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Fifty Years Later

Fifty Years Later



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Published by goaliehead4

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Published by: goaliehead4 on Sep 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1Fifty years later, I have completely changed. No more Miss Nice girl. I officially hate every color except for black. That is thecolor my room is and every piece of clothing I own.I live with my new brother and sister Amy and Micheal. Theyfound me when I was dieing in the hospital at the age of eighteenof cancer. Amy had saved me seconds before my death. I amforever grateful.Amy has blonde long hair and extremely long legs. She is the best sister to ever have. And her mate Micheal has long brown hair that covers his eyes. And the biggest muscles known to man. Even bigger than Emmett’s muscles. Hard to believe, but yes.And there is lastly me. Nice Bella left a couple days intocancer. He left me to die. Micheal and Amy totally support mydecision. I wear dark black make up every day to school and I’m inorchestra at my school. I play the piano. Just like him. But I didn’twant to play because of him; I choose to play because I learned to play when I was diagnosed with cancer.People then created a rumor that I wear all this make up because I’m in mourning over my ex boyfriend. I’m not. I ‘mactually happy he’s gone. I have freedom I have never experienced.Like learning how to ride a motorcycle, partying all the time, and pulling the most hilarious pranks ever that always end me up in jail. Despite the way I act, I ace all of my classes and arrive ontime for school.I was now changing into black skinny jeans, a black v neck cotton t-shirt with a white skull on it, black five inch high heels,and a black leather jacket that fit me snugly. I put on my manyrings and bracelets and I was ready to go. It took an hour just toapply my make up so I always get ready an hour and a half beforeit was time for me to leave. My make up was so dark today itdimmed my bright gold eyes into a brown gold color.
I grabbed my back pack on my way down the stairs to meetAmy and Micheal outside in the black glossy viper. Amy smiled atme through the window and I smiled back.“Hey Bella.” Micheal greeted me as I climbed into the back of the car.“Guess what?” Amy asked me as she turned around to faceme.“What?” I chuckled.Amy could see the future just like Alice.“The Cullen’s are arriving today.” She wiggled her eyebrows.I shrugged.“So what are we going to pull on them?” She asked evilly asMicheal drove to the school.“Nothing. They’ll be hurt enough when they find out I won’tforgive them.” I said lazily.Micheal then reached the school and parked into a space infront of the boring high school of Wisconsin. I got out and slungmy bag over my back. I strolled passed the drooling boys withMicheal and Amy at my side.I kicked the door open with my foot, too lazy to use myhands.“Miss Creswell!” I heard a voice call from behind me.I turned around. Mr. Kirkham or like I call him, Mr. Triplechin, was behind me. He was the orchestra teacher.“Yes?” I asked.“A new student will be arriving today that also plays the piano as well. Do you want to share your piano, or would you likeme to get another one from the storage closet.” He asked.“Another one if you please. I sometimes get carried away andnew compositions pop into my head.” I shrugged.“Okay, that is all. See you after lunch.” He smiled andwalked away.I made a sound of disgust in the back of my throat andcontinued to my locker. Just the look of his hands touching my
 piano was disgusting. No one has touched my precious ivory keysexcept for me. And I hope to keep it that way.After jamming my bag into my locker, I clicked down thehallway to my Spanish class. I was greeted at the door by myawesome Spanish teacher Mr. Hanson. He and I only spoke inSpanish because this was Spanish class, and also because we arethe only ones fluent in Spanish.“Bella.” He greeted me.“Hey Mr. H.” I grinned.He and I fist pounded. See why he’s my favorite?“Shall we serenade into class?” He asked with a chuckle.“We shall.” I smiled and laughed.We started singing La cuka Racha into class while linkingarms. The other students just stared at us and laughed. Mr. Hansonstuck a sombrero on his head and started to do the Macarena. Istopped singing and just laughed my way down the aisle and intomy chair next to Amy.“Thank you for joining me Bella.” Mr. Hanson called fromacross the room with the sombrero still on.“No problem.” I laughed back.Mr. Hanson then changed back to English to talk to the restof the class.“Well that was fun. But of you who need to, please open your text books to page thirty and read the words on the page out loud.”He told the rest of the class while taking a seat at his desk andtaking off the sombrero.I looked at the page over Amy’s shoulder. The words werefairly simple. I sighed as I looked around the room. Students were bent over their books, whispering the words to them selves over and over. I stared out the windows on my side of the table. Rainwashed down them, leaving their own individual rivers.The class was soon over and the bell rang. Mr. Hanson stoodat the front door handing us back our graded test papers. He gavemine back with a chuckle. I laughed at my paper too. I had drawn

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