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4H Promotes Biotech to 'Facilitate Youth Programming'

4H Promotes Biotech to 'Facilitate Youth Programming'

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Published by cardinal761831
4H Promotes Biotech to 'Facilitate Youth Programming'
4H Promotes Biotech to 'Facilitate Youth Programming'

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Published by: cardinal761831 on Jan 07, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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4-H Promotes Biotech to “Facilitate Youth Programming”
4-H Agriscience )
Barbara H. PetersonFarm Wars
Well, it’s out in the open now, and sporting an “in your face” attitude. The NWO agenda to program our youth is no longer hiding behind closed doors and only talked about in whispers anymore. With disturbingcandor, the 4-H website agriscience/biotechnology section states in no uncertain terms that its purpose isto program our youth:
“Purpose of the materials: to provide substantive science-based foundational knowledge of agriscience/biotechnology through the use of presentations, discussions and hands-onactivities.Facilitators will be able to gain a better understanding of agriscience/biotechnology, and will thenbe able to use the modules and facilitator guide to train other professionals and volunteers sothat they will be equipped to facilitate youth programming.” http://www.4-h.org/resource-library/curriculum/agriscience/ 
It’s not about giving our youth an advantage in life by fostering healthy ideas. It’s all about “youthprogramming.” Not teaching, not sharing, not learning. It’s not about encouraging kids to develop their fullpotential. Programming. Like a robot. Like a computer. Like your cellphone. This is the wave of the future foour upcoming generations. Programming. And part of that programming consists of the acceptance and promotion of genetic engineering.In a disturbing Power Point Presentation from the 4-H site, biotech mutations are touted as the culminationof breeding progr ams that have been going on for thousands of years, when in fact, genetic engineering is the exact opposite of natural. Genetic engineering creates, through gene cutting and splicing in a lab usingbacteria and viruses, a whole new species of plant that would never occur in nature. A fish simply does notbreed with a tomato, and genetic engineering is not the same as fermentation!
Genetic engineering is placed in a history line of biotech manipulation and equated to fermentation, andbread and cheesemaking. It is promoted as “just another way” to breed plants.
In fact, the entire 4-H section on agriscience reads like a script straight out of a Monsanto playbook.
View the entire Power Point Presentation
Every single one of the GMO myths from the following Earth Open Source list is presented as truth to 4-Hyouths:
GMO Myths and Truths
Genetically modified (GM) crops are promoted on the basis of a range of far-reaching claimsfrom the GM crop industry and its supporters. They say that GM crops:

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