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Lab Exam Gunshot

Lab Exam Gunshot

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Published by jumyran

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Published by: jumyran on Sep 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LABORATORY EXAMINATIONExamination DoneDateResultsNormal ValuesSignificance orRelevance toPatient’s Condition
UrinalysisTransparencyPus cellsRBCComplete Blood Count(CBC)RBC countDifferential countSegmentersEosinophilsApril 20, 2009May 1, 2009cloudy15-20many3.890.680.01Clear 0-80-54.60-5.200.55-0.650,02-0.05Roentgenological Report: April 12, 2009Examination: Chest AP Supine / Abdomen Upright & SupineRoentgenological Findings:CHEST:
The lung fields are clear.
The cardiac shadowis not enlarged in its transverse diameter.
The aorta, diaphragm & other chest structures are unremarkable.*SUMMARY:Essentially normal chest findings.*ABDOMEN:A metallic object (bullet) is seen in the right hemiabdomen at the level between L1 & L2 vertebral bodies. No evidence of opaque calculus. No abnormal soft tissue mass.Gas-filled bowel loops noted with fecal residues in the colon.Suspicious “lucency” noted beneath the right hemidiaphragm (presence of air). No air-fluid levels in the upright film.The bony structures are unremarkable.Roentgenological Report: April 18, 2009Examination: Chest SupineRoentgenological Findings:
Re-examination of the chest taken April 18, 2009
The cardiac shadow is enlarged in this supine position with accentuation of the pulmonary vasculatures.
Hazed densities observed in both hilar-perihilar areas.

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