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H1N1 is Here - And It is Already Killing People

H1N1 is Here - And It is Already Killing People

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Published by Dan Adams

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Published by: Dan Adams on Sep 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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H1N1 Is Here.
 And People Are Already Dying!
So far it looks like about 6 out of every 1000 cases of  H1N1 becomes fatal in the USA. This indicates that America might experience a lower fatality rate than most othercountries.However, when you look at the big picture we seem to
have an enormously higheramount of the H1N1
active cases than anywhere else in the world. And it is definitelystill growing.
Which brings up the simple question of "Why"?
Why are we almost
three times higher
than the next highest country of infection? Andwhy is
H1N1 spreading over a hundred times faster in the United States
versus themost populated countries in the world?How is it that China has a multi-billion population but only
cases of Swine Flu (as of 9-9-09)? And India with its massive population has only reported
cases (as of 9-9-09).
Yet, the USA with all its modern medicine and wonder drugs has over 
reported cases (as of 9-9-09). 
Although I have some theories of my own about this
the reality is that there doesn'tseem to be a singular reason that stands out.It could be do to the huge number of Mexican workers crossing the border. Or it couldbe that we are an active intermixed society such as schools, churches and other groupmeeting arenas.It might possibly be the various school activities, sports events, state fairs, stage showsor other medium events that brings 10's of thousands together.And there is also the possibility that some of our retail products are being handled bycontaminated personnel with little or no concern. Such as fresh fruit and vegetablesthat cross the continent.The list of probabilities goes on and on.
 But don't we have various governmental organizations that are suppose to have somekind of handle on all of this? And, if so, then where are they? And what are they doing?There is no indication that the spread of this potentially deadly virus is slowing down sowhy are we not actively doing something to protect the hundreds of thousands of deaths in the USA that could potentially happen at the present known rate of fatalitiesversus Swine Flu cases already confirmed?With only 90,000 cases of H1N1 confirmed (as of 9-9-09) in the United States we alreadyhave 545 deaths. What is the number of fatal cases going to become if this virusspreads out to our entire three hundred million (300,000,000) plus American Citizens?Folks, I am fine with the way our government and news media continues to play downthis potential disaster in America (and the entire world) but I'm not gullible to the pointof not seeing the visible dangers ahead.Being knowledgeable and prepared is our individual responsibility. No medical orgovernment agency has the answers or the power to stop this Swine Flu virus. Nor dothey know whether it will mutate into an even more deadly virus.If you are convinced that there is nothing to fear then continue on with your daily lives.But if you have eyes that can view the facts I would suggest you begin putting a plantogether to protect your families while there is still time to do so.Take a strong look at the progress of the H1N1 virus in the United States .... then decide whether it is worth worrying about.We can see a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, fire or flood ... so we do things to protectourselves and our families. But because the H1N1 isn't stomping down mountains orblowing buildings away we tend to miss the massive threat involved.Don't be fooled. The threat is real and there are simple facts to prove it. Just click here  and see what is really happening throughout the world. It will open your eyes to thisominous worldwide infection real quick.
What can you do about the H1N1 invasion of America?

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