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UNV Cambodia - Inspiration in Action Newsletter #3

UNV Cambodia - Inspiration in Action Newsletter #3

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Third and last issue in 2013 of the UNV Cambodia Newsletter. A special highlight is given to IVD Celebrations, during which over 750 volunteers from all over the country gathered on 5th December in Phnom Penh.
Third and last issue in 2013 of the UNV Cambodia Newsletter. A special highlight is given to IVD Celebrations, during which over 750 volunteers from all over the country gathered on 5th December in Phnom Penh.

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Published by: United Nations Volunteers on Jan 08, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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R :
I  A N # 3
Phnom Penh, December 2013
In this issue:
Tnsfming fm GdTGe
I V D
Dear all,
With this third and last issue in 2013 of the UNV Cambodia Newsleer, we would like to wish you all the best for the New Year! It has been a busy year, lled with excing events, new team members and a lot of achievements  from UN Volunteers in Cambodia, some of which are presented in this issue.  A special highlight is given to IVD Celebraons, during which over 750 volunteers from all over the country gathered on 5th December in Phnom Penh. The objecve of the celebraons was to recognize the contribuons that volunteers make to Cambodia’s development. With this in mind, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you,  for your great work and accomplishments this year. We hope that 2014 will bring you all a lot of success in your professional and personal lives, and rst and foremost happiness! 
Happy reading and we will be back in the New Year! 
Your UNV Field Unit 
UNV F T
A F I
D ’   
H N Y 2014!
C V R M
A R F I
D S  B  B
F C  G
V  J Y  UNV
UNV F T  Y S
W   UN V
N O
K C
S   J
„Volunteerism is a two way street.
Even as volunteers help generate posive change for others, their own lives are oen transformed by the act of volunteering itself,“ said UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in his message on the occasion of Internaonal Volunteer Day.
On 5th of December, the volunteer community in Cambodia together with volunteers all over the world celebrated the Internaonal Volunteer Day. On that day, over 750 young volunteers aended the 3
 Naonal Forum on Volunteerism and IVD fair organized in Phnom Penh by the Naonal Commiee for Promong Volunteerism under the leadership of the Ministry of Educaon, Youth & Sport.
discssin n skills develpmen nd inecll lening g vlneeism. Yng vlnees wee especilly ineesed in e infmn b e ASEAN Y Vlnee pgmme, pesened by Pf. D' D. Sn K Gill, Execve Diec f AYVP@AsiEngge, nd ppnies  vlnee bd nd gin inennl expeience.
Te Nnl Fm inclded  pesenn b
svey by UNV Inen Pee Pix, wic sessed e impnce f geing vices fm ll ve e wld in de  cee e new Ps
2015 develpmen gend. Mny pcipns sed e ppniy  ve nd cse ei piies in e svey ig ding e even.
Ding e IVD fi, pcipns d e ppniy  clsely engge wi epesenves f me n en nnl nd inennl vlnee invlving gnizns, membes f
,  lk  expeienced vlnees nd nd  me b benes f vlneeing nd is ge impc. Vlnees cld enjy pefmnces by lcl dnce gp sppng cilden edcn Tiny Tnes nd e evening ws cnclded by  cnce f K Tlk bnd.
IVD pepns nd e willingness by ll skeldes  ecgnize vlnees css Cmbdi wee spped by  lnc f  nnwide cmpign,
Te ppse f is cmpign is  ennce e ecgnin f vlnees nd pvide em wi  spce  se ei sies nd becme psive le
mdels f ei pees nd in ei cmmnies. Wi e dieen pices eceived, e UNV FU ceed  „fce mp“ f vlnees in Cmbdi. Ding IVD celebns, pcipns wee encged  jin is cmpign nd se ei sy, pice nd vide.
Ceng psive le
mdels f y in Cmbdi is vey impn nd eefe e celebns wee eld nde e m “Be  le mdel, be  vlnee!” in line wi e glbl eme is ye: “Yng. Glbl. Acve.” Te ppse f b evens ws  ecgnize e d wk f vlnees ll ve Cmbdi, demnse e benes f vlneeism  e sciey s wle s well s  individl vlnees.
Te 3d Nnl Fm n Vlneeism imed  mvng pcipns  engge me in ei cmmnies nd pvide infmn b dieen ppnies in Cmbdi nd bd. In is pening speec D. Mc Deveew fm UNFPA sessed e impnce f vlnees f e sciey: “We ecgnize  yng vlnees e deliveing cicl sevices: ey elp  keep  envinmen clen, mny vlnees in Cmbdi e ing, ecing, mening, ccing nd elping ei pees, sme eldely,  disdvnged gps,  bn p in Cmbdi dy e ving  bee life becse f e wk f vlnees. “
Micelle Vizzd, Fis Secey f Develpmen Cpen f e Aslin Embssy igliged e signicnce f vlneeism, wic cld ls be  sepping sne in pfessinl cee: „I ve been  vlnee b in Asli nd inennlly nd I cedi  expeience wi elping me  gin e psin I ld dy.”
Ding e sessins wi epesenves f e pive sec nd e ASEAN Y Vlnee Pgmme, e y d n ppniy  engge wi seni s f inspinl
C   
IVD 2013
 3rd National Forum on Volunteerism, Phnom Penh ,Photo: Veronika Jemelikova, UNV Cambodia, December 2013
UN Volunteer Jan Naplava from Czech Republic on IVD Fair, Phnom Penh,
Photo: JiriPasz, Cambodia, December 2013
Celebrations of IVD 2013 in Cambodia, Photo: Jiri Pasz, 5th December 2013
 3rd National Forum on Volunteerism, Phnom Penh ,Photo: Veronika Jemelikova, UNV Cambodia, December 2013
 3rd National Forum on Volunteerism, Phnom Penh ,Photo: Veronika Jemelikova, UNV Cambodia, December 2013
Understanding the environment
, isks nd fcs csing fd inseciy is ccil f wk f Wld Fd Pgmme. In 2008  cmpeensive nn
wide sdy eveled  1, 7 millin peple in Cmbdi e fd insece. Rl es e me eced s me n 90 pecen f e fd insece selds live in l es. In de  ddess is pblem nd enble eecve inevenns cmbng fd inseciy, WFP mnis fd pices nd wge es f nskilled lb n  mnly bsis. I ims  idenfy cnges nd ends in e fd pcsing pwe f vlneble selds. . Tese belng  e min espnsibilies f UN Vlnee Rksn Rjbv, w wks in WFP s Pgmme Oce in e Vlnebiliy Anlysis nd Mpping ni. Rksn is iginlly fm Tjikisn nd se spen 5 yes wking f FAO nd UNDP ls n e Afgn
Tjik bde, n ne f e esies wk lcns. B mny mes se nds e fd seciy sin in Cmbdi depessing: “In Pnm Pen e pblems e less visible, b ging  e eld is vey cllenging,” se descibes. “We cndced  svey mng p selds b fd cnsmpn. We wee sking qesns like ´Wen did y e ls me´,  ´W e y ms fid f´ nd mny f e peple cied, wen sked b ei sin. Seeing peple in sc d cndins is vey dicl. Sme f em e wice  dy nly  bi f ice nd mybe  smll s,” Rksn ses e expeience wi vlneble cmmnies. Te pblem f fd inseciy s  deep impc n e demgpic f p es. “Ms f e selds ve ne  w fmily membes s mign wkes in neigbing cnies, b even wi e eminces sen me i is d f e fmilies  ge by. Tee wee ls cses f peple ging bd  nd wk nd disppeing.” Rksn eclls sd sies, wic sme fmilies sed wi e.
Predicting food insecurity
Evey mn WFP, jinly wi e Minisy f Agicle, Fesy nd Fiseies, pblises Cmbdi fd pice nd wge bllen. Te ppse f e mnly bllen is  esme e pcsing pwe f vlneble selds.“ Tis infmn is ccil in pedicng incesed vlnebiliy nd ising fd inseciy in Cmbdi nd ls llws WFP  qickly nd pecisely ge e ms vlneble es.” Rksn explins.
“We cllec fd pices s well s pice f nskilled lb wge n mnly bses in 21 lcl mkes in 11 pvinces.” Rksn descibes e exensive sks f e em. “Fd mnis cllec fd pices ec mn fm xed des  minimize cn. I, myself g  cllec pices  Kndl pvince, wic llws me  ge sense f e mke nd evle cceness f d,” Rksn descibes wk in e em.Rice nd wges e n e nly iems e WFP em eseces, e pices f e 5 ms cmmnly cnsmed sples f mniing eil pice f fd cmmdiy.
Unskilled wage dependent on seasonality
Unskilled wge is min sce f incme f mny p fmilies. In Cmbdi ee e cple f mj es f nskilled emplymen –gicle, cnscn nd fcies. “Te nskilled wge e in Cmbdi cnges  l bsed n sesnliy. Ding iny sesn ppnies f cnscn wk deceses, negvely ecng demnd f nskilled lb in e eld.. Ding e lnd pepn nd vesng sesn e demnd f gicll nskilled lb inceses.” Rksn explins nd dds  e penmenn f bn fcies nd incesing nmbes f wkes emplyed in em cnges e disibn f lb: “Tis si my be explined by peceived sbiliy f fcy wk cmped  sesnl gicll wk. Tis cses lck f lb in gicle, leding  incesing e wges  c me wkes bck  l es.” “In de  ddess bee needs f vlneble cmmnies, WFP s w cs nsfe pgms: cs sclsips nd pdcve sses nd livelid spp, wee elecnic cs nsfes e deliveed g  mic
nnce insn  fd insece selds nd geed vlneble gp, feeding se peple nble  pcipe in e cvies becse f pysicl nd scil incpciy,” cncldes Rksn.
A R F I
F   
1, 7 million  people in Cambodia are food insecure.
Collection of data on local Market. Photo: WFP, 2013
UNV Rukhshona Rajabova during collection of data on local Market. Photo: Archive of Rukhshona Rajabova

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