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President Uhuru Kenyatta's Speech During the Dinner Hosted in Honour of Visiting IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde at State House, Mombasa

President Uhuru Kenyatta's Speech During the Dinner Hosted in Honour of Visiting IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde at State House, Mombasa



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Published by State House Kenya
President Uhuru Kenyatta's Speech During the Dinner Hosted in Honour of Visiting IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde at State House, Mombasa
President Uhuru Kenyatta's Speech During the Dinner Hosted in Honour of Visiting IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde at State House, Mombasa

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Published by: State House Kenya on Jan 06, 2014
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Madame Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing DirectorDistinguished GuestsLadies and GentlemenI am delighted to welcome you and your delegation to Kenya, and tothe City of Mombasa, one of the oldest settlements along the easterncoast of Africa dating back centuriesLet me take this o!!ortunity to wish you and your delegation a "a!!y#ew $ear and to say that we are honored to ha%e such a high&!oweredguest this early in the year 'his bodes well for us as we reflect on thesuccesses and challenges that we encountered in the !ast year At thesame time, we are !ositioning oursel%es to sei(e the o!!ortunitiesthat lie ahead and of course !re!aring to confront any challenges thatmay ariseMadame Managing DirectorAs you are aware, we ha%e a strong !artnershi! with the IMF, which isanchored on sound macroeconomic !olicyIn that !artnershi!, onefeature that stands out is the successful com!letion of the !rogrammeunder the IMF)s *+tended Credit Facility *CF-, which was a!!ro%ed bythe *+ecuti%e .oard two years ago'his !rogramme had strongownershi! by the Go%ernment It was %ery well designed and took intoaccount the s!ecific circumstances of our socio&economic and !oliticalrealities It was im!ortant for us that the !rogramme su!!orted ourdesire for growth that is inclusi%e growth that lea%es no one behind Inmy %iew, the %ery !ositi%e results achie%ed under the Facility aretestimony that the IMF has come of age in the way it engages withmember countries in designing and im!lementing !rogrammesMadame MDLet me add that our enhanced !artnershi! has not /ust been in!rogramme su!!ort and technical assistance In recent years, we
ha%e co&hosted regional and international conferences bringingtogether !artici!ants and officials from African countries, internationale+!erts and others to come to share e+!eriences and learn from eachother as we work together to grow the continent to become themighty economic !ower that it deser%es to be 'he international conference on Kenya0s *conomic 1uccesses,Challenges, and 2ros!ects that we co&hosted in #airobi in 1e!temberlast year is one such e+am!le I was a ha!!y !artici!ant at theconference and can confirm that it was a resounding success I trustyour team told you the same3e ha%e also worked closely with our sisters and brothers in the *astAfrican Community to make the region a single economic unit where!eo!le can trade, in%est, and tra%el freely 4ur a!!roach is !remisedon the fact that Kenya)s sustained growth is !artly reinforced by!ros!erity amongst our neighbouring states.uilding on these successes, we are encouraged to be more ambitiousand aim much higher in terms of our economic agenda I belie%e thatit is now time for us to shift gear and think of a !artnershi! that will!ro!el Kenya beyond a 5Frontier *conomy5 to a truly middle&incomecountry 4ur own #ational 6ision 7898 en%isages our country becoming amiddle&income country by 7898 I ha%e told my fellow Kenyans that Ibelie%e we can achie%e this in the ne+t si+ years "owe%er, it will takedisci!line, focus and commitment to walk the !athMy Go%ernment recogni(es the im!ortance of achie%ing durablebroad&based growthAs such, we are working round the clock toaccelerate growth so as to create /obs and reduce !o%erty 3e aredoing this by enhancing the com!etiti%eness of the economy throughin%estment in infrastructure, enhanced regional integration, andtargeted su!!ort for small and medium enter!rises 3e are focusing on im!ro%ing the road network, e+!anding energygeneration and distribution, and building modern rails and !orts so asto create /obs and grow the economy As well, we aim to dee!en ourlinks with our regional !artners 3e are in%esting in and moderni(ingthe agricultural sector through im!ro%ed financing and irrigation3e are ensuring that all Kenyans ha%e access to well&e:ui!!ed health
facilities and well&trained and moti%ated healthcare workers, inaddition to de%elo!ing systems to su!!ort and e+!and healthcare andim!ro%ed sanitation 3e will build on our free !rimary and secondary education !olicy,while ensuring the :uality of education is im!ro%ed and the linkbetween education and em!loyment is enhanced %ia knowledge andtechnology 4ther !riorities include facilitating de%olution, com!letingim!lementation of the Constitution by enacting the remaininglegislation aimed at entrenching ci%il liberties, su!!orting countygo%ernments, enabling !ublic !artici!ation in decision&making,ensuring di%ersity and gender balance, and enacting regulations tosecure effecti%e im!lementation of the !ublic finance management Finally, we are working to %an:uish corru!tion from our shores, we aretaking action to combat waste and inefficiency, and we are reformingour !rocurement systems to enhance %alue for money3e belie%e that these actions will o!en u! economic o!!ortunities fora better future for all KenyansMadame MD $our %isit accords us the o!!ortunity to initiate discussions on a muchmore enhanced !artnershi! in the coming months that will hel! u!transit smoothly in a global economy that is becoming increasinglybum!y 'he !rogramme we are concluding under the *+tended Credit Facilityhas enabled us to restore macroeconomic stability and build resilienceagainst internal and e+ternal shocks .ut we remain %ulnerable tofuture shocks and we must be able to effecti%ely deal with them if andwhen they arise 'his brings me to the im!ortant element of our future !artnershi! Mycountry needs an insurance&ty!e facility that can be accessed as andwhen needed with sufficient resources to effecti%ely deal with!otential shocksMadame MD

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