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Interesting Structures at Area 51

Interesting Structures at Area 51

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Published by MansonCaseFile
Interesting Structures at Area 51
Interesting Structures at Area 51

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Published by: MansonCaseFile on Jan 06, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Interesting Structures At Area 51
Images from Mike10 -5 -7We don't know what these peculiar objects are but the! certainl! don't look like an!thing one would normall! find at an airbase" #ote that what at first glance ma! appear to be incorrect shadows are actuall! enormous pits dug out of the earth" $nd the three-sided  p!ramid is perhaps the most intriguing of all especiall! since it appears to be made of dirt"
%rian &iel10-(-7 )ello I was in the &*$+ for 11 !ears as a communications maintenance troop" $s a ,070 a stateside assignment I had was in a %ase and Installation *ecurit! shop which pro.ided me with dail! work inside the %omber $lert and Weapons *torage $rea of a *$/ base" $lthough I can't confirm what these structures are the! don't seem at all biarre to me" he first picture is the most difficult to identif! or guess about" *omething about that shape rings a bell in m! memor! that this is a $2$ t!pe sensor structure" I'.e ne.er seen such a building in person but I ha.e been e3posed to lots of official technical and magaine pictures" he second picture is easier to speculate about" he right side seems to be descending into the ground" his is much like the tunnel walkwa! to lower le.els of a crew4area support building that I ha.e used" $dditionall! it looks like the top le.el of the building is in the process of being co.ered b! soil4sand" his has man! reasons and ad.antages for an! militar! building  such as noise le.els securit! climate control and comfort 6 let alone one in such a place as $rea 51" he third picture is hardl! m!sterious" his is the same t!pe of co.ered arch shape where weapons  bombs 6 or other secure items are stored pro.ided that both ends ha.e walls one ha.ing a .er! hea.! wide locked set of doors" he top of the soil mounds around and o.er it where

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