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House Boys - Chapter 19 - Progress

House Boys - Chapter 19 - Progress

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Published by JemGirl
David answers Al and we met some of David's friends.

This is a gay/yaoi story and contains mature content.
David answers Al and we met some of David's friends.

This is a gay/yaoi story and contains mature content.

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Published by: JemGirl on Jan 07, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This story is completely and utterly fictional. Names, characters, places, and incidentsare either the product of the author's imagination or are usedfictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead,events, or locations is entirely coincidental.The sexuality of allcharacters is entirely a figment of the author's imagination. For those of you that are NOT of legal age, please find other material to read. f youare offended by gay, bxb, boy love, yaoi, hatever you call it, stories, or it is illegal to vie such materials in your area, you should be leaving at this time.No, if you still feel li"e reading on, en#oy, and please leave a comment if you actually li"ed it.  ill be repeating this arning for every chapter of this story.
==========Chapter 19 - Progress==========“Say my name. David, say my name. Please,” Mr. Stroker, l!red, "hispered against my skin in #et"een kisses. “Please David, say my name,” and “Say my name,” "ere phrases that he repeated and mi$ed as he %ontin&ed to ask me to do that one simple thing. l!red,” ' said (&ietly a!ter li%king my lips. )e %ontin&ed to "hisper the "ords into my skin, so ' didn*t think that he heard me. “l!red,” ' said again a #it lo&der. “l!red,” ' moaned lo&dly as ' !elt him #ite into my sho&lder as he released my hands. ' "rapped my arms aro&nd his head as ' #ent my o"n #a%k"ards "ith %losed eyes. ' #it my #ottom lip #et"een my teeth as an odd thrill "ent thro&gh me.“David,” he spoke against my #ody as his movements #e%ame more !l&id. ' !elt the "ord as it rippled a%ross my !lesh. “David,” he said !rom a little lo"er on my %hest. )is tong&e li%ked me a!ter his voi%e %a&sed my #ody to shiver &ne$pe%tedly. l!red,” ' moaned as ' my !ingers and hands messed "ith his hair #e!ore gra##ing it as he s&%ked, then #it one o! my nipples. “l!red+” ' %alled o&t as ' #o"ed my #ody &p into his.
It feels so different. How was he doing that?
' managed to ask mysel! #e!ore he li%ked and p&lled on my nipple at the same time again. “hh,” ' moaned into the room. “My name. Say my name,” l!red started to re(&est again "ith a lo&der voi%e as ' !elt my hands move "ith him as he no" li%ked his "ay a%ross my %hest. l!red,” ' said a little "eakly. ' no" !elt his thighs &nder mine again. )e "as slo"ly ro%king his penis alongside my o"n. he "hole area !elt sli%k and "arm. ' started to tingle inside my g&t every time ' !elt his #alls #r&sh the #ase o! my %o%k. “l!red,” ' said a little lo&der. “es,” l!red all #&t %ooed as he !o&nd my other nipple. ' !elt the tip o! his tong&e as it %ir%led in %loser to it. l,” ' said "hen ' !elt that he "as taking too long and his hips "ere no" a%tively p&shing my straining %o%k #a%k &nto my stoma%h. hen things %hanged. )is thighs moved !or"ard p&shing my legs #a%k a #it more. )e rea%hed !or my hands and held them at my side #e!ore he slid his hands &p to my sho&lders "here he displayed an impressive grip as he held me in pla%e. )is grinding and sliding got more intense as they %overed ne" gro&nd. )e no" had a%%ess to that tight area #ehind my #alls and my no" "anting, a%hing ass hole. hat tingling that ' !elt not that long ago "as gro"ing and ' tried to move my #ody along "ith his, #&t he laid his "eight on me and as m&%h ' "anted to move, the sheets that st&%k to my #a%k made s&re that ' didn*t.hat "et slip and side area that "as &st in my %rot%h, no" e$panded lo"er "ith l!red*s moments. )e &sed my sho&lders as lavage as #e moved do"n to r&# his #alls and hal! his %o%k over my hole #e!ore sliding #a%k &p along side my o"n.l!red,” ' groaned. ' #ent my arms at the el#o"s and ' "as a#le to hold the sides o! his !a%e as he traveled &p and do"n my #ody. “l!red,” ' said lo&der as my #alls started to !eel tight and ' !elt them moving in, %loser to my #ody. ' tho&ght that ' "as going to %ome as he slid do"n me again, #&t he !o&nd a "ay to make me interested in, and needing to #e !&%ked more than &st to simply %ome.
“/h l,” ' %ried o&t as !irst his #alls r&##ed aro&nd my hole, adding sli%k pre-%&m to my entran%e, and as his lips le!t hi%kies along my torso #e!ore his tong&e dipped in and o&t o! my navel. 0o" ' "anted to !eel his %o%k in me. l!red. l!red. l!red,” ' said over and over again. ' didn*t kno" i! ' "as really doing it mysel!, or i! it "as &st my #ody telling &s #oth, #&t ' !elt my hole as it opened and %losed repeatedly. ike it "as trying to rea%h !or something that it kne" "as %lose #y. Sooner than ' e$pe%ted, ' !elt something enter me. 't "as a !inger, and then t"o and then, “/h l,” a third sli%k one p&shed in. My #a%k ar%hed &p o!! the #ed and ' li!ted l!red "ith me in the movement #e!ore the !eeling o! his hand hitting into me again and again #ro&ght me #a%k do"n.
This is almost good enough,
 ' started to tell mysel! as my hole "as repeatedly stret%hed. hen it "as gone. ' opened my eyes at the s&dden lost and sa" l!red on his hands and knees over me. )e "as still p&shing my legs &p and open "ith his o"n, #&t he had his hands on either side o! my %hest as he looked do"n at me. ' hadn*t a %l&e "hat he "as thinking as ' looked &p into his his !a%e. l!red2” ' asked him as ' started to raise a hand &p to to&%h his %heek. )e stayed still &ntil my !ingers to&%hed his skin, then he %aved in on me and %overed my lips "ith his. My mo&th never re%eived a %han%e to %lose so ' "as open to the invasion o! his tong&e that dipped past my lips right a"ay. “3&%k me,” ' hal! pleaded "hen o&r lips parted. )e %o%k "as on%e again tort&ring my o"n as he stroked &p a !ire "ith o&r t"o #odies providing the !ri%tion and heat. “l!red, please !&%k me,” ' #egged him #e!ore his mo&th %overed mine again. 4e kissed as "e p&shed #a%k against the other*s #ody. My #a%k ar%hed and his #ody #o"ed. ' "as a#o&t to give &p "hen he slides do"n, #raking o&r kiss again. 3or !o&r strokes ' !elt "et !ingers in me again #e!ore the #roader, almost hot head o! his %o%k repla%ed them at my opening. ' !elt l!red*s hands on my hips as he started to p&sh himsel! inside. hen they "ere at my "aist. s "e #oth voi%ed a lo" long moan, ' !elt his !ingers gripping my "rist. )e p&shed in more and his #ody %overed mine as his nails #it slightly into the skin aro&nd my el#o"s. s he !&lly and !inally seated himsel! inside me, his palms held my sho&lders "ith his arms &nder mine and he stopped moving. ' heard his #reathing. ' !elt his %hest as it e$panded to &sed the air, #&t l!red himsel! didn*t move. )e &st laid over me, "ith his %heek pressed against mine as he held me %lose. “Say my name,” he "hispered into my ear again. “Say my name David,” he said a little lo&der #e!ore he lo"ered his head to my %hest and ' !elt his teeth as they "ere raked a%ross a nipple. hh, l!red,” ' groaned. )e p&lled o&t and p&shed #a%k in. “gain,” he told me.“l!red,” ' ans"ered him. )e p&lled o&t and p&shed #a%k in. “gain,” he said a little lo&der as he raised his head &p to look into my !a%e. “l!red,” ' said as ' looked #a%k at him. My voi%e "as only hal! as lo&d as his had gotten, #&t ' kne" he heard me. ' leaned &p a little and %a&ght his lips "ith mine and "e kissed as he started to !&%k me, #&t the kiss "as short lived. )e p&lled a"ay as his started to move !aster. )e %ontin&ed to look at me, #&t he didn*t say anything this time. ' "rapped my legs aro&nd him the #est ' %o&ld. ' ro%ked my ass #a%k into this groin as he %ame in to meet it. ' #it

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