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Plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris

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Published by aml32

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Published by: aml32 on Sep 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Why Plaster of Paris is so great and thebest!
Plaster of Paris is so handy you can make arange of things with it like casts, masks, mouldfootprints and more! My favourite is makingmasks, how fun! I know how to make one andonce you have read my explanation you willtoo.
Firstly grab your partner and decide who will go down on theground and who will make the mask. Next you gently putyour partner on the ground and with their head on a toweland put glad wrap on their face and straight after poke twostraws in the glad wrap where their mouth is and put thestraws their mouth. Then after you have checked they are ok, go and get a bowlof warm water, 6 strips of plaster of Paris & scissors.Afterwards dip the first piece of plaster in the warm waterand quickly put it on their gladwraped part of their forehead. Then smooth it out with you fingers so that there are no littleholes left. Then dip the second strip of plaster in the waterand repeat over the eyes this time.Next cut one strip of plaster in half width ways and dip one of them in the water and put it on top of the nose do it again ontop of the nose with the other piece and smooth so no holesare left- this double layer will make it stronger! Then cut onemore piece in half and wet it then place it beside the mouth(on the cheek mostly) and make sure it touches the otherpieces. Do what you have been doing smoothing the pieces,next place a whole wet piece on the chin and smooth it.

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