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Co-Operation Games Plan

Co-Operation Games Plan

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Published by mbed2010
This was our, Maya, Bahareh, Haylie & Adriana's, Health & PE Unit Planner that got us a HD so hope it proves useful :)
This was our, Maya, Bahareh, Haylie & Adriana's, Health & PE Unit Planner that got us a HD so hope it proves useful :)

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Published by: mbed2010 on Sep 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bahareh, Maya, Haylie & Adriana
SP2 - 2008
Physical Education – Co-operation Games
Students will be able to understand their own individual contribution to a team or the class and comprehend the concepts of relationships and working co-operatively as a team.
 Year level:
Length of lesson:
30 mins
Hoops, CD Player, Cones
Specific objectivesActivityTeaching pointsClass organisationTimeIntroduction
To practise cooperation,communication and teamwork revised in previouslessons, while working toachieve a goal.Ice-breaker activity- Knots:In groups, students stand in a circle, shoulder to shoulder. Students close their eyes, placeone hand in the middle of the circle and gaspanother students’ hand. Repeat this with theother hand. From here, students try to untanglethe ‘knot’ they have created with their arms,into a circle. Students are not allowed to let goof each other’s hands throughout the game.
Give clear instructions about thepurpose and directions of the game.
Emphasize that the game is aboutcooperation and communication
Encourage and praise effort.
Note students who try to dominateinappropriately and step in if necessarywith a quiet warning.
Provide appropriate help if the activityproves too difficult. (allowing anunclasp-reclasp)
Make sure everyone is participating inthe challenge.In this game, height is a disadvantage, sohave the class line up from tallest toshortest. Go down the line and give eachperson the number 1,2 or 3. Group studentswith same numbers. This way, all 3 groupshave similar height dynamics.6 mins
Bahareh, Maya, Haylie & Adriana
SP2 - 2008
Skill development
To further emphasizeteamwork, cooperation,communication whileworking to achieve agoal. Build bodilyawareness, coordinationand use a variety of bodyparts and movementsTo understand theconcept of inclusion anddevelop social skills, byworking as a whole classto achieve a goal.Demonstrate body andspace awareness.Activity- Loop the hoop:In groups, students stand in a circle holdinghands. Two students unclasp hands, andreclasp through a hoop. On teachers signal,the group is to pass the hoop around the circlewithout letting any hands go. The task isfinished when the hoop returns to its initialposition.Increase difficulty by adding another hoop tothe link. Pass hoops around in same directionfrom opposite ends of the circle, withoutbreaking hands apart.Activity- Musical hoops10 hoops of different sizes and colours areplaced on the ground, spaced safelythroughout the playing area. When musicstarts, students move as instructed (walk, skip,gallop etc.) throughout the general spaceavoiding the hoops. When the music stops,students get into a hoop as quickly as possible.Students must help each other to stand in ahoop. Hoops must stay on the ground at alltimes, and must not be stood on. Aim of thegame is that all students are in a hoop by thestart of the next round.Increase difficulty by taking a certain amount of hoops away after each round.Increase difficulty by only allowing students getin a hoop of a certain colour.
Communicate instructions of the lessonclearly
Encourage students to try differenttechniques and strategies.
Give feedback to the group about howwell they are cooperating or notcooperating
Encourage students to voice out louddifferent strategies to help their teammembers.
Encourage children to help each other out and work together to keep allstudents in hoops
Keep an eye out and stop anymisbehaviour such as pushing,shoving, etc by giving quiet warnings.
Emphasize the importance of participation of all class members.Equipment needed: two hoops per groupAsk students to line up in order of height intheir groups. Give each team member a 1, 2or 3 number. Group students with samenumbers. As each student is different, thesenew groups allow students the experience of working with different personalities.Equipment: CD player, small and larger,different coloured hoops.6-7mins15mins
Bahareh, Maya, Haylie & Adriana
SP2 - 2008
To review what thestudents have learntduring the lesson, and toevaluate their individualand peers contribution tothe team.
Quick hand-signal survey of feelings aboutthe lesson (thumbs up, thumb on the side,thumbs down)
Students have an oral self- reflectiondiscussion about the lesson and workingin groups. They discuss different strategiesor skills that were used throughout theactivities to achieve the group/class goal.Teacher explains that next week’s lessonwill build off this week’s lesson, but willinvolve more teamwork as a whole classto achieve the overall goal.
Slap chart (up high –great, middle –alright, low – not good)
Re-emphasise the importance of cooperation and communication inteam work
Praise students who were helpful andcooperative
Summary of skills used throughout thelessonClass sits in a semi-circle during discussion.Singlefile out of gym – take turns to slap (on thechart next to the door) how you feel3 mins

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