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Human Girl Rooming With 3 Vampire Boys

Human Girl Rooming With 3 Vampire Boys



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Published by vampiredemon
omg sharing a room with boys ...vampire boys no less .... i think i'll die
omg sharing a room with boys ...vampire boys no less .... i think i'll die

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Published by: vampiredemon on Sep 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Human Girl rooming with 3 Vampire Boys... Could it get any worse?Created by XxAlexandraxXChapter 1Im not going to tell you im excited. Because to tell you that, it would be a lie. I was dreading it to beexact. What was I dreading? My first day of school. Now your probably thinking, why are you dreadingyour first day of school so much? Well its quit simple. Im going to a new school. A boarding school if youwanted to be so specific. And not just any boarding school. An ALL BOYS boarding school. And now yourthinking, why would you go to an all boys boarding school if you're a girl? Well my grandfather owns theschool. And he offered me a free spot at the school. My parents are obsessed with money and jumped atthe opportunity to send me to a famous school. Free.So here I was, boarding the plane that would send me to my doom. I know. Im being a drama queen.But who wouldn't if they were in my position right now? I just hope that grandfather gives me my ownsuite. That would be cool. For some odd reason this school was located out in the middle of nowhere. Sowe of course, have to go on a private plane, for the students only. You can just imagine the looks on allthe boys faces when they saw a girl board the plane. I swear I saw three or four of them start drooling.Can you say EW? I even heard a few boys wolf whistle" man she's fucking hott" one of them said to their friendI felt my eye twitch. But ignored it. Wow. I didn't know I had so much self control. Normally I would turnaround and be like. If you have something to say, say it to my fucking face. Yeah. I have an attitudeproblem. So what?I silently sat down in an empty seat. The whole time the guys were staring at me. I felt so violated. Half the guys were practically undressing me with their eyes. I was so thankful when I sat down. I looked upand glared at any guy that looked me in the eyes. They quickly looked away. Smart boys. Of course thereis the few that wouldn't divert their eyes. Instead they winked or something of that sort. Me being meflicked them off with my manicured finger. They would smirk then. I hate those type of guys.
"you obviously don't enjoy the attention boys give you huh?"Someone saidI jumped in surprise and turned to see a boy about my age sitting beside me. That's what you call hot.Irolled my eyes," I don't mind guys attention. Just not that type of attention" I said" I see. My names Nate by the way"" Felicity"He held out his hand for me to shake. Which I did. His hand was freezing. I pulled back instantly and said"your hands are freezing"" yeah that tends to happen when your out in the cold" he saidWe both laughed at my stupidity." so what brings you here?" he asked" my grandfather owns the school" I said" your grandfather is the headmaster?""yup""cool""If you say so. . ."
"you don't want to be here do you?"" not particularly no"" not to sound rude, but why are you here then?"" my grandfather offered me a free spot at his school and my parents jumped atthe chance to get rid of me. They said it would be a great opportunity for me to mix with the oppositesex""oic"I didn't even know why I was telling him all this stuff. We just hit it off right away. He was like thebrother I never had." do you know who your roommates are?" he asked" no. I was hopping I would get my own suite"" we wouldn't have enough room for you to have your own suite. You would haveto share it with three other people"" but im a girl and the headmaster is my grandfather"" you might be lucky. Im sharing a room with two others. Aiden and Chaise. We have all been friendssince I can remember. Maybe you will get to share a room with us. We have room for one more person""that would be great. At least I would know someone" I said with a smileFor the whole three hours all we did was talk. I notice a lot of guys giving Nate dirty looks. It almost

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BryonyDuggan reviewed this
Rated 5/5
love but wish thr was mre
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12twilightfan added this note
please carry on it's a great story
Sandra Myrick added this note
Wow great story, but kinda annoying that you probably won't finish it.
Vaani added this note
wow..it's nice..pls do continue the story
Dishni Pannila added this note
what happens after this situation??
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Katie Thorson added this note
please finish i love it you need to write more and fast

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