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My Version MS

My Version MS



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Published by Red_Clover14

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Published by: Red_Clover14 on Sep 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My Version
Well this happened quite sometime ago in the history ofMaple Story. I was training in Maple Island(my firstday) getting used to the controls and etc.. Iremembered this part really clearly(at least I think Ido)…Hmmm, Ah! Yes! How could I forget..It happenedin 1
day ,BR(Before Rio) I was training on snails then Icouldn’t remember anything else except going toheaven then coming back down with tons of money$$yes I got the blink blink too. Well what do u expect?Tell u that I got bashed up by a snail NO WAY! But Idied yes. That’s the truth. I landed in South (whateverthe name is) and I found Asha and her friends. whatevertheir name was…They were kind enough to land ahelping hand to me when I was in hospital. Theybrought me ice for my bruises when I had not enoughmoney for the hospital bills. Yes, now this is whereAsha comes into the picture. So a few minutes later(quiet long for a newbie like I was), I recovered fromthe trauma of the bashing. I was back on the trainingground, fighting more fiercely than before, like a truenewbie. Standing next to me was Asha looking on fromabove the hill just next to Mai. After training non-stopfor about 3hours, it started to get dark, me and Ashadecided to go back to my house (which was an oldshack). Since the roof had a hole,( remember… don’t look down on me! I was just anewbie then..) we could see the sky from our campbeds. In my mind, I knew.. this was beginning of my lifein maple as a student and I would never leave it, for it
was my destiny. Little did I know, up in the sky, TheMaple Almighty was looking down and planning mydestiny. As I looked up to the sky, I could see manystars shining upon me. I said goodnight to shaggy andasha then I went to sleep. Riiiiing!! Riiiiiiiiing!! Thesound of the alarm clock kept ringing. Groggily, Iswitched off the alarm and soon went back to sleep.Asha was surprisingly wide up a wake like they say‘wide eye bushy tail’ in my mind I was like ‘OMG! Giveme a break! I need my beauty sleep!’ But, who wouldtell her that??? with one look at me, she knew what Iwas up to.. and with that, she dragged my out of bed.Breakfast that day was delicious, never before have Itasted such wonderful fried eggs. (So, she’s not a badcook! Let’s see what else she’s got!) after breakfast,we went back to the battlefield to sharpen my skillsbefore I could go on to the next stage which wasVictoria island. I warmed up with some push-up’s andboxing exercises. Then, into intensive training. Thatday, I knew I could be somebody when she praised me‘good kill eriene!’ and soon, it was time for me to packup and move on . Asha gave me some money and sentme off. My eyes were watery. ‘aren’t you coming alongasha?’ I asked. ‘I’m sorry buddy, but I’ve got to stayhere for awhile. I’ll meet you soon in vic!’ she replied.That was the saddest moment of my life… leaving myonly friend behind. The journey took 2months. Thewaves were usually strong, and there were manystorms. By the time I reached vic, I needed a newhaircut, as my hair had obviously grown long actuallytoo long.. (I mean, whose hair does not grow in two
months!) there was a problem. I had not the slightestclue where to go. Then I guess.. in the history of noobs,I had the most brilliant idea, to buy a map. With that, Itraveled continents, countries, and towns on foot, taxi’sand bus. But before that, I must tell you, I became awizard. I practiced hard in making potions, spells, andother magical things. When learning magic, I alwayslearnt something new, something I thought neverexisted. But as time passed by, I started to miss Ashamore and more each day, although I had many otherfriends already. Not only the number of my friends hadincreased, but my fame and power over vic island alsoincreased. Soon enough, I became the assistant togrendal, the greatest wizard in the whole of maple,followed by me. Then one day, my prayers wereanswered! Asha was coming to vic! I was so happy thewhole day that even my members from grendel’s guildwere surprised. But soon later, I explained everythingto them, they also felt happy for me and suggested Ithrow a feast upon her arrival in my 4 storey mansion. Iagreed and so it was planned, a feast for Asha. On herday of arrival, I greeted her with hugs in elinia station.She hugged me back and then I offered her a place tostay. She happily accepted and we were in my limodriven by my driver heading towards home. That nightitself, the feast happened according to plan. I just feltthat I had to do this for her as she was the one whohelped me during hard times in maple island. I felt as ifwe had a lot of things to share as we had been awayfrom each other for two months (that two months thattook her to come to vic). It felt like eternity. So at the

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