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Allegiance Air Conditioners

Allegiance Air Conditioners

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Published by desto2

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Published by: desto2 on Sep 11, 2009
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 © 2004 American Standard Inc. All Rights Reserved
Congratulations on the purchase of your new American Standard air conditioner.Your air conditioner is designed to work with a matched indoor unit creating asystem that delivers years of dependable service and performance.
Your air conditioning systemcools, filters, and dehumidifiesyour home.
As the air conditioning system circulatesthe air, it also filters it. The air condition-ing system also extracts excess mois-ture from the air inside your home, thushelping to control humidity in muggysummer months.Acquaint yourself with your new systemby spending just a few minutes withthis booklet. Learn about the operationof your system and the small amount ofmaintenance it takes to keep it operatingat peak efficiency.
To prevent injury, death, or property damage, readand follow all instructions and warnings, includinglabels shipped with or attached to unit beforeoperating your new air conditioning system.
Proper maintenance for maximum efficiency 
A central air conditioner is not a house-hold appliance. It’s a self-containedsystem that requires professionalmaintenance and repair.That’s why attempts at “do-it-yourself”repairs on an in-warranty unit may voidthe remainder of your warranty.Other than performing the simple main-tenance recommended in this manual,you should not attempt to make anyadjustments to your central air condi-tioning system. Your dealer will be ableto take care of any questions orproblems you may have.
*Before removing the filter, see the ownersmanual furnished with the indoor unit.
How to remove your filter.*
Ask your American Standard dealerwhere the filter is located in your systemand how to service it.Just be sure to replace it with the arrowspointing in the direction of the air flow.
Call your dealer for additionalroutine maintenance
Your air conditioning system should beinspected regularly by a properly trainedservice technician.
The inspection(preferably twice each year, but atleast once a year) should include thefollowing:
Routine inspection of air filter(s).Replacement or cleaning as required.Inspection and cleaning of the blowerwheel, housing, and motor asrequired.Inspection and, if required, cleaningof indoor and outdoor coils.Inspection of the indoor coil drain pan,plus the primary and secondary drainlines. If supplied, the auxiliary drainpan and line should be inspected atthis time. Service should includecleaning, if required.
Help ensure top efficiency bycleaning or replacing thefilter monthly.*
When the air conditioner circulates andfilters the air in your home, dust and dirtparticles build up on the filter. Excessiveaccumulation can block the air flow,forcing the unit to work harder tomaintain desired temperatures. Andthe harder your unit works, the moreenergy it uses.Clean or replace your filter twice amonth during seasons when the unitruns more often.When replacing your filter(s), alwaysuse the same size and type that wasoriginally supplied. Filters are availablefrom your dealer.Where disposable filters are used, theymust be replaced every month withthe same size as originally supplied.
Efficiency can be maintained bykeeping outdoor unit clear ofdebris, leaves and shrubbery.
Efficient operation of your air conditionerdepends on the free flow of air over thecoil. Anything that blocks the air flow,causes the compressor to work harderto move the warm air out of your house.To avoid overworking your unit, do notplant flowers or shrubbery right next to it.Also, make sure that nothing is stackedagainst the sides of the unit or drapedover it.Making sure your outdoor unit is keptclear at all times helps it work at peakefficiency.
Keep your air conditionerlooking new for years.
Clean the enamel finish of your airconditioner with soap and water. Forstubborn grease spots, use a householddetergent. Do not use lacquer thinner orother synthetic solvents as they maydamage the finish.A check of all electrical wiring andconnections.A check for secure physical con-nections of individual componentswithin units.Operational check for the air condi-tioning system to determine actualworking condition. Necessary repairand/or adjustment should beperformed at this time.
Your servicing dealer may offer aneconomical service or preventativemaintenance agreement that coversseasonal inspections. Ask yourdealer for further details.
Although special care has been taken to minimizesharp edges in the construction of your unit, beextremely careful when handling parts or reachinginto the unit.
Condensate drains should be checked and cleanedperiodically to assure condensate can drain freelyfrom coil to drain. If condensate cannot drain freely,water damage could occur.Disconnect all electrical power to the indoor airhandler or furnace before removing access panelsto perform any maintenance. Disconnect power toboth the indoor and outdoor units. NOTE: Theremay be more than one electrical disconnectswitch. Electric shock can cause personal injuryor death.Improper installation, adjustment, alteration,service, maintenance, or use can cause explosion,fire, electrical shock, or other conditions whichmay cause personal injury or property damage.Consult a qualified installer or service agency forinformation or assistance. The qualified installeror agency must use factory-authorized kits oraccessories when modifying this product.
Setting the temperature
Place the system switch on COOL, andthe fan switch on AUTO. Then set thetemperature by using the indicator onthe thermostat* control.Now your system will cool your housewhenever the indoor temperature climbsabove the thermostat setting. It will shutoff when the desired room temperatureis reached.In winter, it works the same way. Whenthe system switch is on HEAT, thesystem will operate whenever the roomtemperature falls below the temperaturesetting. Once the desired temperatureis reached, the system will shut off.
Save energy with an electronicprogrammable thermostat.*
Program the thermostat for the temp-eratures that meet your comfort level.The American Standard electronicprogrammable thermostat has up tofour setup or setback periods each day,plus weekend and vacation programs.
How to operate your system for peak performance 
Let the thermostat do its job.
Your system will perform most efficientlywhen you let the thermostat control it.Turning the system on and off manuallyis usually much less efficient. So let thethermostat do its job.We recommend keeping the tempera-ture setting at 78°F for cooling, 68°F forheating. However, you can selectthe temperature that meets yourcomfort level.The point is, once you’ve set thethermostat, keep subsequent adjust-ments to a minimum.When you’re going to be away fromhome for a few days, or when outdoortemperatures are moderate, don’t letthe air conditioner run unnecessarily.Lower the thermostat to 55°F in thewinter. And raise it to 85°F in summer.Then when you return, or whentemperature conditions dictate, youcan reset the system and it will resumemaking your home comfortable again.
Never stop the system byshutting off the main power.
If the main power is ever disconnectedfor more than three hours, turn off thethermostat. Then wait for at least threemore hours after the power has beenrestored before turning the thermostatback on. Failure to follow this procedurecould result in damage to your system.
How to help reducesummer humidity.
In summer, your air conditioner doesmore than cool the air — it helps removethe excess moisture, that can make theinside of your home feel muggy. Whenremoving this moisture your systemmust work harder than when simplycooling the air.That’s why kitchens, bathrooms andutility rooms should have vents andexhaust fans. These devices helpprevent accumulation of moisturethroughout the rest of the house soyour air conditioner works less to keepyou comfortable.
*Accessory, purchased separately. Carefullyread the accompanying thermostat manualfor complete operating instructions.
If heating system is not operational during the coldweather months, provisions must be taken toprevent freeze-up of all water pipes and waterreceptacles. This is very important during timesof vacancy.

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