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2 Lecture 02

2 Lecture 02

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Published by Tu Nguyen
BIM, Autodesk Revit, Construction
BIM, Autodesk Revit, Construction

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Published by: Tu Nguyen on Jan 09, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Building Information Modeling
Modeling Building Products and BIM Tools
Jinyue Zhang @ University of Toronto
27/07/2013Modeling Building Products and BIM Tools1
The evolution to parametric object-based modeling in the AEC/FM industry
 –Decision on modeling approach –Solid modeling in general –Early effort of building models –Object-based parametric modeling –Degrees of parametric modeling
Computer visualizationParametric modeling of buildingsBIM environments, platforms, and toolsMajor BIM systemsLightweight modeling applications
27/07/2013Modeling Building Products and BIM Tools2
Evolution to parametric object-based modeling
Decision on modeling approach
 –Purpose of the model –Model complexity –Building size –Hardware/Software
Solid modeling in general
 –B-rep –Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG)
Early effort of building modelsObject-based parametric modelingDegrees of parametric modeling
27/07/2013Modeling Building Products and BIM Tools3
Purpose of the Model
VisualizationDesign CoordinationConstruction CoordinationConceptual Design
27/07/2013Modeling Building Products and BIM Tools4
Conceptual Modeling
Main purpose of the model is to help making design decisions.Themodel does not necessarilyinclude the entire building (e.g. internal structurescan be missing).Accuracy is not relevant.Level of detail is typically lower than that in design models developed later.Materials can be symbolic or missing.
27/07/2013Modeling Building Products and BIM Tools5
Modeling for Visualization
Not necessary to model the entire buildingOnly the elements of the actual view need to be shownLevel of modeling detail should depend on the image quality and the distance from the cameraCorrect texture coordination and lighting is essential
27/07/2013Modeling Building Products and BIM Tools6
Modelingfor design coordination
The entire building has to be modeled.Necessary information has to be assigned to it.
 –Often include information of architecture and construction –May include information of cost, energy, structure
Model should be made of real architectural elements (walls, slabs, roofs, etc.) for correct calculation results.Modeling detail level should be appropriate for the required drawing representations.
27/07/2013Modeling Building Products and BIM Tools7
Modeling for construction coordination
Time and cost information is attached to the BIMmodel by linking schedules and estimating data (5D).The main purpose of the 3D model is to calculate the exact quantities of materials and to identify any conflicts, collisions in the construction. Thus model accuracy is critical.Elements of composite building structures can be described in estimating data instead of modeling them in 3D.
(Linked schedules)
(Linked estimating data)
27/07/2013Modeling Building Products and BIM Tools8
Model complexity
   M  o   d  e   l   C  o  m  p   l  e  x   i  t  y
Zaha HadidLe CorbusierFrank O. Gehry
27/07/2013Modeling Building Products and BIM Tools9
How can you model these buildings?
 –The level of detail shouldn’t exceed the actual requirements.
 –Share the virtual building between the project team members.
Use the appropriate software
 –There is no out of the box solution. You have to combine several applications for the best results.
Frank O. GehrySantiago CalatravaBird’s Nest (Beijing)
27/07/2013Modeling Building Products and BIM Tools10
Model size: what makes amodel big/slow?
Size of the project file
 –# of building elements –# of 3D polygons
Lack of team workingInappropriate computer hardware
27/07/2013Modeling Building Products and BIM Tools11
Model size: what can we do?
Reduce the number of polygons
 –Simplify the memory excessive model elements
Turn off the invisible elements
 –Use layer combinations and selections
Divide the project
 –Modules, Xrefs and team workingsolutionshelp to share the work with other project team members
Use appropriate hardware
 –See next slide

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