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Home Cure Swelling of the Gums

Home Cure Swelling of the Gums

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Published by vijaykarua
Home cure in Swelling gums
Home cure in Swelling gums

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Published by: vijaykarua on Sep 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Swelling of the gums occurs due to lack in dental and oral hygiene. Swellingof the gums is not a disease in itself, but it is a symptom of some other underlying ailment.
The following are some of the important causes of swelling of the gums:-
(i) Gingivitis(ii) Pyorrhea or Periodontitis(iii) Infection of the gums or the oral cavity(iv) Monilia(v) Lack of proper nourishment(vi) Allergies(vii) Leukemia
When gums get swollen, the following symptoms are observed:-
(i) The gums become upraised, and recede so that the teeth look longer.(ii) Gums become reddened and there can be yellowish patches of pusaccumulation seen in them.(iii) The gums pain when they are touched.(iv) The teeth become shaky and loose. Interspaces between the teeth mayincrease.(v) In more inflamed condition, there may be bleeding from the gums.
Home Remedies for Swelling of Gums
Swollen gums are indeed very distressing as they put a dampener onanything we try to eat. Also, they may be painful and bleeding. Hence, aperson with swollen gums will try to seek some remedy for them as soon aspossible. The following are some very good remedies that can be done athome in order to treat swelling of gums.
Ignite a small twig of the sheesham tree. This will produce a frothydischarge from the other cut end. Apply this froth on the gums. It is avery good remedy to stop the swelling and even bleeding of the gums.This is one of the useful
home remedies for swelling of gums
Take 50 grams of the essence of the rose flower and squeeze half alemon in it. Mix these thoroughly and then put it in the mouth. Keep theliquids in the mouth for as long as you can and then throw it out. Do
these three to four times in a day. This will definitely bring the gumsback to normal.
Prepare a decoction of the bark of the babul tree (Acacia arabica) byboiling it in water till the water reduces to half its quantity and thencooling it. Use this water for gargling. This reduces the swelling of thegums and also allays the associated pains.
Put some salt in ginger and make a good paste of it. Mix them properly.Rub these delicately on the gums several times in a day. This is goodtreatment for swollen gums.
Take a glassful of boiled water. Squeeze in this the juice of one lemon.Use this water for gargling. Do this at least twice a day. This will reducethe swelling of the gums and also mitigate the bad odor that emanatesfrom the mouth when the gums are swollen.
Collect some leaves of the mehandi plant (henna, Lawsonia inermis)and boil them in water. When the leaves have boiled for about fifteenminutes, then strain the solution and use the filtrate to take gargles.This must be done twice a day. This is a very fast-acting remedy for solving the problem of swollen gums. This is one of the best
homeremedies for swelling of gums
Take some oil of castor seeds and mix it in camphor to get a pastyconsistency. Apply this paste on the gums once in the morning andonce in the evening. This is very good remedy for reducing the swellingof the gums.
Roast some ajwain (Bishop's weed) in an open pan. Then crush themand grind them into a coarse consistency. Add in this powder two tothree drops of mustard oil. Apply this on the gums with slight pressures.This will not only reduce the swelling of the gums, but it will also makethe teeth stronger and healthier.
Prepare a powder of alum by grinding it in a crucible. Apply this powder on the gums with delicate pressure. Do this once a day. This willeliminate the swelling of the gums and bring them back to normal. It isalso quite helpful in maintaining overall dental health and hygiene. Thisis one of the best
home remedies for swelling of gums
In order to get immediate (but temporary) relief from the painfulswelling of gums, you might try taking some warm salt water in themouth and swirling it around the gums several times. This can also bedone with an antiseptic mouthwash solution.
Avoiding Swelling of Gums
Swelling of gums can be prevented to some extent by maintaining proper oraland dental hygiene. The following tips must be borne in mind:-

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