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aamil s laws

aamil s laws

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Published by: sunni (aamil) spiritual healer on Jan 08, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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UntitledTrend Posting | Hollywood Movies, Free Books, Hollywood Review, Bollywood reviewsExplore the latest online trends and share it to your community and you can watch Trend Posting | trend Hollywood Movies, trendy Free Books, trend Hollywood Review, Bollywood reviews trend, sports and free videos Home Sexy Girls of USA Free Books Funny VideosTuesday, February 12, 2013The Laws of AmalyaatChapter 1- The Laws of AmalyaatBefore we begin an in-depth study of Amalyaat it is essential to get the basic factsright. The stronger we lay down the foundation the stronger will our edifice be. Here are some of the requirements that need to be fulfilled for becoming a successful Amil:First and foremost, an amil should be methodical in his approach. Only then will he be able to perform an Amal successfully. Any type of carelessness can do more harm than good. For ex: some amils write down a taweez or amulet inaccurately. This leadsto a lot of trouble and the Amal also gets defamed unnecessarily due to the negligence of the Amil himself.Prayers and Amals have a lot of power in them. However, this power can be retained only through halaal earnings (earnings that are allowed by islam) and full concentration on the aim of the Amal. Without these two, no Amal can be successful. Haraam or sinful earnings are as repulsive as eating shit. So if a person who eats shit tries doing an Amal then it goes without saying that he may not achieve any success.To make his amil more powerful an amil has to abstain from eating the following foods during the Amal:MeatFishEggsAubergines or brinjalGarlicOnionsTotal abstinence from the above-mentioned foods makes the Amal more powerful.It is essential to perform an Amal in the same house, on the same Jaanamaz and in the same place in the house. The house, the specific place in the house and the jaanamaz on which the Amal is performed on the first day should remain unaltered throughout the Amal.It is considered to be more beneficial to start an Amal within the first 10 days of a month than the last days.Before an amil sits down to perform an Amal it is of utmost importance to do a hissar, i.e. a protective ring which is made by drawing an imaginary circle around oneself after reading some specific prayers. A hissar provides complete security to an amil. Even the strongest evil forces cannot break through the hissar to harm the amil.Page 1
UntitledAfter paying zakaat (charity) for an Amal the Amal should be repeated 3,4 or 8 timesdaily to keep the Amal going strong.An amil should be a strict follower of Islam. If he finds that he is contravening the Quranic injunctions in any way then he should try to mend his ways.There should be moderation in eating, sleeping and talking. An amil should totally abstain from telling lies, using foul language and singing songs. Telling lies can reduce the power of an amil. So when an amil is weak himself so his Amal cannot be powerful either.An amil should be a follower of the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).Rahmani Amal is done within the purview of Islam, a religion which shows us the way of righteousness. So it would be quite contradictory to use or rather to misuse the noble Rahmani Amal to achieve some evil purpose in life. If an amil ever does this mistake of misusing Rahmani Amal then there is a chance of rajat or a punishment meted out to the amil by the moakkils. The moakkils can either kill such a person orthey may drive him insane. The impact of rajat is long lasting and it can be reversed only by an Amil-Kamil. Otherwise, such a person will end up wandering in the lanes like some insane people do. For ex: A guy named Arshad meets a girl in hiscollege and falls for her. He wants to bed her and so he performs Rahmani Amal so that the girl readily agrees for consensual sex with him. In such a case, the amil is doing a gross misuse of the Rahmani Amal and he may have to face drastic consequences by earning the wrath of the moakkils. If the Rahmani Amal is not misused then the moakkils will never get annoyed. Instead, they are quite pleased with such virtuous amils. If Arshad had tried to perform Rahmani Amal to get marriedto that girl then the moakkils would have appreciated his intentions. They would have made the girl crazy about him and would have brought her at his feet.Punctuality in offering namaz with the jamaat is essential. If there is some qaza (missed) namaz then it should be completed before you start doing an Amal.A proud or arrogant person can never become a good amil. According to Majid Rahmat- ullah there is no such vice as detestable as pride.An amil should also abstain from feelings of envy. Huzoor (SAW) has said that “Abstain from envy because envy can eat up a person’s virtues just like fire eats upwood or grass”.In the present times when people perform an amal their minds are filled with doubts about whether the amal would be successful or not, whether the amal would prove to be beneficial to them or not or whether the amal is powerful enough or not? To avoidthese doubts it is essential to have a strong faith. In the bygone era when the Sahaaba Akraam (the companions of Huzur, peace be on him) used to do pray to Allah their prayers were heard instantly. So whereas even a simple prayer done by the Sahaaba Akraam used have a lot of effectiveness, today we find that all sorts of Chilla, amals etc are not even half as powerful. The reason being that the Sahaaba Akraam had immense and unflinching faith in Allah. They had devoted their whole lifein following the tenets of Islam and praying. They had total trust in Allah. They followed the path shown by Huzur (SAW) and conquered their own worldly desires so that they could come nearer to Allah and please him. So it is not surprising that Allah would hear their prayers. For ex: if we need light we switch on a tube light or bulb and the room gets illuminated because there is electricity connection in ourwiring. However, if we have all the wiring systems intact but we do not have any connection with the main power house that supplies electricity then we can never light a bulb. Similarly, if we do not have any direct link with Allah the almighty, then our prayers will also have no power. So in order to become a successful amil itis essential for a muslim to be a true follower of Islam.An amil should abstain from things such as tobacco, hookah, cigarette, onions etc that emanate a foul smell. When even human beings can get repulsed by a cigarette smoker then you can well imagine how much trouble it would cause to the chaste Page 2
Untitledmoakkils. If the moakkils find that there is a bad smell emanating from the mouth ofan amil then they will leave that person. They will never obey such a man and would try to avoid him. So such an amil can never get any success. Huzur (SAW) had instructed people not to visit a mosque after eating raw onions. He had said that the strong odour of the onions can cause inconvenience to the Malaakiah. So you can imagine that how much trouble it would cause to the moakkils.It is essential for an amil to stay away from intoxicating substances such as wine, whisky, brandy, rum, scotch, beer, cocaine, marijuana, betel leaves or paan etc.Before commencing an amal it is compulsory for an amil to ask for forgiveness from Allah in a humble and sincere way. When a teary-eyed amil pleads for forgiveness than Allah forgives his sins. Then the negative energies of sins around the amil getdispersed and make way for the amal to become successful.Since evil energies cannot stand purity so an amil should try to remain paak (with wadhoo) all the time. Moreover the moakkils would appreciate a hygienic person also.There is much truth in the sayings that “Pakeezgi (hygiene) nisf Iman hai” or “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Taking a bath should be made a part of one’s daily routine.Use a pleasant smelling ittar but avoid perfumes. This is because perfumes have alcohol, which is made by an impure process whereas muslims are supposed to have paak clothes on, especially during Salaah or namaz.One should avoid talking with others during the amal. If there is something urgent that needs to be discussed then an amil should jot it down on paper.An amil should ensure that while he is writing a taweez or doing an amal, unhygienicor napaak women or men should not come close to that place. Otherwise the moakkils can get annoyed.While writing a taweez or doing an amal the amil should be paak/clean because this is Rahmani amal. Only the sifli magic practitioners remain deliberately unhygienic during the evil amal. In Rahmani amal, each naqsh or word has a moakkil at its command. However, if the amil is not paak then the moakkils will not obey him.An amil should read the prayers during the amal in an audible voice. This is becauseduring an amal, the moakkils come and stand near the amil. Hence the volume of the amil should be at least a little high so that the moakkils can easily understand what the amil wants them to do for him and then obey him.It is obligatory on the part of an amil to check the paper that he uses for writing a taweez, thoroughly. The paper should be absolutely clean and white with no other word or lines on it. So it is better to check it in sunlight otherwise if an amil uses a paper with some words/lines on it then the taweez can cause harm.Before starting an amal remove any picture that is hanging on the walls or if you there is a dog around then he should also be kept away. The television should also be switched off because it also has pictures of human beings. If there are pictures hanging on the walls or dogs in the same house then the moakkils will never enter that house.The charity or zakaat of the Hurf Taaji* (to be explained in the subsequent chapter)should be given before starting an amal. This is the first step towards making an amal successful. If it is not fulfilled then the result can never be good. For thosewho pay this zakaat their amal becomes very powerful because all the moakkils who work behind each huruf/word obey quickly.An amil should have some knowledge of astrology so that he can find out the right time for doing an amal. When we take medicines we have to stick to a pattern such asthrice daily or once in the morning and once at night. If a person does not follow the directions of the doctor regarding the time schedule then the medicine may causePage 3

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