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Big Girls Dont Cry

Big Girls Dont Cry



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Published by Rhalou Allerhand

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Published by: Rhalou Allerhand on Sep 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ith most modern women buyinginto size zero hysteria and spend-ing a large proportion of their timeobsessing over their weight, their diet andwhat’s in their wardrobe in an ongoing bid tobecome whippet thin, it’s a wonder there’sany time to even eat dinner. But contrary towhat high fashion decrees, the average red-blooded male appreciates the natural curvesof a woman. Anyone sexually attracted to afemale body that doesn’t wobble whatso-ever is secretly gay, reads too many fashionmagazines or misguidedly thinks Madonnamakes a good rôle model.Women are built to be shapely and cur-vaceous, and stick-thin supermodels justdon’t represent the norm, yet many of usstill think small means sexy and strive to beslim. Despite this, with unlimited access toso much fast food these days, it’s extremelyeasy to pile on a few more pounds thannecessary, and the average British womanis an ample size 16. Fortunately there’s abubbling underbelly of boys who simplylove a big woman, some even to the pointof obsession.
Contrary to
what the fashion mags say, lotsof men prefer their women bigger. Colin, arepresentative from
magazine,a resource for big beautiful women (BBW)and fat appreciators (FA), has always been
       f     e     a       t     u     r     e
Rhalou Allerhand investigates the ample underbelly of fat fetishism Illustrations: Sainty 
big girls dont cry.indd 7016/3/09 12:18:20
attracted to larger ladies. ’I consider plus-size women to be elegant, sexy, attractiveand desirable. I always felt that way; as farback as I can remember. Asking why I spe-cifically feel this way is like asking what theappeal of blond hair or certain facial featuresis. I just find fat women sexy. To me fatnessis extremely erotic while slenderness is not. There is no reason or explanation. It is simplythe way we are genetically programmed.’Fetishising erotic weight gain often caus-es a furore in fat appreciation circles. Is it afetish to only fancy fat girls? Or more of asexual persuasion? And in a world wherewe’re all rapidly gaining weight, how doesthis affect fat acceptance?For it to be full-blown fetishism, fat mustbe an absolute necessity for sexual arousal,but Colin argues that his appreciation of bigwomen is about taste and not fetishism, ‘Itis a sexual preference, and really more thanthat. I like to be around fat people in anycontext.’It was Colin’s interest in larger women thatled to his involvement in
maga-zine. ‘I was a member of NAAFA, the Nation-al Association to Advance Fat Acceptance,a civil rights group in the United States. Thegroup had many male members who wereFAs and wanted to offer them a place wherethey could discuss their preference. This ledto the creation of the FA-SIG in 1984, the Fat Admirer Special Interest Group. The groupeventually became
, a size-posi-tive magazine and then community.’Some FAs argue that if the chubby chaserarchetype became more mainstream, beingfat will be less of a social and cultural stig-ma, although publishers have slowly startedto catch on. ‘There was no web presencewhen I first began pursuing my interest.Even finding print magazines featuring fatwomen was almost impossible,’ says Co-lin. ‘The few that were around were mostlysold in novelty shops and ridiculed fat mod-els. It took quite some time until publishersrealised there were men who preferred fatwomen.’One argument against the concept of fatfetishism is that it undermines social move-ments towards fat acceptance, throughcounter-productive objectification and de-humanisation of fat people. ‘Like most in thesize acceptance movement, I am frustratedwith the way fat people are discriminatedagainst and ridiculed,’ says Colin. ‘In the US,the majority of the population is statisticallyoverweight. If all fat people voted as a block,size discrimination would be outlawed with-in a very short time. Instead, fat people aregenerally ashamed of their bodies and bul-lied by society and the weight loss industry.’Colin maintains that the
 community is not about fat fetishism. ‘
Di- mensions
is size-positive. People should beallowed to lead a happy, fulfilled life no mat-
       f     e     a       t     u     r     e
I consider plus- size women to be elegant, sexy,attractive and desirable 
big girls dont cry.indd 7216/3/09 12:18:43
big girls dont cry.indd 7116/3/09 12:18:33

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