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Issued September 2009

Issued September 2009

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Published by Carlos
Income, Poverty, andHealth Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2008 (Released in 2009)
This a much needed report.
Income, Poverty, andHealth Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2008 (Released in 2009)
This a much needed report.

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Published by: Carlos on Sep 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Helping You Make Informed Decisions 
Current Population Reports
Consumer Income
Income, Poverty, andHealth Insurance Coverage inthe United States: 2008
Issued September 2009
U.S. Department of Commerce
Economics and Statistics Administration
1.1.617 .612
.21.2 7
.51.11. 7
.61.3*1.1 71.9*1. 0.90. 1.51. 4*1.0.0..11.8 9.20
710.01010.1 12.1211.1. 9.01019.21.1 13.21312.71.1 15.20
1.61315.21.1 .1.13 1.9*1 0
.*06 1.209 1.110 1.*11 1.9*1 .
.907 1
2..14.10.7 12.91.01 12.41.211. 10.80.811.0 9.20.700. 1
.40.91.2 1.09.11 9.913 1
9,92 ,9957,5 119
,8057,83 3,3120
,858,15 3,3321,958,86 3,7722
,59,369 3,9122
,159,06 39,9223,1057,86 41,1923,056, 39,7523,5 39,4723,21 31606 ,3026691 1,29268 0,89827 0,20738,789 39,79 39,
,361,633 568,558,818 260,193 ,858,922 ,6159,41 2,,123,8 927798698 ,83
28203707 39,13
279971 38,902799719 38,762769171 38,5312821737 39,5212930971 0,902993173 1,2298 0,861
ByCarmen DeNavas-WaltBernadette D. ProctorJessica C. Smith
Carmen DeNavas-Walt
, with the assistance of 
Lillian R. Pecoraro
Lindsey C. Reese
, prepared the income section of this reportunder the direction of 
Edward J. Welniak Jr
., Chief of the IncomeSurveys Branch.
Bernadette D. Proctor
prepared the poverty sectionand
Jessica C. Smith
prepared the health insurance coveragesection, both under the direction of 
Trudi J. Renwick
, Acting Chief of the Poverty and Health Statistics Branch.
Charles T. Nelson
,Assistant Division Chief for Income, Poverty, and Health Statistics,Housing and Household Economic Statistics Division, providedoverall direction.
George M. Mitcham
Tim J. Marshall
, under the directionof 
Adelle D. Berlinger
Gregory D. Weyland
, DemographicSurveys Division, processed the Current Population Survey 2009Annual Social and Economic Supplement file.
Donna K. Benton
Kirk E. Davis
Thy K. Le
, and
Hung Pham
, all of the SurveyProcessing Branch, programmed and produced the detailed andpublication tables.
Danielle N. Castelo
Rebecca A. Hoop
, and
Michael E. White
,under the supervision of 
David V. Hornick
Kimball T. Jonas
John M. Finamore
, all of the Demographic Statistical MethodsDivision, conducted sample review.
Thomas F. Moore III
, Chief of the Health Surveys and Supplements Branch, provided overalldirection.
Shannon M. Burnett
Tim J. Marshall
, and
Catherine M. Walker
,under the direction of 
Lisa A. Clement
, Demographic SurveysDivision, and
Agatha Jung
under the direction of 
Leslie Fleet
,Technologies Management Office, prepared and programmed thecomputer-assisted interviewing instrument used to conduct theAnnual Social and Economic Supplement.Additional people within the U.S. Census Bureau also madesignificant contributions to the preparation of this report.
David M. Getz
John Hisnanick
Len Norry
Joanna Turner
, and
Judith Waldrop
reviewedthe contents.Census Bureau field representatives and telephone interviewerscollected the data. Without their dedication, the preparation of thisreport or any report from the Current Population Survey wouldbe impossible.
Janet S. Sweeney
Jamie A. Stark
, and
Donald J. Meyd
, of theAdministrative and Customer Services Division,
Francis GrailandHall
, Chief, provided publications and printing management,graphics design and composition, and editorial review for print andelectronic media. General direction and production managementwere provided by
Claudette E. Bennett
, Assistant Division Chief,and
Wanda Cevis
, Chief, Publications Services Branch.
Income, Poverty, and HealthInsurance Coverage in theUnited States: 2008
Issued September 2009
U.S. Department of CommerceGary Locke,
Dennis F. Hightower
,Deputy Secretary
Economics and Statistics AdministrationRebecca M. Blank,
Under Secretary for Economic Affairs

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