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starting star chapter 26

starting star chapter 26



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Published by Winterfred
sorry this took me FOREVER to put online.
Mathiw gets a visit....
sorry this took me FOREVER to put online.
Mathiw gets a visit....

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Published by: Winterfred on Sep 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 26 That's why 
It's been 10 weeks since I was told I was pregnant, but Ihave had no reactions to it. I feel no changes in my body, nor anything else. I feel as normal as a girl who has a vampireboyfriend can be. I was setting in Richerd's room on the bed.There was nothing on T.V. so I picked up a random book Isaw on Richerd's book shelf. It looked new compared to theother books. It is a pretty bluish color, which made it standout. I opened it. The first page read June 16 ,1973. Thislooks like a dairy of some sort. I skipped that page trying tosee if that was the only page that was written in. The bookwas filed with writing. I put the book on a random page andcouldn't help myself but to read. Ir read . . .July 26, 1973I have been feeling worst than ever. My deranged unrulyemotions have almost became unmanageable. For somereason I've been . . . . well, even I don't know how I've been.Just a day or so ago I almost killed this human. It was for agood reason, but I remember being able to contain myself when being forced to handle something like that. I think I'mgoing slowly going crazy. I've been feeling more and moreprotective of my dear Jenny. That's a good thing, but I amoverly protective.I have been feeling an urge for human blood. Not Jenny's . .. never would I think of her in that way . . . but the taste of human blood is something that has been teasing me lately.Again, I think I am slowly going crazy. I have been gettingticked off by the smallest of things. I got in a fight withMathiw today. . . . there has to be something wrong with me.
Maybe stressMaybe lots of stress is what's slowly tearing me apart. I needhelp from somewhere . . . .somehow . . .From your turelyRicherd King DavisI closed the book, not wanting to read anymore of it. I didn'tknow Richerd felt this way. I looked up, and Richerd sittingright beside me. I didn't know he was there."Richerd, I-""It's ok. You can read anything of mines. I have no secrets",he said."But that seemed personal. I shouldn't of read that. I'm sor-""You don't have to be. I've been wanting to talk with youanyway", he said. "I have been a little off. I'm sure you havenotice that somehow I am getting worst. My emotions havewent crazy. They are slipping into my ability. If I got angryenough, I could cause a city black out. I just want you to tellme when I'm getting too angry, so I can calm myself downbefore I injurer anyone", Richerd said. I was speechless.Right before I could open my mouth to say something Willamcalled for us."Richerd, Jenny, can I meet with you please", I heard himsay from downstairs. Richerd and I walked to meet him, tosee what he wanted."Richerd, I know what's wrong with you", Willam said beforeeither of us could sit down."Well, what", Richerd asked."She's pregnant. Her smell is making you emotionalunbalanced. I thought you knew that would happen", Willamsaid. Who would of thought that."Thank god. I thought I was going crazy. William Why didn'tyou tell me this before", Richerd asked. There was a little bitof happiness in voice, which made me smile.
"I thought you knew. Sorr-", both of there heads went up.They seemed to have caught something's sent.....Mathiw came running in the room. His face showed fear,pure fear."William, it's my father", Mathiw said. Fear covered his voice.Why in the world would Mathew's father come now.
Mathiw's point of view 
I smelled father . .. my father. I am so happy Taylor, mysister, is gone. If she was here she would be in so muchtrouble. My father would kill anyone who had to do with mebeing
, who made me into the man I am today. I wonder if William is in any danger, he is my Dad now. Would he feelany hate against him. Most likely yes. He would kill everyoneI'm involved with.I heard him come to the door. He walked heavy for avampire. At least, I think he's a vampire. He burst throughthe door at great speed. I couldn't help but to coward a little."Mathiw. Get you ass over here", was the first words hechoose to say to me. That's like him."No, I'm not going anywhere with you", I refused. This is oneof the few times I refused him. I still remember the first time Irefused to go with him. He nearly killed me when he got ahold of me. I hope he doesn't try to do that again.He looked at William with as much anger as he just looked atme with."You must be his so called "Dad"", he quoted me. How didhe know I call William "dad"?"I am, and you must be his birth father", I never heardWilliam sould like he was purely disgusted before, so this isa first."Mathiw, come on", he called me as if I was that little kid Iwas when he could control me. Well, I'm not."Charles", I called him by his first name, which is another first. I always called him "father". "I will not leave with you. I

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