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Rep Assembly 12:4

Rep Assembly 12:4

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Published by LoganMcDonald

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Published by: LoganMcDonald on Jan 07, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Representative Assembly Meeting Meeting Minutes Fall 2013
 December 4, 2013 STCN 130 at 6:00 p.m.
Call to Order
Mallory calls the meeting to order at 6:00 PM
Roll Call (initial on the line)
Eric Chalmers, President _________ Mallory Barnes, Executive Vice President _________ Bharat Bhojwani, Vice President of Finance _________ Brady Carlson, Vice President of University Affairs _________ Dominic Ortiz, Senior Representative _________ Raquel Davalos, Junior Representative _________ Samantha Marshall, Sophomore Representative_________ Austin Kawano, At-Large Representative _________ Haley Bayuga Graff, At-Large Representative _________ Clark Huey, Multicultural Representative _________ Tanary Gomez, Commuter Representative
 Phat Nguyen, Transfer Representative _________  Nora Almunif, International Representative _________ Brandon Moak, Students with Disabilities Representative
Kristen James, Athletic Representative
Meggie Green, Freshman Representative _________ Karen Gallo, Non-Traditional Representative _________ Owen Goetze, Freshman Representative _________  Nicole Robison, Advisor _________
Approval of the Minutes
 Motion passes to approve the minutes with absentia from Representative Gomez,  Representative James, and VP UA Carlson
Public Comment
 Eliza, Tobacco Free Campus Committee
Tobacco free campus committee member -
Exploring the impacts of a tobacco free campus on campus in terms of health and social justice benefits -
Urges to pass the resolution which moves the issue in a legitimate direction
Brings the issue to the forefront
Gives the resolution power and strength administratively
Guest Speakers
Old Business REPA 20130508 Elections Code (Mackenzie Hoffman) Action
Sec. of Elections Hoffman came with the items prepared to vote, reviewed by SGSU in prior weeks Items added of note: -
Elections commissions can now join social media groups -
SGSU members can now join all groups, but if they do must join the groups for all candidates -
Moving the International Representative election from the spring election to the fall election, proposed to also move the transfer position from the spring to the fall
The official change would not happen until next fall and would have to be voted on by the student body -
A candidate can have up to two administrators for all of the candidates campaign related NetTools, so long as the material published on these sites follow all other SGSU Elections code guidelines. If anything is deemed not in compliance, it is the candidate who will suffer consequences. -
Current members of SGSU cannot publically endorse any candidate. Current SGSU members may join social networking sites, but must join all the groups. -
The Sec. of Elections will be selected before the Spring Elections prior to his/her term of office and function as an elections commissioner during the Spring Elections.
Grammatical changes made by Representative Huey and Sec. of Elections Hoffman
 EVP Barnes seeks a motion to approve the elections code with all of the changes  Representative Ortiz moves the motion  Representative Huey seconds the motion The motion passes unanimously with absentia from Representative Gomez
REPA 20131106 CSD Petition (Brandon Moak) Discussion
Petition Initiative background: students can get the campus involved in their cause directly, create the petition, gather signatures, and put the petition forth to the administration -
Felt necessary to run a test of the initiative, a pilot for the program -
The Coalition for Students with Disabilities is going to run the first test, but a lot of questions came up even in the initial test with the initial petitioners being involved from the beginning to the end -
The CSD went forward with crafting the language, the CSD will own the idea and in the beginning it will have little to do with SGSU, but because the pilot is through an SGSU initiative, it is important to keep the assembly aware -
 Narrowing down the ‘asks’: one new hire in the disabilities services office, there is
only one full time staff at the time -
Our peer institutions serve half as many students with five full time staff -
There are a lot of wants: space, staff, and support; -
But the goal for the CSD now is
new hire and ‘student advocate’ to care less for the administrator role but
 helping people with advocacy and
Staff and faculty training and campus education -
The petition goes through status quo, statistics, and ‘wants’ or ‘needs’ and is not up
for edits from SGSU but is currently being editing by CSD
 Representative Huey (POI):
 Are you a member of the organization?
 Representative Moak:
 I am, but I do not have an officer role.
 Representative Moak:
 At some point, will SGSU be called to vote on this an action item?
 Representative Goetze:
We’re working on it, but if SGSU is
 going to support it we will call a vote. Along with the petition, it would be great to have a positive SGSU vote as well.
 Representative Marshall:
Would the new faculty member be picking up on any of Rich’s
 Representative Moak:
 Someone came to
me and said ‘at this point, we need five more faculty members,’ but now we are just working on loose ends and things that are
 just not getting done and things that take Rich away from the more administrative stuff.
New Business
 EVP Barnes seeks a motion
to add “Senior Week Budget” to the agenda after the CAPs
 Forum item as an Action item  Representative Almunif moves the motion  Representative Bayuga Graff seconds the motion The motion passes unanimously with absentia from Representative Gomez
 President Chalmers seeks a motion to add “The Quarterly Report” to the agenda after “Senior Week Budget” as a discussion item
  Raquel moves the motion  Representative Ortiz seconds the motion The motion passes unanimously with absentia from Representative Gomez and James
REPA 20131204 TFCEC Resolution (Austin Kawano) Action
Open to changes and comments -
EVP Barnes makes grammatical changes
 Representative Gallo:
 Who is going to enforce this? As we saw with the trial, the public safety is not going to enforce this.
 Representative Kawano:
 Right now this is just a directional resolution, not really a support of a tobacco free campus. There is no enforcement tie in so far, but depending on the future that could be explored further
 Representative Marshall:
Right now it’s just a clear direction for moving forward.
 President Chalmers:
 Does anyone need a quick summarization of this resolution?
 Representative Ortiz:
I didn’t see, if the community decided to pass it, how would it be
 Representative Kawano:
 We are still discussing with public safety and researching this.

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