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Laws of Cause and Effect, Karma and You

Laws of Cause and Effect, Karma and You

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Published by: api-16565402 on Sep 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Rainbow Warrior Mariah Copyright2009
join us today: Surviving Earth Changes

I am not an author or have a University degree, however it is my life purpose to serve the Creator, and spread the love by bringing awareness to what is going on in the world and to help you awaken before the upcoming earth changes. I am just a spiritual seeker trying to find my life purpose and share the love and light with others. So when I write, I truly write from my soul. So if there are any grammatical errors, please forgive me, however, this does not change what I am trying to pass on to you: The Energy of Love so you can Pay it Forward. And I wrote other articles which I have made into one to bring awareness on the planet. My purpose is to help others awaken, working at the same time on my own karma.

In academic and religious definition was mentioned above. The concept of karma is part of the world view of many millions of people throughout the world. Many in western cultures or with a Christian upbringing have incorporated a notion of karma. The Christian concept of reaping what you sow from Galatians 6:7 can be considered equivalent to Karma.[34]

According to karma, performing positive actions results in a good condition in one's experience, whereas a negative action results in a bad effect. The effects may be seen immediately or delayed. Delay can be until later in the present life or in the next. Thus, meritorious acts may mean rebirth into a higher station, such as a superior human or a godlike being, while evil acts result in rebirth as a human living in less desirable circumstances, or as a lower animal. Some observers[who?] have compared the action of karma to Western notions of sin and judgment by God or gods, while others understand karma as an inherent principle of the universe without the intervention of any supernatural Being. In Hinduism, God does play a role and is seen as a dispenser of karma; see Karma in Hinduism for more details. The non-interventionist view is that of Buddhism and Jainism.

Most teachings say that for common mortals, being involved with karma is an unavoidable part of daily living. However, in light of the Hindu philosophical school of Vedanta, as well as Gautama Buddha's teachings, one is advised to either avoid, control or become mindful of the effects of desires and aversions as a way to moderate or change one's karma (or, more accurately, one's karmic results or destiny). From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The word Karma literally means action. It may appear that Karma is happening to us, as if some outside force is causing good things or bad things to come to us. However, it is really our own inner conditionings and processes that are leading us to experience outer effects or consequences in relation to our own actions. Law of Karma: The law of Karma is a universal process, whereby causes and to effects. This is something that all of us are already familiar with, whether or not we use the word Karma to describe it. Newton's third law of motion, that every action leads to a reaction, is an application of the law of Karma. Whether we are talking about physics or daily life in the world, it is extremely useful to understand the law and process of Karma so that we may regulate or direct the process. We can soften the impact of the playing out of our past Karmas, and can choose our own future Karma if we are willing to put in the effort to learn how to do it. by Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati

In this article I am going to talk about the laws of cause and effect and karma and why the Earth Changes are a consequence of the evil of this world and our inability of humanity to make the changes necessary to live in oneness with all of life. It is a consequence of our selfishness that the earth changes are upon us. Every human being is accountable for what has happened to our planet and as such we

will all all suffer the consequences of our actions as the collective. Even if we live a good life we will still pay the collective karmic consequences. Humanity has not cared enough to lead a selfless life and serve the Creator by being in oneness with each other and with all of life on the planet and live the laws of one. WE ARE ALL INTERCONNECTED, WE ARE ALL ONE. What affects one person affects the all as it creates a ripple effect that affects the whole planet.

I will be using a lot of quotations and information from the book the children of the law of one and the lost teachings of Atlantis by Jon Penialwww.atlantis.to because the information is applicable to what I want to share with you in this article.

I have wrote other articles explaining that what we have sowed we are going to reap. You create karma
by inaction. Many of us see the atrocities of the world and the pain of the innocent and we do
NOTHING to help bring about the changes.
Excerpt from: LOST TEACHINGS OF ATLANTIS -w ww.atl antis.to ,
I hightly recommend you buy the book

The Spiritual Self
Came to Be
As The One divided within itself.
Created then, were Infinite
multiplicities of the One
Still One with the One
Consciousness of Oneness Remained
Separate Self Consciousness
Came to Be
As the Separate Self
Moved deeper into the Matter of Earth
Vibration Fell into Density and Fragmentation
With Polarization into Male and Female.
The Opposites Repelled.
The Positive lost Receptivity.
The Receptive turned from the Positive.
Polarity misdirected, the Flow waned Chaotic.
Severed in Consciousness From The One,
The Way was Lost.

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