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How did It Begin?

How did It Begin?



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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Sep 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How did It Begin?
How did it begin for me to understand about issues relating to the new worldorder and other related issues? I guess individuals would want the answer to thatcritical question.It was a long journey for me to comprehend a lot of the truth.
It’s great to see a new century, a new year, a new decade, and a new era intime in general.
Well, it started a long time ago.When I was growing up, I havealways had a sharp intellect. I would read literature and watch various televisionshows including presentations to get a feel of the world. Life is filled withlessons and it’s important to keep my mind level headed regardless of the painthat came may way. I have a strong will and won’t let circumstances reduce my
personal strength. Witnessing debates in my home and other locations enabledme to develop my critical thinking skills as well. I was gifted.
Virginia iscertainly an interesting place with a mixture of rural and urban surroundings
.I live in an urban area, so as time continued forth, I have an urban mentality oncertain aspects of my life. I’m not ashamed of where I’m from or what I am. Iam what I am. When I was a child, I remember in the late 1980’s looking at PBSshows like Contact.
In the late 1980’s, I was in Kindergarten
. During the late1980’s, I’ve even looked at Night Court. I remember looking at Ghostwriter,Where in the World is Carmen Sandeigo, and even TGIF on ABC back in the early1990’s. If you were from my generation, you would have keen awareness of someof these shows.
It was a Golden era for my life. Even in the late 1980’s when Iwas in Kindergarten, I remember hanging out with friends, playing in the heatfor hours, and having a joyful times. Presently, I throw all of those childishacts away and it’s time to think plus act like a man.
Life was more colorful andless simplistic in those days. I will mention that back in the late 1980’s and the1990’s, society was less politically correct in many ways. Back in those things,you can say certain things that now extremists might call you a terrorist for. Itwas a vibrant time back in those days. I remember the 1992 Barcelona Olympics,the California Earthquake back in 1994, and walking to various locations in thehot sun. I was in Kindergarten way back in the fall of 1988. Now, there are kidsborn in the 1990‘s who are beginning to be 19 and 20 years old.
Today, I don’tscapegoat anyone or play the blame game. I legitimately expose evil, but youcan’t display any form of bigotry and claim to be authentically real. I’maccountable for my own actions, but we have every right to rebuke nefariousevils in any place in order to create the necessary reformations in our world.
These were the times when I was in elementary school. I came into MiddleSchool in late 1994. In school, I had great grades consistently. I’ve developed mymind even in the 1990’s to learn about historical figures, other languages, amyriad of cultures, other religions, and theology. I never had a formal religiousbelief system until the mid-1990’s when I became a Christian. Back in those daysbefore 1995, I never been inside of a church unless it was a funeral or a specialoccasion. I questioned religion and went into studying various religions until Ibecame a Christian. That’s probably why I outline a skeptic tone toward theapostate religious establishment (with puppets like Rick Warren, Billy Graham,Jesse Duplantis, Creflo Dollar, etc.) in the USA plus all over the Earth. I dosubscribe wholehearted to the tenets of
the freedom of religion
thefreedom of conscience
as basic human values. In studying subjects relating toreligious matters, I picked up on information outlining the new world order.Back in early 1997, I heard of John Hagee (though he embraces Ecumenicalismand other heresies today) talking about the new world order, the Great Seal, and
the Illuminati. The Great Seal has tons of esoteric symbolism from the capstoneless Pyramid to the All Seeing Eye of Horus.
John Hagee believes in the falsedoctrine of dual covenant theology or that Jewish people don’t need toembrace Jesus Christ to be saved. John Hagee is more of a neo con than inprevious years. He exposed Bill Clinton in legitimate ways, but genuflectGeorge W. Bush’s policies. He even called for a military strike in Iran, whichwill undoubtedly create chaos in the Middle East. I reject an invasion of Irancompletely for a myriad of reasons. That Illuminati-related informationintrigued me, so I began the journey to investigate more about the new worldorder.
John Hagee years ago, legitimately exposed the heresies of Romanism,the Inquisition, the Vatican link to WWII (including Hitler plus theHolocaust),
the Vatican’s history of anti-Semitism & Jewishpersecution
,etc. He did a great job in doing that to his credit. Later, themedia and the religious establishment elite criticized him so harshly (forexposing the Vatican. Remember that exposing the Vatican & the Jesuits‘ realhistory publicly is taboo even in 2010), that Hagee was forced to be anEcumenical compromiser today. It’s a shame that he fell into compromise sobadly. I want to make this known. I will never compromise my religiouscreed. I will always expose the Vatican plus any other apostate or hereticalreligious ideology
.The new world order deals with the idea that an unifiedworld religiously, politically, and economically is the only way to developtranquility. I of course don’t agree with that since the concept of the nation-state is certainly a viable option in solving complications nationally includinginternationally.
In the late 1990’s, I begin to understand more about religionand Christianity. This was a time when a bunch of wild events were transpiringfrom Columbine to Olympic bombing in Atlanta, Georgia. These occurrencesshifted a great deal of American culture. In the late 1990’s, politics entered myway. In those days, I was politically neutral.

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