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Southport Homeopathy Practice

Southport Homeopathy Practice

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Published by Dr. Momin Sohil

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Published by: Dr. Momin Sohil on Sep 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Southport Homeopathy Practice
Whilst it must be emphasised that the practice of homeopathyentails a detailed knowledge of Materia Medica, nevertheless FirstAid and Domestic Emergencies can often be treated safely andeffectively at home. This is partly because of the affinities of variousremedies for particular tissues and because experience has shownthat injuries and common ailments, such as burns, bruises, cuts andstings, respond well to well proved remedies. Ailments such ascoughs, colds, sore throats and indigestion may also be safelytreated. Provided the doses are not repeated too frequently or overtoo long a period they will not do harm. However whatever theproblem it must be strongly emphasised that if any of theseconditions do not readily yield to treatment or appear to be seriousprofessional help must be sought.< = worse for > = better for
- This is the No. 1 remedy for all cases of injury as it alsodeals with shock. It removes the blood back into the vessels as well.Give Arnica first in every First Aid situation. It is even fine to give if nil by mouth in case of an injury needing an operation. Good forsprains and strains. It has also been sited as usual for severeexhaustion and jet lag. NB If using Arnica tincture it must not beused on broken skin as it can cause a rash.
– Fright is the keynote of this remedy when there is greatanxiety and sudden emotions. It is for any complaint that comes onsuddenly after exposure to cold dry windy conditions. Coughs,colds, chills, fevers that come on suddenly may need this remedyespecially if there is congested pain with restlessness. It can also beused in an emergency situation for a panic attack.
– This is for bee stings and insect biteswhere there is a lot of swelling, heat, rednessand stinging pains. It is > cold applicationsand < heat. It is also an emergency measurefor anaphylactic shock to give on the way tothe hospital!
– Fear and anxiety before an event, flyingand ordeals of every kind. There is distension of the stomach,burping, palpitations, diarrhoea especially after sweet things.
– for food poisoning with diarrhoea andvomiting. Feel cold and fearful – frightened to be left alone. <11.00pm – 1.00am. Complaints after exposure to wet and damp.
- Fever with great heatwhich follows Aconite well. Red, hot,skin, dilated pupils, throbbing pains. <light, noise and jarring. Throbbingheadaches and mild sunstroke. >bending backwards, sitting or standingerect. Sudden and violent onset of conditions.
- Specific for bruisingof soft tissue like the breast and internal organs. Ailments after ablow. Good for internal bruising after a hysterectomy. It is alsocalled the Gardeners friend as it works well for aches aftergardening.
– A dry remedy. Dry fever, dry cough < for anymovement, company or talking. Dry lips, thirst, irritable. Bursting
headache < any movement. Must stay still. Red swollen, shiny joints, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, sciatica. A stitching pain >pressure. Appendix symptoms which develop slowly – specific. <heat > cold.
– the healing remedy. Use the tincture as anantiseptic. For all infections and inflammations where flesh is torn.It prevents pus formation. Beware that there is no infection insidethe wound or the skin will close up and keep it in! Can be bought asa cream and useful for children’s cuts and scrapes.
– bad burns and scalds with blistering. Stops the pain.
– Air hunger, wants to be fanned but is chilly. Bluishcolour. After near drowning or electric shock and patient is cold,blue and lifeless. Indigestion with a lot of wind.
– Also for burns. Take a 30C potency and the paingoes in about 7 mins.
– great sensitivity to pain. Teething in babies. Veryirritable.
– Any illness when a patient is weak after the loss of vitalfluids e.g. vomiting, haemorrhage, sweating, diarrhoea. Distensionof abdomen, flatulence, burping and discomfort. Oversensitivity.
– For sea sickness and travel sickness. Nausea,dizziness < motion > sitting still or lying on side

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