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The Progressives Enlightenment Era, World Climate Should Not Change

The Progressives Enlightenment Era, World Climate Should Not Change

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Published by Acharne Dokument
What if science proves that the earth is heading into an ice age yet it is mankind’s CO2 emissions keeping the earth warm and from freezing thereby saving the animals and plants?
What if science proves that the earth is heading into an ice age yet it is mankind’s CO2 emissions keeping the earth warm and from freezing thereby saving the animals and plants?

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Published by: Acharne Dokument on Jan 05, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Progressives Enlightenment Era, World Climate Should Never Change
I will never forget the day a Progressive had to correct my diction
that “we don’t say (global warming)
anymore, we say now (climate change
). Well, is not “global warming” a climate
change? Did I say anything wrong in my Progressive
 political correctness? The
only difference is that the word “warming”
was removed. So if the earth warms and melts the polar ice caps, this
 will kill off all the polar  bears and flood millions living on the coast (
Can’t they just move inland
Or, the earth cools, “change”
and creates
an ice age and freezes animals and plants and “disrupt” migrations and force populations to
move south or die out. What, you say
that the earth’s climate
 does changes all the time from Ice ages to heat waves of ice melts and flooding? So
“climate change” is natural event and climate is never
stagnating? Oh, you said that it is corporations, capitalism, cars and irresponsible governments FORCING the climate to ch
ange than letting the earth “mother nature”
flood or freeze her own (a slow death)? So if
“Mother nature” kills off all the polar bears or freezes the extinction o
f plants and animals, it is ok. What if science proves that the earth is heading into an ice age yet it is
mankind’s CO2
emissions keeping the earth warm and from freezing thereby saving the animals and plants? To progressives, as long as
“Mother nature” causes worldwide extinctions this is acceptable, but
 by Progressive logic, mankind is the disease guilty of saving plants and animals by CO2
for they are getting in the way of “Mother Nature”
attempt to kill off old species by freezing so new species can evolve and add to the diversity of life; the survival and propagation of living beings. Then
“climate change” has nothing to do with the death
extinction of species, it is
 meddling in Mother
 plans, as if the earth was some form of a god? That make little sense to me since we see drowning polar bears on Face Book tagged as
; I got it, using the definition in conjunction to an ideology like Progressivism, it has a agenda not to save anything! See examples below:
The Progressive’s political attempts to keep the earth’s climate from changing, but is in realit
y a magic trick of fakery, deception, and lies. Example:
1: Conventional Ford Fiesta: gas engine; 45 mpg at $17,000. GREEN Ford Fusion Hybrid: hybrid engine; 47 mpg at $35,000. The Ford Fusion Hybrid can generate power by breaking but is double the weight of the Fiesta due to the weight of the batteries and electric power motors in addition to the gas engine to distribute power. The added weight adds mpg to the efficiency of breaking so the Fusion Hybrid only adds 2 mpg. A tech nightmare if any device fails on this high tech vehicle and the buyer bears the cost of these repairs. The buyer also bears triple the cost of the sale to support others the high tech research.
2: Rear Earth metals used to manufacture Lithium ion batteries require surface mining, slave labor and  pollution in third world nations. Those who purchase Hybrid cars support corporate exploitation for a corporation will bankrupt if their produces fail to sell, yet prosper if there are demands from the public to  buy their products: this reduces cost and increases affordability of "green" products. 3:
“Kerry Emanuel, an ocean climatologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, published an
article in the journal Nature in July 2005 in which he stated that "storms are lasting longer at high intensity than they were 30 years ago." Hurricane reported durations have increased by about 60% since 1949, and average peak storm wind speeds have increased about 50% since the 1970s, he found. Emanuel
has a website about “global warming and hurricanes.” In the 1800’s, CO2 levels were at a fraction to that
of today with NO automobiles, only horse and buggy and world population was half as it is today. What was burned as fuel was recycled carbon not fossil carbon. Yet the hurricanes in that century were the most devastating. See a graph depicting the cycle at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fP-tOwFxero In
 particular was the 1893 Atlantic hurricane season; the most destructive in U.S. history with two storms killing over 2,000 people each. The 1893 hurricane season also was one of the few in recorded history where four hurricanes existed concurrently on the same day in the Atlantic basin. Kerry Emanuel cannot explain that climate does changes all the time and that the 1893 hurricane season had nothing to do with human spent CO2 emissions or was it a factor of political tooling for socializing industry. The typical Pacific Hurricane, (Typhoon) season, up to 9 named storms to where 3 can reach CAT 5 since record keeping began. The rate of devastation to coastal cities depends on the path of the storm and  population density. As population grows each year and many locate to flood prone coastal regions, the death tolls will continue to rise. Example, the 1969 and 1997 Pacific typhoon season recorded 21 Typhoons with 11 super Typhoons, like Typhoon Haiyan. One major storm in 2013 to hit a populated  pacific coast had nothing to do with cars or industry, but everything to do with course of nature that existed for hundreds of thousands of years when coastal population was low. 4:
“Climate Change” of 1350 to 1850, called the “Little Ice Age”, after this millennia, began a
of the earth that became disastrous due to rising oceans, extinction of animals and plants that altered the
whole planet “forever”? This was before automobiles and rich capitalist; climate was not supposed to
In Reality, “Climate Change” is a political Tool For Progressive to Socialize Global Communism.
Political Indoctrination Example 1:
President Obama’s handpicked Special Advisor for “Green Jobs
Council on Environmental
“I think that this “green movement” has to pursue those same steps
and stages. We want to move from suicidal gray capitalism to some kind of eco -capitalism where at least
we’re not fast
-tracking the destruction of the whole planet. We want to go beyond the system of
exploitation and oppression altogether, but that’s a process.” “This movement is deeper than a solar
 panel! Deeper than a solar panel! Don't stop there! Don't stop there! We're gonna change the whole system! We're gonna change the whole thing. We're not gonna put a new battery in a broken system. We
want a new system. We want a new system!”
(Jones, a self-described "rowdy black nationalist," and
” boasted in a 2005 interview with the left
East Bay Expres
 that his environmental activism was a means to fight for racial and class "justice.)
 Political Indoctrination Example 2:
 Cuban leader Raul Castro cited a long-standing argument of developing nations: that the old powers from Europe and the U.S. must contribute more in funds
and efforts to clean up the globe and prevent “
’climate change
”” since they ate up more of the
 natural resources while working their way to developed-nation status. Washington Post (Cuba is a consumer of natural resources)
Political Indoctrination Example 3:
Bolivia’s leftist
 President Evo Morales told delegates at a massive convention
center in western Rio that “
is a form of colonialism” and that “commercializing natural resources is a form of colonizing southern countries, which carry on their shoulders the responsibility to protect the “””environment””””, which was destroyed by the north.”
Political Indoctrination Example 4:
“We have heard lots of nice speeches by political leaders ... but they were full of empty words,” said Kit Vaughan, a avid
and climate change specialist with humanitarian organizati
on CARE. “The rhetoric cannot camouflage the fact that leaders are missing a shared vision and commitment to stop “”
environmental degradation
”” and
eradicate poverty (funds)
and stop
social injustice
Political Indoctrination Example 5:
 Gro Harlem Brundtland, the former Norwegian prime minister and chair of the U.N. commission and Vice President of the World
Socialist Party
, that helped bring the
concept of “
sustainable development
” to global attention 25 years ago, said in a statement
hat the “Rio+20 declaration does not do enough to set humanity on a
sustainable path, decades after it
was agreed that this is essential for both people and the planet.”
Political Indoctrination Example 6:
 In 1979 Newsweek issued titled The Coming Ice Age, in 1985 Global warming was the new program, in 2009, it was modified to Climate change since warming had cold winters, in 2014, after a record winter, the Progress had to again, re-program the indoctrination metaphor to "climate disruption". The Nixon presidential Library released documents dating back to the 1970's, advisor Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a politician and sociologist Progressive, issued a directive to monitor CO2 emission 44 years ago, 5 years before Newsweek's report that America was entering an Ice Age. Moynihan warned (the Progressive fear agenda) unless the Nixon Administration took drastic action the world will warm by 7 degrees in the year 2000 and sea levels could rise by 10 feet placing and New York and Washington DC under water. This Progressive script of "Global Fear Agenda" started the fictional Progressive movie of doom four decades ago only to expand the power of the federal  bureaucracy over the public sector by indoctrinating the public! Patrick Moore is co-founder of Greenpeace. Those who have their news filtered by broadcast news, NBC, CBS or ABC would have never heard or read about this. That is the progressive agenda; propaganda by  promoting ignorance to corruption to its indoctrinated subjects. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWVOsA3PDB8 
“Climate Change” is in reality
 RED by extortion, political indoctrination and corrupted government catering to crony capitalism and government expansionism. The real CO2 polluters are China and Indonesia who are already indoctrinated into globalist revolution of communism so they are exempt. Acharnedokument (1) Jones was the leader and founder of a radical group, the communist revolutionary organization Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement, or STORM. The radical group's manual  boasted that the 9/11 terrorist attacks "as well as the victims of U.S. imperialism around the world." STORM's manual that describes Jones' organization as having a "commitment to the fundamental ideas of

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