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Published by: api-27070090 on Sep 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cert IV IT (Multimedia/Websites) Programming 2 Major AssignmentParty Toonz - Media Player and Database Library
Party Toonz
Media Player and Database Library
Due Date:
Tuesday November 24, 2009. 5:00 pm
Assessment weight:
“Party Toonz” is a small Karaoke/DJ business operating in pubs and at private functions. Due toincreasing demand, the business is upgrading its’ operations.
All of the music tracks used are currently on CD. For the DJ to play a music track, first the CDmust be selected, inserted into a player, played and then put away. This makes for a terribleturn around on the playing of music tracks.
You are to create a media player application, incorporating a database that will enable thebusiness to build a digital library of media tracks. This application will also allow browsing,managing and rapid playback of tracks in the library.
The application requirements are contained in the table below.
Application Requirements
Application Title: ‘Party Toonz’ Media PlayerPurpose:
This media player application allows the user to manage and utilize amedia file database via a graphical user interface (GUI).
Program Procedures:
From a Windows Desktop application, the user should be able to importmedia files to a database library for browsing and playback. The usershould also be able to manage the library.
Import media tracks and related file information from thelocal hard drive.2.
Display media tracks and related file information on theinterface.3.
Select, play, stop & pause media tracks.
Cert IV IT (Multimedia/Websites) Programming 2 Major AssignmentParty Toonz - Media Player and Database Library
Volume control.5.
Delete media tracks and related file information.6.
Edit track name and artist name.7.
Assign favorite media tracks to “Favorite” buttons for rapidplayback.8.
Clear and reassign “Favorite” button media tracks.9.
User “Favorites” written to a settings text file uponapplication exit.10.
Stored user “Favorites” restored to “Favorites” buttonsupon application load.
Notes & Restrictions:
Imported media tracks will need to be copied to a mediadirectory in the startup directory of the application.2.
Related file information includes track name, file name,album name and artist name.3.
Related file information should also include an albumartwork image file in JPG or GIF format. The file name of theartwork should be included with other file related informationin the database. The JPG or GIF file will need to be persistedto an album artwork directory in the startup directory of theapplication.4.
There should be a total of four(4) ‘Favorite’ buttons.5.
The following media file formats need to be supported:MP3, WMA, AVI, MIDI.6.
Existing business data accompany this requirementsdocument and should be included in the application asstandard. See ‘Existing Business Data’ table below.7.
The GUI should include standard menu items such as File,Exit, Help and About.8.
The application should display a branded splash screen atstart up.9.
Help documentation should be available from the interfacein PDF format.10.
The application should be published.
Cert IV IT (Multimedia/Websites) Programming 2 Major AssignmentParty Toonz - Media Player and Database Library
Assessment criteria
Mark allocation: 50%Interface:Functionality clearly labeled.Display of track and related file information.Correct use of controls and objects.Adherence to control naming conventions.Code :Appropriate use of Select, Insert, Delete andUpdate database operations.Appropriate use of data sets and queries to databind results to presentation objects.Appropriate use of variables to store and shareapplication data.Use of file handling techniques to read and writetext file data.Use of custom procedures to handle tasks with atleast one argument.Implementation of at least two Classes to handletasks with at least one argument.Objects named as appropriate to the taskperformed.Correct syntax.Adherence to naming conventions.Coherent commenting.Validation of user input.Use of decision structures such as If Statementsand/or Select Case to protect procedures fromuntimely “exceptions” or program crashes.Application requirements:Built to specification as described in the ProgramRequirements section of this document.

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