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What You Should Do in the Following Situations

What You Should Do in the Following Situations

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Published by: mohsin.computers3076 on Sep 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What you should do in the following situations
What you should do in the following situations
Book by Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid
ContentsIntroduction1. Tahaarah (purity and cleanliness)Paint or dirt on hands when making wudoo
 Dressings on woundsTraces of janaabah on clothesJanaabah whilst travellingBleeding after miscarriage
nifaas or not?2. Salaah (prayer)Waswaas (insinuating thoughts from Shaytaan)What if something happens during prayer?Call of nature when the iqaamah is givenDoubts about passing windIf adhaan for fajr is given whilst one is praying witrMissed
asr and reaches masjid after maghrib prayer has started
 Traveller joining congregation without knowing if imaam is also atravellerBeing unable to stand for the rest of the prayerA knock on the door when one is praying, or a mother seeing her childdo something dangerous
What you should do in the following situations
Responding to salaam when prayingJoining a prayer in progressNot hastening unduly to join a prayer in progressBreaking wind during Friday prayerWhen one has already prayed and comes to another mosque to findthe people there prayingStill praying sunnah when the iqaamah is givenBeing informed of the correct direction of the qiblah whilst prayingFalling behind when praying in congregationWhen the imaam nullifies his wudoo
 When the imaam
awrah b
ecomes uncoveredRealizing that one
s wudoo
is invalid because of wiping over socks
when doing so is no longer acceptableWhen the imaam forgets the ending of an aayahIntending to pray for rain, then it rains before the people start theprayerFeeling sleepy when listening to Friday sermon3. Rulings about forgetfulness during prayerDoubt about number of rak
ahs prayed
 Imaam remembers that he forgot to recite al-Faatihah during a silentrak
 A member of a congregation forgetting to recite al-Faatihah, or joining a prayer at the moment of rukoo
 Raising one's head from rukoo
, then realizing that one forgot to say
the tasbeeh
What you should do in the following situations
Forgetting the first tashahhudImaam says the salaam then makes prostrations of forgetfulness, but alatecomer stands up to complete the prayerImaam makes a mistake but does not understand what thecongregation is referring to when they say
Subhaan Allaah
to draw
his attention to it4. Miscellaneous rulingsForgetting to wear ihraam for Hajj or
 Interruption of tawaaf or sa
eeBurial of one who dies at seaChanging money (same currency)Being asked to do something at work that is against Islamic teachings">5. General behaviour and sunnah of the Prophet (peace andblessings of Allaah be upon him)The proper way to thank AllaahAccepting money or property received without asking for itAsking a Muslim host about food or drink he servesWalking with only one shoe when the other is damagedGood dreamsBad dreamsBeing affected by seeing a womanSitting between the sun and the shade is not allowedWhen illness strikes one
s family
 If one
s children or family members lie

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