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Ananda Katha0010

Ananda Katha0010

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Published by thegreatman

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Published by: thegreatman on Sep 11, 2009
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ANANDA KATHABYACARYA NAGINA(Translated by Mangal Behari)Acarya Chandranathji has written in his foreword to ."I consider Acarya Nagina, a great devotee of modern times, as Bhaktiraj, the King of Devotees". Baba Himself said, "Nagina is a true lover of Justice, that iswhy I love him...".Naginada however, frequently refers to himself in deprecating ternvand it is this humility, together with unflinching honesty and self-analysis, that makes notonly a collection of inspiring stories about Baba and a much beloved devotee, but a practical guide for all sadhakas.No-one who has grappled with their own discipline, practices and failings, can fail to be inspired and encouraged by these stories of a fellow spiritual wayfarer also struggling, but nevertheless being both favoured and lovingly guided by his guru.Naginada's doseness and familiarity with Baba makes him seem at first, a world apart; then his self-confessed weaknesses and unwitting mistakes allow us to identify with him and feel that perhaps we too, can be accepted so closely and lovedso intimately by Baba.is truly a handbook for every person on the spiritual path.ANANDA KATHABYACARYA NAGINA(Translated by Mangal Behari)ContentsPage NoForewordiMy Father Babuji by DipankariiiEditors NotexvAuthor's ForewordxviiIntroduction1Chapter One3October 1953: My friend Chandranathji and my vision of Baba. Baba sends His blessings and accepts me as a disciple. My initiation in November 1953Chapter Two18I am persecuted by my boss. Baba explains the real meaning of ahim'sa and the importance of iis't'a mantraChapter Three22Jamalpur and the tiger's graveChapter Four27Baba explains the meaning of varnarghyadana and wams against mean mindedness. The downfall of my persecutorChapter Five33February 1954:1 get a sympathetic boss and am transferred to Begusarai. Manan Prasad miraculously loses weightChapter Six40Rainy Season 1954: My new boss Asthanaji takes initiation and Baba appears before him48
Chapter Seven48September 1954: Bindeshwarji's initiation; Baba gives me the boon of only getting demotion when 1 myself desire it. My daughter dies and is miraculously res-urrected and my wife takes initiationChapter Eight56The sufi saint Dattaji and his prophecy about BabaChapter Nine61Winter 1954: Baba solves my difficulties in medita-tion and explains how His assistance is given from a distance. "Vajra Bhairavf Baba's previous disciples; The'white lady'. The power and use of iista and guru mantras. Bindeshwariji's daughter is initiated and her life is extended. My methods of pracar.Chapter Ten78November 1954: DemonstrationsSunday 7th: SamadhisSunday 14th Savikalpa and Nirvikalpa samadhiSunday 21st: Demonstration of deathSunday 28th Nirvikalpa samadhiChapter Eleven97Deep Narayanji and Vishvanathji are initiated and 1 try to feed Harisadhanji.Chapter Twelve107December 1954: The constitution of Ananda Marga is written and I incur Baba's displeasure and am pun-ished. I end 1954 in fearChapter Thirteen115I receive my demotion order in January 1955. Baba withdraws the punishment and He gives me bliss. 5th January 1955 Baba names Ananda Marga and con-ducts the first DMC in Jamalpur on 9th JanuaryChapter Fourteen125February 1955: DMC in Bhagalpur and Bindeshwariiji is given new life; Caring forBindeshwarjiChapter Fifteen132Baba Orders me to appeal my demotion in Patna and Delhi where I undergo temptation. Baba explains complete surrender and I suffer from doubt and dis-belief. I return to Jamalpur; more BindeshwarjiChapter Sixteen149Baba's mother. The initiation of Gopen Mukherjee March 1955: Holi is celebrated.Baba's method of initiation and my father meets Baba. The first grhii acaryas are initiated. Carya carya is published and Elementary Philosophy is preparedChapter Seventeen15622nd March 1955: Baba reveals His iis't'a mantra and His desire to leave His body.25* March 1955: Baba becomes kalpataru and again tries to leave His body. Baba explains 'nirman citta'.Chapter Eighteen170lst April 1955: The delayed official news of my demotion is received. Baba is upset and again becomes kalpataru at the tiger's grave. Baba grants my boon and ispersuaded to stay in His body.Chapter Nineteen192Summer 1955: Baba foretells the persecution of Ananda Marga. Baba sends me home.My father dies and I miss the Jamal pur DMC.Chapter Twenty200Baba teils all Margiis to address each other as brother and I prepare for the tattvika examination under Baba. Baba explains liberation, animals and kundalinii.Baba describes His previous lives as a Vedic scholar in Benares and a Muslim fakir, and His disciples of those lifetimesChapter Twenty-One206May-June 1955: Baba becomes kalpataru at the ashram and gives me a boon. Baba eures me of my chronic disease and upbraids me for my pride in Hirn. Baba explains'chayamurti'.
Chapter Twenty-Two217Baba commends the modern acaryas of Ananda Marga and explains the importance ofguru, guru-puja, sadhana and japa. Proof of diiks'a and the cor-rect mantraChapter Twenty-Three226Carya Carya and Elementary Philosophy are translated and published in 1956. Ranchi DMC in 1958. I desire to do sastaunga pranam and massage His feet.Chapter Twenty-Four233Bindeshwarji's family and Opposition to Ananda Marga. The laying of Jamalpur jagrti foundation-stoneChapter Twenty-Five239Baba's childhood.Chapter Twenty-Six242I consult Baba via the general secretary. Ram Bahadur Singh takes intitiation. How Baba cured his eye trou-ble. Baba visits him and writes down the pledge for The Volunteer Social ServiceChapter Twenty-Seven254The Margiis ask Baba for financial assistance. My mother falls ill.Chapter Twenty-Light2621956 New Year programme. My year's leave finishes and I rejoin my office on 6* January. My younger brother takes initiation from me in Muzzafarpur. Patna DMC. My appeal against my demotion is rejected and I write to Baba. I am transferred to Dalmianagar and in September moved back to Muzzafarpur. Baba advises patienceChapter Twenty-Nine275January 1957:1 am promoted on 3rd January to Danapur Head Office. I arrange Muzzafarpur DMC on 26th January 1956 and Baba visits my houseChapter Thirty282Vaeshakhii Purnima 1957. I am sent to Delhi for train-ing. R. Prasad and Tyagiiji and Gaunga Sharanji take initiation. Tyagiiji is cured of TB.Chapter Thirty-One292Prasadji and the smugglers. Prasadji's eure from paralysis.Chapter Thirty-Two305My training in Delhi and my colleague stops me from smoking. August 1957 I am transferred to Hajipur. Baba passes through Muzzafarpur in November 1957. January1958 Ananda VaniiChapter Thirty-Three31326th January 1958 Bhagalpur DMC; Baba inaugurates Rennaisance Universal. I return to Jamalpur in Febru-ary 1958 for the first time since my transfer in January1955. My mother falls ill and after Baba's reply to my letter a doctor arrives and eures herChapter Thirty-Four324Ranchi DMC Ananda Purnima, 12th May 1958. Baba introduces Laiita marmika dance to kiirtan. I return to Hajipur. I am overwhelmed by desires which Baba removes.Chapter Thirty-Five333Baba returns by train from Ciorakhpur DMC via Hajipur and I feed Baba and all margiis on board. Shankar Swaroop Sinha is initiatedChapter Thirty-Six338September 1958 Ramnagar DMC. I attend the DMC with Deep Narayanji and we returnon the train with Baba. October 11958 Krishnanagar DMC. We return from Krishnanagar with Acarya SakaldeojiAppendix351FOREWORDTwo Words...I consider Acarya Nagina, a great devotee of modern times, as the King of Devotees (Bhaktaraja).From the very beginning, he was a man of firm determination and values. Fellow students, at hostel of school and College where he studied, respected him. Afterinitiation by the Guru, he is ever remembered as the one who made total self-sur

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