.
Choose the best answer!
They were new and luxurious. The word “they” refers to…a. the studentsb. the busesc. their mothersd. their things2.This animal cannot run. But it can hope very fast. What animal is it?a. donkeyb. giraffec. deerd. kangaroo3.X: “… do you visit your grandparents?Y: “once a year every Lebaran day”a. how fastb. how longc. how soond. how often
Lina: Did the boys study after class?Rina: no.Lina: What did they do?Rina: They football.a. playb. playedc. playsd. will play
Anisa: The weather is very hot today. Would you like a drink?Bagas: … I am in a hurry to go to work.a. sure, thanksb. no, thank youc. yes, pleased. certainly, Id love to6. What type of the text is it? it is a … text.a. descriptiveb. recount c. narratived. report7.What is the structure of this text?a. orientation, complication and resolutionb. general classification and descriptionc. orientation, events and re-orientationd. identification and description8.What is the purpose of this text?a. to describe something in generalb. to amuse the readec. to inform a particular thingd. to retell about past events9.How many buses did the students hire?a. one bus b. two busesc. three busesd. four buses10.How long did they spend in Parapat? They spent for …. In Parapat.a. four hoursb. five hoursc. six hoursd. seven hours
Fill in the blanks with the right words from the box!
1. Look at my beautiful …… I collected them from the beach.2. We can rent a boat at the beach and go …… at the sea.3. On weekends, Firman and his sister usually go …… at the hills near their town.
Wavesandscenery spendvisitors shell sailing 

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