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Issue 15

Issue 15

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Published by Grant Mullen

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Published by: Grant Mullen on Sep 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Information Technology Solutions
iCOACH Tasmania Newsletter
Grantos Speaks:“When you were younger youbelieved in Santa and Santacame. What do you believe innow? What comes to you as aresult of that?”
There was an ice cream shop on the cornerof the small town where he grew up. Thekind of shop that every kid in town would loveto go into. He spent his summers lookingthrough the window at all of the flavours,wondering what they would taste like, lookingat all of the other kids from town enjoyingtheir ice cream. He would go home each day,feeling more and more like he was missingout. His father would ask him what kind ofday he had, truly interested in how his boywhom he loved, was doing. “Fine, I had anok day I guess” was the response he wouldnormally get. Both of them feeling more andmore disconnected as the days went on.Now it is not as if this boy didn’t have mates,he had some close friends, one or two that hewould confide in, the kind of friends that were just like he was. They liked the same things,they had the same opinions on things, theyfelt really comfortable together, no onechallenged them, no one even really noticedthem, they just coasted along, not making aripple not making a fuss.It was a really hot day this one day, the oldice cream shop was doing a roaring trade. Itseemed that every kid in town had an icecream in their hand.He and his mates had devised a way to getwhat they wanted. They were going to takeone.They saw another young kid who wassmaller than them go into the shop. Theyknew that he had no older brothers, sothey were safe. They waited until this kidwas just in the right spot and, like a packof animals, circled around him andintimidated him into giving up the icecream. They didn’t kick or punch the boy,they just did enough to make him give upwhat was his. And enough to upset him.That night when he got home, his fatheragain asked him how his day was.The usual response did not cut it this time,you see the father had not only heardwhat had happened that day, but hadseen for himself.The boy became very upset that he wasfound out, very upset that he waschallenged and retreated from his father.He got louder and louder, angrier andangrier as the father remained calm,attempting to talk with the boy.“You would NEVER let me have an icecream” shouted the boy “That is why I didthis, it is YOUR entire fault, you made medo this”The father sat, stunned for a second ortwo and replied“You never asked me.”

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