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Atari 800 Operating System Manual, part 2 of 4

Atari 800 Operating System Manual, part 2 of 4

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Published by rybagz
Atari 800 Computer Operating System Manual: part 2 of 4
Atari 800 Computer Operating System Manual: part 2 of 4

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Published by: rybagz on Sep 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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5 I /O SUBSYSTEI'IThiss€ction discusEes the I/OEUbsUstem f theOperating Sgst€m.TheI/Osubsgsteft conpriEEs € rolleEtionof routinesthEt allouqouto aacesspeaipheraland IocaldeviceEat threE differentlevels.TheCIO(CentralI/O Utilitg),provideE the higheEt 1€veLtl€viceindependent Ecce65 todevice6. The6econd Ievel al!ot!6comounicationuith the device handlers. Thelou,eEt levelis the 5IO(SeriaII/ObusUtilitq,r'outine. Ang louet levelsEceEstoa device involveBthedirect reading €nd uriiting ofthehard(,are registetsassoci€teduiththe device.Thed:ts bqtei6the basic unitof input/outFut.A databgtecanrontain eithea"binai!"(nontelt)info?dation,or entodedtettin+ormation.The t€xtencodintgchemesuPPortedbg theOSi9 calledATASCILderivedfromtheuordi'ATARIASCII."Ho6tATASCII codesaiethe €atre aE ASCILt ith theprima?9 deviations being thecontrolcodeE.Appendix D shousthe ATASCIIcher:cter 5et,3ndAppenditeEE,F, andC shou devi.e-gpecifiEiplefi6ntetionsforthe di6p1aq,lerJb aad, andpi nter.The \Etiucture of theI/O6ubsgstemi5 shournon the follo{tingpage.oPERATTNG YSTEtICo16555--Section5
i+---------+i DeviGe IiT€ble ii+-----*---+ii DCB I*+*****I
rzloc8 |
t---------+IDCS l4*+ta*+***+---------++---------+*ilDislFilel*|+----il'lanag€ltl-----+!+--+-------**---+------+------+--.i--,.i!l
iPtinterIi CEe5€ttel!...IiHandlerIi HandlsiI I HandterI+---------++----__--_.1,
i+---------+I DiEk!i Hender Ii
IKerrboaidI Hand6r i
+---------+Islo !
!Utilitg I+---------+$lher€:----sho{r5 econtrolpEth. +t{*shot sthe date structurerequiredfol. eFah.NotethE +oIIouing:o TfieKegboard/Displag/Scr€enEditor. Handl€r,sdon,tuse SIU.oThe Di6tettehsndler cannotbe Eelled dit.ectlgfrom CIO.oTheDCB is shoonturiceinthe diagrao.Figure5-1L/O Subsgste.nStructufeFlouDiagramAPERATINOSYSTEiICO16555--S€rtiong
CFNTRAL /O UTILITYThe centrel I/outilitgprovideE qou 'r,ithe eingreinterfa'ein u'hichto a.cess all of thesqEtsmpeiiPhereldevieeEin adevite-independentn:nner'. The mininununit of datEtiensfer i5the databgte. TheCIOalso sr.rpportslul.tip1e bgtettanEfers. Alll/B op€r'etionEarperfoinedon a'raeturn_to-uEei-uhen-comPlete"baEis; thereis nouagto initiate concrr?ent"ovel.lapPed"I/OproEesseEI/Oisorganizedbg"fiIes,'tuherea file iEe sequentialco]lection ofdate bgtes. A+ile ctsn oi nagnot containtertualdateend it ren oi rnaqnotbeorg€niredbg"records,"uhere ar'ecord ise Eontiguousgroupof bqtes terdinatedbtJ an EOL(EndofLine)cha?a€ter. so{ne iles areBgtronUmouEitha device(a9oiththegiinterend the Screen Editor),uhilaotheFdevicescan tontainm!ltiplefile6, eeEh urith e uniquenane(astriththe diskdrive).CIO€IIorrsqouto Ecce95 upto eight independentdevice/fiIeEet one time, bera[rse the?e areeight I/O ControlBlocts(IOCE'E inthe 6gstem. Each of theIOCB's canbee53ignedto Eofltrol anvdeviae/+i1e be.€u9ithereEtenopreferiadeEsignlnentg,excePt thatIOCB*O ie eEEigned totheScreenEditor atpouer-upand!iqstem re 9e .To acce69 apeiiphei'al,gou+irsteetup €n I{ICBfor the OPENrommand,htsuppliesthesgstemnemeforthe devic€ to beeccesged(e.g.K:, +or the teUboeid, P: , fol'theprint€r,D:STARSfora diekette file naned'STARS'.etc). You then calIthe ClO,telling it to eraminetheIOCBto+indtheOPEN nfoi'|nation.CIOattempti to +ind the specifieddevice/file.nd r€turnse stittugbgte i.ndicating the EUcceEE f thesearch. If the speci+ieddevire/file canbe+oundbgCIO, then CI0 5toreEEontrolinformation in the lOC8. The IOCBisnou, ugedfor as longaE thEtfile iE open.Onc€ € *ile is open, it can then !e€cc€96ed using deta-r€ad ordeta-{'l ite tgpes o+ comm€ndE; ingener.€1,readingqanpioceeduntilthere i6 no noaedatatoread(EhdofFilet and uaitingEnpioaeeduntilthereis nomore fiediuDtostore dEta on(Endof Medium),althoughneitherreading nor tr.itingneedprocaedto thatpoint.The reeding€nd ufitingofdatageneiallgoccurs into andout ofuser-6upplieddatabuffe.s(althoughe EpeEial cE6eellouinq 9inglebgtE tren6{err using the6902A register isptovided}.l",henheteare no {nore €caesries tobepeiforltredon anopendevice/file,gou perfoi|nthe cl06eopeiation. Thisaccoop ishes tuo funEtiongo 1+ teicrinete5 andoekespermanent€n output file(egsentialfor diskette end ca6sette).o ItreleesesthetIOCB to beu6edforanother I/O oDeiation.OPERATtNeSYSTEIICO16555--Section5

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