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Portraits of Council on Foreign Relations Members

Portraits of Council on Foreign Relations Members

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Published by William Litynski
Portraits of New York City's Financial, Business, Political, and Academic Elite

Portraits of New York City's Financial, Business, Political, and Academic Elite

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: William Litynski on Jan 09, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prominent Members of the Council on Foreign Relations
 (as of June 30, 2013)
James D. WolfensohnPresident of the World Bank (1995-2005)Henry . !issin"er #.$. $e%retary of $tate (19&'-19&&)loyd . Blankfeinhairman of the *oard of +oldman $a%hs,*ank in e /ork ity(200-resent)+eor"e $oroshairman of $oros 34nd ana"ement (199-res.)6o*ert 7. 64*inPartner of +oldman8 $a%hs  o. (19&1-1992): $e%retary of the ;reas4ry (1995-1999)Daniel !. ;ar4lloem*er of the 3ederal 6eser<e Board(2009-resent)Jerome H. Poellem*er of the 3ederal 6eser<e Board(2012-resent)Janet . /ellenhairman of the 3ederal 6eser<e (201=-resent)$tanley 3is%her >i%e hairman of the 3ederal 6eser<e(201=-resent):+o<ernor of the Bank of ?srael (2005-201')ael Brainardem*er of the 3ederal 6eser<e Board(201=-resent)John 3or*es !erry#.$. $e%retary of $tate(201'-resent)h4%k Ha"el#.$. $e%retary of Defense (201'-resent)Ja%o* J. e$e%retary of the ;reas4ry (201'-resent)Penny Prit@ker #.$. $e%retary of ommer%e(201'-resent)Jeh harles Johnson#.$. $e%retary of Homeland $e%4rity(201'-resent)7rnest J. oni@#.$. $e%retary of 7ner"y (201'-resent)$yl<ia athes B4rell#.$. $e%retary of Health and H4man $er<i%es(201=-resent)$4san 7. 6i%eational $e%4rity d<isor (201'-resent):#.$. 6e. to the #nited ations (2009-201')i%hael B.+. 3roman#.$. ;rade 6eresentati<e(201'-resent)
 New York City (Wall Street) Bankers:
John . WhiteheadPartner of +oldman8 $a%hs  o. (1955-19A=)Peter +. Petersonhairman of the *oard of ehman Brothers(19&'-19A=)Da<id 6o%kefeller hairman of the *oard of hase anhattan Bank (199-19A1)Henry 6. !ra<is$enior Partner of !ohl*er" !ra<is 6o*erts  o. (19A&-resent)>ernon 7. Jordan Jr.$enior ana"in" Dire%tor of a@ard 3reres(2000-resent)Jamie Dimonhairman of the *oard of JP or"an hase,*ank in e /ork ity(200&-resent)!enneth . Ja%o*shairman of the *oard of a@ard,*ank in e /ork ity(2009-resent)!enneth ?. hena4lthairman of the *oard of  meri%an 7ress o.(2001-resent)Henry . Pa4lson Jr.hairman of the *oard of +oldman $a%hs (1999-200): $e%retary of the ;reas4ry (200-2009)a4ri%e 6. +reen*er"hairman and 7C of  meri%an ?nternational +ro4 (19A9-2005)$anford ?. Weillhairman (199A-200) and 7C (199A-200') of iti"ro4harles C. Prin%e ???hairman (200-200&) and 7C (200=-200&) of iti"ro46i%hard D. Parsonshairman of the *oard of iti"ro4 (2009-2012)William B. Harrison Jr.hairman and 7C of JP or"an hase(2001-200)James D. 6o*inson ???hairman and 7C of  meri%an 7ress o. (19&&-199')7. $tanley Cealhairman and 7C of errill yn%h  o.(200'-200&)Walter >. $hileyhairman of the *oard of hemi%al Bank (19A'-19918 199=-199)John H. +4tfre4ndhairman of the *oard and 7C of $alomon Brothers8 ?n%. (19A1-1991)John P. Birkel4ndhairman and 7C of Dillon8 6ead  o.(19AA-199')3eli +. 6ohatyn+eneral Partner of a@ard 3reres  o. (190-199&): #.$. m*assador to 3ran%e (199&-2000)
Bankers and inan!iers:
$eymo4r E$yF $tern*er"hairman and 7C of e /ork ife ?ns4ran%e o. (199&-200A)$tehen 3riedmanPartner of +oldman8 $a%hs  o. (19&'-1992): hairman of +oldman $a%hs  o. (1990-199=)John . ;horntonPresident of +oldman $a%hs  o. (1999-200')6o*ert J. H4rstPartner of +oldman $a%hs  o. (19A0-2000)6o*ert Wolf hairman and 7C for #B$ +ro4 meri%as7<an +. +reen*er"hairman and 7C of  7 +ro4o4is Perlm4tter 7e%4ti<e ana"in" Dire%tor of a@ard 3reres  o. ,*ank (19&A-1999)$tehanie !. Bell-6oseana"in" Dire%tor of +oldman8 $a%hs  o.
Jane FraserChief Executive Officer of CitiMortgage [Citigroup]
 lfred 3. !elly Jr.President of meri%an 7ress o. (200&-2010)W. Boman 4tter ana"in" Dire%tor of War*4r" Pin%4s(199-2009)$tehen . Cman$enior d<isor at or"an $tanley (1999-resent)3rederi%k B. WhittemorePartner (19&-resent) and ana"in" Dire%tor (19&0-resent) of or"an $tanley  o.William 6. 6hodes$enior >i%e hairman and $enior ?nternational Cffi%er of iti"ro4eis !aden>i%e hairman of iti"ro4 (2005-201') leander ;. 7r%klent@Partner of Bron Brothers Harriman  o.(19&A-resent)$tehen . $%har@manhairman and 7C of ;he Bla%kstone +ro4 (19A5-resent)3rank +. Gar*+eneral Partner of a@ard 3reres  o. (19&&-19AA)Donald B. arronhairman and 7C of PaineWe**er ?n%. ,no art of #B$ (19A0-2000)6o*ert 6. Do4"lass>i%e hairman of hase anhattan Bank(19A5-199')

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