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Newsletter June 2009

Newsletter June 2009

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Published by cbartolic

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Published by: cbartolic on Sep 14, 2009
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Ontario Farm Fresh Marketing AssociationNewsletter #249
June/July 2009
 Volume 24, Number 6
Fresh Facts
Inside this issue:
Members News
Customer Database
Get some photos
Local Food Activitiesin NA
Just driving by
Petting Zoo Re-sources
Food Safety & Trace-ability Initiative
Upcoming Events
President’s Message……
OFFMA’s new facelift
My boys got me an iPod Nano for Mother’s Day. I am a bit technically challenged – I canGoogle with the best of them but when it comes to iPod’s, Blogging, and Facebook I feellike my grandmother when I used to help her set the time on her VCR! We live in a world ofconstantly changing technology and today a website is a key marketing tool for any farm.For the past several months OFFMA’s board has been working on a new website! Thecontent was there but it was in need of a face lift. Rhinoplasty is one of the most commontypes of cosmetic surgery. Small changes to a nose can make a big impact on appear-ance. For OFFMA we are hoping to draw consumers to an attractive, exciting site as wellas provide an excellent resource for our members. The new website was launched simulta-neously at Pingle’s Farm, OFFMA’s 2009 Outstanding Farm Market, and the Queen’s ParkFarmers’ Market Event on Tuesday, June 16
. I am excited about the new look and theinteractive virtual barn for consumers to find a farm near them. In the members section youcan navigate through upcoming events, download past studies in our research section, or-der resource material, view a past newsletter or post a question on our forum - just to namea few.For 6 weeks starting in mid-Juneand again in the fall, OFFMA has amarketing campaign with theWeather Network and we will beengaging article writers for newspa-pers and magazines to get the wordout – 
Get Fresh. Visit a Farm!
Amy StromOFFMA President
Providing knowledge and leadership to grow the farm fresh experience.
A great application tosend a tweet (one ortwo sentences of needto know informationabout your farm) toyour tweeps (someone following you on Twitter).People are being inundated with more informationand less time to process it all. Twitter is a great wayto send a brief action message to your tweeps.
Ex. ‘Strawberry season starts today!’ or ‘Nowbooking campfires for October.’
It is easy to addthis application to your website or e-mail signature.You can also become an OFFMA tweep for memberupdates. Go to
for moreinformation.
OFFMA’s New Web Site
We have refreshed the OFFMA web site to be more consumer friendly and accessible. It isnow positioned to be a gateway to all our members’ web sites and farms.Please take a minute to check the web site and make sure your information is correct andcurrent. You want to be sure that customers can find you.
Page 2 Fresh Facts
FOR SALE:Organic Stone Ground -Grains -Flours- CerealsGrass Roots Organics productsavailable to farm retailers. Wefarm organically near Owen Sound,Ontario and mill our grains intovarious products. We are alwayslooking for new customers to sellour products.grassrootsorganics.caContact: Sean McGivern, e-mail:seanmc4@hotmail.com or call519-794-4445
Ontario grown and processed pickled vege-tables from Sunshine Farms. No chemicalpreservatives or additives. Sunshine Farmslabels or use your own label. All Natural lineavailable as well as a line of Certified Or-ganic Pickled products. See them all atwww.picklesplease.ca .For info email: jj@ciaccess.com or phone519-692-4416.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Large supply of 8 QT FLATS @ 25 CENTSEACH available.Contact-Bert Andrews
Cell: 905-691-2672Farm: 905-878-5807 or e-mail:farm@AndrewsScenicAcres.com~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WANTED:
new wagon(s) for farmvisitors with flip down stairs tounload. Contact: “Maw” Walker at519-624-0085 or e-mail:adventurefarm@aol.com
As a member you can submit a classified ad at any time. It will also appear on line.
New Members....Ceciley ParkerWindreach FarmAshburn, ONAssociate MemberRick WootenLondon Ice Cream CompanyLondon, ON
Annual Potluck SocialTuesday, August 18atMapleton’s Organic DairyMoorefield, ON
- try your hand at farmer’s golf- tour the ice cream processingplant- learn more about CSA’s- visit the new educational barnIt will be a full day of fun andnetworking!!Get Fresh. Ask me how.T-shirts Re-order
If you didn’t get a chance to get your sup-ply of these colourful t-shirts, make sure you order NOW.Marigold yellow only,Front: Get Fresh. Ask me howBack: Get Fresh. Visit a farm.www.ontariofarmfresh.com$10 for short sleeved.Call the OFFMA office and let them knowwhat sizes you are looking for.
Harvest Ontario—2009 copies arebeing distributed
Harvest Ontario is once again being distrib-uted through Home Hardware storesacross the province. Make sure you pickone up soon.Steve Watt, publisher, has done an excel-lent job of presenting OFFMA membersand promoting the agri-tourism industry.As an OFFMA member, you will be featuredin the book with special OFFMA icons.
Send your farm stories and happen-ings to the OFFMA office, we willtweet about them on twitter and letall the followers know what is goingon.We also often get reporters phoningthe office, if we know what is hap-pening in your fields we can passthat information along.
The point here is that you should be con-stantly building an electronic customerdatabase and regularly and proactivelyusing it to inform, excite and sell to peo-ple who already know you and love you.Of course, you have to get people’s per-mission to send them stuff, but if you’reworth your salt and genuinely committedto helping people, they will want you intheir lives.The people who installed air conditioningin our cottage last Spring should havesent all of their customers an E-Bulletinlast Fall reminding us how to shut thesystem down and protect the compressorover the Winter. At the same time theycould have told us about their AnnualFurnace Maintenance service packagethat would improve fuel efficiency, com-fort and safety….but they didn’t.Now that Spring is here, they shouldhave sent us another E-Bulletin remind-ing us how to reactivate the air condition-ing, change the furnace filters and resetthe humidifier and heat exchanger. And,they could remind us that if we don’t haveall of those wonderful air managementgizmos, now would be a good time tolook into it…but they didn’t. They missedopportunity to add value, nurture relation-ships and increase sales.Here’s the simple, magic formula for suc-cessful E-Marketing…“Communicateregularly, inform a lot, help a lot, uplift alot…and while you’re at it…sell a little.”It’s easily done. I’m sitting in a beautifulhotel room in Barcelona, Spain writingthis and in a few days it will go out to youand thousands of other clients and fansaround the world…and some of you willrebook me. How neat is that?So, what are you going to do, startingpractically immediately, to use this won-derful gift of the internet and simple data-base technology to create customer“ownership”, grow your business andimprove your bottom line?
Page 3Newsletter #249
The internet is an incredible gift…you just have to use it. Whatever the size of your business, creating a complete and current customer database and then using it regularly and proactively to inform, add value, stay in touch with customers and prospects, is probably worth hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars on your bottom line, over time.And, when you go to sell your business some day, you’ll probably get twice as much for it, because you’ll have a health- ier bottom line and a proven, reachable and loyal clientele to sell to the new own- ers, along with the “bricks and mortar”.
In the past two weeks we’ve received threeE-newsletters from businesses that took thetrouble to add us to their database and thento create extraordinary offerings that wouldbe of interest to us…and we immediately didbusiness with two of them. And the very neatthing is that it cost them virtually nothing toreach us and to sell to us.The third business that sent us an E-Newsletter, the one that we didn’t immedi-ately do business with, is our favorite GardenCenter. The ground is still frozen in our cot-tage garden, but they sure got us thinkingand dreaming about planting. Here’s part ofthe uplifting and helpful information that theysent along to their database of gardeningenthusiasts…
TRENDWATCH: Color Trends for 2009
“HOPE” is the official color of 2009.Yellow is the color of hope, warmth, radiantoptimism, and positive energy.Yellow is the color of the sun…it uplifts andenergizes us.Michelle Obama's inauguration dress de-signer calls it lemongrass. Whatever youcall it, yellow in all shades from honey tolemon to sweet orange-yellow is hot thisyear.Look for yellow to show up on items every-where from home accents, to patio furnitureto the brilliant “going bananas” daylilies.You may or may not be a gardener…it does-n’t matter. I am, and it gets my juices going.
Do you have a customer database…and are you using it to addvalue, build relationships and grow your business?
This article first appeared in Donald Cooper’s newsletter but is very relevant for farm marketers. For more information about Donald, go to donaldcooper.com 

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