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Camp Hill Borough Council statement - Jan. 8, 2014

Camp Hill Borough Council statement - Jan. 8, 2014

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Published by PennLive
Camp Hill Borough Council statement - Jan. 8, 2014
Camp Hill Borough Council statement - Jan. 8, 2014

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Published by: PennLive on Jan 09, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Borough of Camp Hill
2145 Walnut Street Camp Hill PA 17011 Phone (717) 737345!
"anuar# $% 2014
Statement &# Camp Hill Borough 'egaring 'eleae of Borough Coun*il+ ,nepenent ,n-etigation of .he /P nfor*ement A*tion Againt Camp Hill an Corre*ti-e A*tion to Pre-ent uture ,ueCamp Hill Borough Coun*il i releaing toa# the report on the eage o-erflo an /P notifi*ation iue that le to /P+ enfor*ement a*tion againt the Borough earlier thi #ear .he report i atta*he .he report aree fining an re*ommene *orre*ti-e a*tion folloing an inepenent in-etigation of the matter .he in-etigation a *ommiione &# Borough Coun*il% an a *onu*te &# the la firm of Saul ing% P.he report etail the *onition that reulte in the eer o-erflo uring the etraorinar# rain e-ent in 2011% the Borough+ failure to notif# /P of the o-erflo a re6uire% anunerl#ing iue in-ol-ing management performan*e *on*erning the Borough+ pu&li* or an eer taff 'egaring the o-erflo% the report *on*lue that 8it appear that there a little *hoi*e &ut to pump out the #tem uring hea-# pre*ipitation e-ent% a the alternati-e of alloing eage to enter pri-ate home i far ore8.he report in*lue a num&er of re*ommenation to pre-ent a re*urren*e of thee o-erflo an notifi*ation iue .he Borough ha implemente the folloing a*tion9 :Complete *ontru*tion of a ne Pumping Station an *onne*tion to the Hampen .onhip Seer S#tem% in*reaing the Borough; o-erall #tem *apa*it# &# !0 per*ent (an there&# reu*ing the lielihoo of o-erflo):,ntitute a proto*ol for notif#ing the Penn#l-ania /epartment of n-ironmental Prote*tion an Borough <ffi*ial of eer #tem o-erflo:/e-elope an implemente an interim high flo management proto*ol to pre-ent  &aement &a*up of eage an minimi=e impa*t to *ommunit# health an afet# uring e-ere pre*ipitation e-ent:,ntalle alarm to notif# Pu&li* Wor taff of emergen*# *onition at all ateater  pumping tation:Ae flo monitoring at the April /ri-e an >o-em&er /ri-e Pumping Station o that all Borough pumping tation no ha-e flo monitoring
 January 8, 2014 Statement by Camp Hill Borough, p. 2
:Plugge all non gra-it# o-erflo pipe (Cree 'oa Station o-erflo% Par Station o-erflo% an >o-em&er /ri-e Station o-erflo):'emo-e o-erflo pump u*tion piping:Performe internal tele-iion inpe*tion of a&out 20 per*ent of the eer main ithin the Cree 'oa Pumping Station er-i*e area% the highet etraneou flo &ain% an ientifie egment re6uiring reha&ilitation :Pro-ie training to Pu&li* Wor taff on operation an maintenan*e of ne 24
 Street Pumping Station.he folloing are in progre or planne for *ompletion a ini*ate% an are in*lue in the Borough; 2014 &uget9:'e-ie eer #tem &uget an a?ut uer rate a neee to enure fun are ae6uate to implement eer #tem operation% maintenan*e% an reha&ilitation program (Starte in 2011 an ongoing):Pro-ie emergen*# poer generation *apa&ilitie at all pumping tation (*urrentl# uner eign ith &iing in earl# 2014):,ntall eage griner at Cree 'oa Pumping Station to reu*e pump *logging failure (*urrentl# uner eign ith &iing in earl# 2014):'epla*e unerperforming pump at Cree 'oa Pumping Station to return fa*ilit# *apa*it# to permitte *onition (*urrentl# uner eign ith &iing in earl# 2014):'epla*e or repair% a appropriate% ientifie eer #tem efe*t ithin Cree 'oa Pumping Station Ser-i*e Area (planne for 2014):Complete tele-iion inpe*tion of remaining eer main ithin Cree 'oa Pumping Station Ser-i*e Area that ha-e not &een inpe*te ithin lat 10 #ear an *heule reha&ilitation of o&er-e efe*t (planne for 2014):Continue ongoing program to perform internal tele-iion inpe*tion of all pu&li* eer main an pri-ate eer lateral ithin treet targete for repa-ing% an repair or iue repair noti*e for o&er-e efe*t% a appropriate% &efore *ompleting treet pa-ing:Prepare a report to the Penn#l-ania /epartment of n-ironmental Prote*tion that e-aluate the effe*ti-ene of the ne pumping tation in eliminating #tem o-erflo (ue to /P &# /e*em&er 2014),n aition% *hange in Borough management ha-e o**urre .he Borough @anager ha reigne% effe*ti-e immeiatel#With hi eparture% the Borough ha *ommen*e a ear*h for a repla*ement ntil a ne Borough @anager i appointe% the Aitant Borough @anager ill er-e a interim manager .he Borough alo i eeing to hire a ire*tor for the pu&li* or

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