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Published by: api-25969348 on Sep 15, 2009
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KABBALAH CENTRE BRANCHESUnited States:Boca Raton (561) 488 8826Chicago (312) 664 2256Las Vegas (702) 243 0559Los Angeles (310) 657 5404Miami (305) 865 9481New York (212) 644 0025Philadelphia (610) 645 0203San Diego (858) 535 0447San Fernando Valley (818) 342-9111Queens (718) 805 9122Satellite Information Line: (877) 525-2773Spanish Information Line: (305) 692-9011International:Brazil (55) 11 3662 2519Chile (562) 321 5432Colombia (571) 620 1157Haifa (972) 4 836 1997Jerusalem (972) 2 566 4020London (44) 207 499 4974Mexico City (525) 293 0746Paris (33) 1 45 03 50 30Tel Aviv (972) 3 528 0570Tiberias (972) 6 671 5503Toronto (416) 631 9395Venezuela (582) 261 6004
The Spiritual  Significance of  
 What is Rosh Hashanah?
Rosh Hashanah is literally a window in time. For these two days -- and onlythese two days, in the entire year -- we have a chance to correct any and allnegative actions that we performed over the past twelve months. And by doingso, we can completely remove any negative effects from those actions thatwere destined to befall us in the coming year.What’s more, the opportunity we have at Rosh Hashanah is not limited to theyear that’s just ending. Kabbalah teaches that every year is a microcosm of ourentire lives, and even of lifetimes that have come before.
So the actions of thepast year that we now need to address express the negativity that our soulshave been striving to correct lifetime after lifetime.
By making those correctionsat Rosh Hashanah, we clear the slate from the very beginning. It’s nothing lessthan a complete spiritual rebirth!All this is possible at Rosh Hashanah through the confluence of several power-ful forces:
The Timing of the Holiday
Although Rosh Hashanah is not the start of the calendar year (which occursduring the month of Nissan) it is the beginning of a new spiritual year, with allthe opportunities that it brings. The dates of Rosh Hashanah vary according tothe Gregorian calendar, but by the Hebrew calendar it always falls on the first ofTishrei. The holiday always takes place at the precise moment in time when thecosmos is aligned for ultimate cleansing and renewal. Rosh Hashanah is trulythe beginning of the spiritual year.
 Kabbalistic Meditations and Prayer
Kabbalah teaches that meditation is much more than simple introspection orabsorption in our own thoughts. Rather, meditation is an important way of put-ting ourselves directly in touch with the Light of the Creator and, at this specialmoment of the year, with the unique energies that are available to us only atRosh Hashanah. The prayers and meditations in the kabbalistic siddur are pow-erful tools for connecting with the Light. Through these meditations, we cleanseourselves and allow the Light to rest upon us. Meditation, therefore, clears theway for the power of the shofar to penetrate to the core of our being and elimi-nate the negativity that resides there.
The Spiritual Significance of Rosh Hashanah 
The Special Wish…
A beautiful and poignant element of Rosh Hashanah occurs on two occasionsduring the celebration, once on the first day and again on the second. Theseare opportunities to make carefully focused wishes in an area of life for whichthe holiday has particular significance. Depending on our circumstances, wemay make a wish that pertains to children, or to our financial well being. If nei-ther of these two areas is presently of urgent concern, we can also wish forcloseness and connection to the Light of the Creator, through divine inspirationwhich will ultimately look after all of our needs.Like the holiday itself, this wish is not only an opportunity to ask for the Crea-tor’s help, but to express our certainty that exactly what we need will come tous. And, with the power of a kabbalistic Rosh Hashanah the coming year willbring a new beginning and a fresh start for all of us.
The Spiritual Significance of Rosh Hashanah 
The Spiritual Significance of Rosh Hashanah 
for the mistakes we’ve made during the year. Many people find it useful to writedown specific issues that they need to work on. But, even if we have not under-taken this work, we can still receive the purifying energy of the shofar at the mo-ment of the holiday, by bringing our transgressions into the forefront of ourawareness during the ceremony itself.When the last of the 101 notes has sounded, the first day’s blowing of the sho-far has been completed. This is a truly powerful time -- a joyous moment, and amiraculous one. The day concludes with a meal and evening services leadinginto the second day.The second day of Rosh Hashanah follows the same pattern as the first, begin-ning in the evening with a lecture and services followed by a ceremonial dinner.Then the following morning there is a lecture, a Torah reading, and the blowingof the shofar by the Rav. Once again the Rav sounds the shofar 101 times, con-necting with the four levels of Abraham, Yitzchak, Yaakov, and David – only thistime we are dealing with our less severe transgressions. Consequently, theshofar is not as difficult to blow. The service usually proceeds more quickly, andnormally ends by early afternoon. A meal is served, in which our spiritual workis once again manifest. This is followed by an afternoon service, and the holidayconcludes at sundown.
The Blowing of the Shofar
The shofar can be an instrument of astonishing mystical power, when used as atool by a kabbalist such as Rav Berg, who has gained the necessary understanding and has completed the essential spiritual preparations. As it is writtenin the Zohar, “There is no sound of the shofar which does not ascend to a cer-tain firmament, and all in that firmament make room for this sound.” When theRav brings the shofar to his lips and sounds a note, this is not merely a sym-bolic act. The blowing of the shofar, is a tool that has an immediate cleansingand purifying effect on the negative forces affecting the lives of everyone in thesynagogue, and even on the negativity in the world as a whole. Rosh Hashanahis a time when there is an opening in the cosmos – that creates a virtual timetunnel in which our thoughts and meditations allow us to travel back to the mo-ments of the past year that require correction. If we arrive at those moments,with the right consciousness, using the right meditations to guide us, the shofarfunctions like a powerful laser, removing the negativity of our actions and re-placing it with Light.
The shofar, together with the kabbalistic meditations and prayers of Rosh Ha-shanah, are powerful and effective spiritual tools. But it’s important to always beclear and aware of what we’re doing at Rosh Hashanah. We are transcendingthe everyday parameters of time and space. We revisit the moments of ournegative behavior, and we rescind the judgments against by removing thecauses those judgments. Like travelers in time, we literally construct a new uni-verse -- one in which both our transgressions and the judgments they engen-dered never even existed.The essence of Rosh Hashanah can be summed up through a simple metaphorof a gardener that plants seeds at certain times of the year in order to bringforth certain flowers. In the past twelve months there have been times when weplanted the wrong seed, one, which can germinate into a deformed or danger-ous fruit. Now, in the first season of the spiritual year, we have an opportunity tochange the seed of our past and replace it with a new seed that is of sharingconsciousness. By doing so, we allow beautiful flowers to spring forth.The spiritual work that we do at Rosh Hahsanah expresses itself in 3 specificareas of our lives. To grasp the full importance of this, consider the three vitalareas of our lives that are determined by our spiritual work at Rosh Hashanah:
How much more time we will be given? Will we live another year, or willthis be the time when we must leave this world?
Will we bring children into the world during the year? Will the chil-dren already in our families have the connection to the Light of the Creator thatonly we, their parents, can provide for them?
The Spiritual Significance of Rosh Hashanah 

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