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The First Lady

The First Lady

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Published by glennpease
In this study we see the female as the star in the eyes of God,Satan and Adam.
In this study we see the female as the star in the eyes of God,Satan and Adam.

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Published by: glennpease on Sep 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 THE FIRST LADY Based on Gen. 2:18-25By Pastor Glenn PeaseOnly one president of the United States was a bachelor as president, and that wasGrover Cleveland. All others had wives, and these First Ladies of our land havehad an enormous influence on history. Martha Washington was the first First Ladyof the United States. She, like other wives in those early days of the RevolutionaryWar, spent 8 winters with her husband General Washington in the field. Thisincluded the terrible winter of Valley Forge. She helped keep the RevolutionaryArmy together. She sewed their tattered clothes, and she ministered to their needs,and help keep up moral.When she was not involved in the war, she was at Mount Vernon managing their8 thousand acre plantation. She set the pattern as a true help mate. Many otherfirst ladies have played a major role in the lives of the men who governed ournation. Lucy Webb Hayes, wife of President Rutherford Hayes, gained quite areputation for her influence. When she was informed of an injustice there could bequick action to rectify the situation. President Hayes once said, "Mr. Hayes mayhave no influence with congress, but she has great influence with me."Women have always been a major force in history, if for no other reason, becauseof their influence on men. Never was this more true than when there was only onewoman and one man. When we go back to the first of all first ladies, we see awoman centered world. God's attention was focused on the female, for she was theone that prevented creation from being complete. Adam was alone, and he hadlearned all he could about the animal kingdom, but there was nothing alive thatsatisfied his need. God said that it was not good for man to be alone, and so He putthe final finishing touch on His handiwork, and He made Eve.She immediately became the center of Adam's attention and affection. The veryfirst poem ever composed on earth was composed by Adam when he saw what Godcould make out of a rib. He took one look at Eve and forgot all about his surgery.He said, "Now this is more like it. This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of myflesh. She shall be called woman because she was taken out of man." Had Adambeen an Englishman he may have put it more like this:She, she is bone of my bone,And flesh of my flesh is she;Woman her name, which is grownOut of man, out of me.It is fitting that history's first poetry should be in celebration of a woman. Mostpoetry since has been inspired by the male female relationship. Woman came from
man's rib, but she has never been a mere side issue with him. She has always been acentral issue because of her influence on men. Not only was she the focus of Godand man, but as we read on in the story we discover she was also the center of thesatanic plot to destroy paradise, and bring about the fall of man. The fact thatSatan chose to make Eve his first target reveals just how subtle and clever he reallyis. She was the only living creature that had a powerful enough influence on Adamto bring him to disobey God. The serpent would not have gotten to first base withAdam, nor would any other creature Satan might use to entice him. There was onlyone choice, and that was Eve.The Genesis account makes it clear that there is one theme on which God, man,and Satan all agree, and that is that you can't win without a woman. God could notstop creating until He created a woman. Adam could not be content with a perfectparadise without a woman. Satan could not have penetrated Adam's defenseswithout a woman. W. B. Riley, the well known preacher back in the 1930's said,They talk about a woman's sphere,As though it had a limit;There's not a place on earth or heaven,There's not a task to mankind given,There's not a blessing or a woe,There's not a life, a death, or birth,That has a feather's weight of worth,Without a woman in it.That poetry is based squarely on the rock of revelation. Look at the big events of Bible history, and you will see women as key characters for good or evil: The fall, of course, and the wives of the patriarchs-Sarah, Rebekah, and Rachel; the motherand sister of Moses; the wives of David and Solomon; Esther and Ruth; Mary andElizabeth; the many women in the ministry of Jesus, and the women at the cross andthe resurrection. These are just some of the major women who play key roles in thehistory of God's plan. If we go on into the book of Acts, and beyond into the historyof the church, we see that women have been, are, and will always be a key andcentral influence in everything that happens in God's plan.We live in a world where some see women as inferior, and where others put themon a pedestal, and see them as superior. Still others fight to prove that above all elsethey are equal to men. The biblical view condemns all three of these positions if they are held as exclusive truth. No view of women can be called biblical thatrefuses to recognize the full revelation that they are all three-superior, equal, andinferior. All three of these categories fit the first woman. Some Bible students say if you go to the first use of a term or an ideal in the Bible, that will be your clue as toits meaning throughout the Bible. I doubt that this is a fool proof rule, but it does fitthe study of women. If you study Eve, you have the foundation laid for all else thatyou will find in God's Word on women.
She was the first woman.She was the first wife.She was the first mother.She was the first grandmother.She was the first lover.She was the first to entice.She was the first person to be tempted.She was the first sinner.She was the first to name the name of God.She was the first woman to loose paradise.She was the first woman who had to move.She was the first woman to see a baby, and watch it grow.She was the first woman to suffer grief.She was the first woman to see a child die.She was the first woman to make clothes.She was the first woman to receive hope of a redeemer.I am sure that with some thought we could expand the list even further, for shewas the first woman to experience all of the joys and sorrows of human life. Wewant to look at this fascinating woman from the point of view of each of the otherthree characters that shared the stage of history with her at the beginning. Theuniverse was vast, and the earth was larger than it has ever been, for it was soempty of human life. The only persons in existence with Eve that she was aware of were Adam, God, and Satan. It was a small cast, and as we have said, Eve seemedto be the star, for the attention of the others was focused on her. As we look at herfrom the perspective of each of them, we see the three fold picture of woman. Thetotal woman is a combination of these three views. We want to look at Eve in theorder in which she is first confronted by each of these three personalities.I. GOD'S PERSPECTIVE.From God's perspective we see the superiority of woman. God saved the best forlast. She was the crown of creation, and as Lockyer says, she was likely the mostbeautiful woman to have ever lived. She was God's best gift to the ideal man. Shewas made like him in the image of God to reflect God's glory. The male is usuallythe most beautiful in the animal kingdom, but God chose to reverse that patternwhen he created humans. He chose to make the female more beautiful than themale.The Jewish Talmud said, "All women in comparison with Sarah are likemonkeys in respect to men. But Sarah can no more be compared to Eve than canmonkeys be compared with men." Milton wrote of Eve,O fairest of creation, last and bestOf all God's works, creatures in whom excelledWhatever can to sight or thought be formed,

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