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Lady Cupid

Lady Cupid

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Published by goaliehead4

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Published by: goaliehead4 on Sep 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Intro:What if Edward didn’t love Bella when heleft? What if whatever he said was the truth?Will they have a chance to become friends?Chapter 1: So. We meet again.
It has been two hundred years since the Cullen’sleft. And I Isabella Swan, have become a vampire. Ihave a brother, Richard Britt and a sister, McKenzieBritt. We all look related, so I actually am now BellaBritt. We were all at a club in California, built only forvampires.The club was huge with neon pulsing lights anda bar for blood to drink. The bar served animal bloodas well as human blood. I was carrying three glassesof animal blood to McKenzie and Richard across thedance floor.I met them at our table. They were talkingintently with each other. They are both so blind. It’sobvious they like each other. But none of them knowhow to tell one another. “Heyyy.” I said as I sat the blood down on thetable.They smiled up at me. McKenzie and I’s favoritesong came on. She grinned at me and immediatelygrabbed my hand and towed me to the dance floor.We danced around each other, shoot sexy moves toother male vampires. “Oh yeah. We got two smoking hot vampireladies on the dance floor tonight!” The DJ called fromhis station, eyeing us.
 “Woo!” We cheered in unison as on looking malevampires stared at us.They song ended shortly after and we laughedat the many males crowding around us. McKenziegrabbed my hand and led me to a couple open seatson the bar. We sat down as about seven or eightmale crowded around us. “Down boys, down. This one’s taken.” I jerkedmy thumb at McKenzie.They all looked intently at me. I shot them all asexy smile. “I’m not sure if I want to settle down.” I saidteasing them. “Bells, it’s been two hundred years!” McKenzieexclaimed. “And you’ve lived eight hundred, and you andRichard haven’t kissed yet! You two both like eachother. It’s obvious!” I said exasperated.I looked at their black eyes. “Hmm, you all look hungry. Too bad I’m not onthe menu.” I said seductively.Out of the corner of my eye, I saw two people Icould never to have believed to see. Alice andRosalie Cullen.Are you sure about that?” One of the menasked. “Yes, unless you boys are willing to work forthis.” I said raising a long leg up for all of them tosee.They all eyed it hungrily. I chuckled and lookedat McKenzie.
 “Come on Kenz, let’s go back to Richard.” Iclimbed carefully out of my seat, trying to showcleavage in my tight strapless top.I motioned for Kenz to go to Richard. I want tosee Alice and Rosalie. I may have forgiven Emmett,Jasper, Alice, Carlisle, Esme, and Rosalie. But I willnever forgive Edward. It was His choice to leave, nottheirs. “Hi Rosalie, Alice. Long time no see?” I askedthem as I stepped up to them. “Bella!” Alice enthused and hugged me tightly.I hugged Alice back. I then released her andturned to Rosalie. “Is it okay for me to hug you?” I askedcautiously.Rosalie grinned and hugged me too. I wonderwhat got into her. She used to hate me. I heard ayell from behind Rosalie and Alice, and then twoforms collided with me. I looked up, Emmett andJasper. “Alice, Rosalie, control your husbands!” I teasedand laughed.Emmett and Jasper let go of me and theirmouths opened at what I was wearing. The straplessblack top. And black mini skirt with black pumps. “Dang Bella. You look different.” Emmettstuttered. “Well I am a vampire. And my fashion sense haschanged, so yea I’m different.” I said with a grin.I looked over behind them at a table behind us.Edward and some other vampire were sucking face.

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