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Pitru Dosh

Pitru Dosh



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Published by rahulmistry
Pitru Dosh
Pitru Dosh

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Published by: rahulmistry on Sep 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How Pitru Dosh Occurs ?
 There are many ways by which Pitru Dosh can occur. According togeneral information from various Puran, Pitru Dosh occurs whenthe soul of our ancestors and departed forefathers does not getpeace ( shanti ) due to any of the following main reason, andthere may be others.1.Bad deeds ( bad karma ) of our ancestors in earlier life,knowingly or unknowingly, are embarrassing their souls,2.Bad deeds ( bad karma ) of children, knowingly or unknowingly,are embarrassing the soul of ancestors,
Lack of fulfillments of parental desires of our ancestors,4.A sudden and unnatural death of any relative ancestors in earlyage,5.If someone fails to remember and honour the ancestorsproperly,6.If certain wishes are remained attached with the soul of theancestors, etc.It is stated in the ancient text that Pitru Dosh occurs if anyancestors up to the 7th generation on the father’s side and up tothe 4th generation on the mother’s side have expired at an earlyage or have had an unnatural death.Our ancestors are not only our family members or relatives, butalso our teachers, mentors, role models, friends, and guardians,who have contributed to our welfare and growth in this orprevious life. This creates an implied obligation on us to respect
them and their parental desires and calls for following gooddeeds. If by any chance this is not followed by anyone, it mayembarrass the souls of the ancestors, which, in turn, becomesPitru Dosh.
How to identify if someone is suffering from Pitru Dosh ?
The effect of Pitru Dosh can also be found using the VedicAstrology. According to Vedic Astrology, Pitru Dosh occurs whenSun and Moon is afflicted with Rahu and Ketu. It also has a directconnection with Hindu Mythology.According to Hindu Mythology, the AMRUT ( Potion oImmortality ) came out of the ocean during SAMUNDRAMANTHAN. Lord Vishnu took MOHINI ROOP ( Look of a Beautiful-Mesmerizing Lady ) to distract the DANAVs ( Evils ) andsubsequently started distributing AMRUT among DEVs ( Good )and DANAVs, starting with DEVs. One DANAV feared that theDANAVs will not get the AMRUT and will get over by their turn. Therefore he changed his getup like DEVs and sat between SURYADEV ( Sun ) and CHANDRA DEV ( Moon ). Surya Dev and ChandraDev recognized the DANAV and informed Lord Vishnu in MohiniRoop, who used his weapon SUDARSHAN CHAKRA to cut-ofDANAV’s head. However he already drank the AMRUT, he becameimmortal and then from that time onwards the head is known asRAHU and the tail is known as KETU. Ever since that time onwardsRahu and Ketu are bitterest enemies of Sun and Moon. Since then,Rahu and Ketu are trying to punish Sun and Moon, and tries toswallow Sun and Moon.Astrologically Rahu and Ketu are not planets. They are actuallythe intersection points of the orbit of the Moon and the elliptic. The intersection points in the north is called Rahu or the northnode or the dragon's head and the intersection points in the southis called Ketu or the south node or the dragon's tail. Indian Saintsand Rishes have given them the status of planets since thesepoints have great influence on the lives of individuals and are
called CHHAYA GRAH ( Shadow Planets ) or Karmic planets. Rahuand Ketu are responsible for certain bad yogas in the horoscope of individuals. The Saints and Rishes have woven many facts in themythology to give a meaning of Solar ( Sun ) and Lunar ( Moon )Eclipse. Another meaning is that Rahu gives the result at a cost of losing the body. And Ketu gives the result at a cost of losing thehead. Means, the person under the effect of Rahu or Ketu has toloose one thing to get another. Additionally, whenever there isany kind of connection between Rahu & Ketu and Sun & Moon, itmostly gives inauspicious results.At the core of Astrology, Pitru Dosh is one type of Yoga, which isformed by various combinations and placements of planets andhouses. As per Astrology system, Sun is the symbol of Father.Furthermore, the 10th house in the horoscope also indicatesFather and related aspects. Hence, if any negative combination of Sun or the 10th house, indicates presence of some kind of PitruDosh.Pitru Dosh Yoga is formed when Rahu and Ketu are with any of theplanet and are placed in the 6th, 8th and the 12th house. Many atimes, this yoga is also formed in the 5th house. In anothercombination, when 9th house, 9th lord, 9th house from the moonor the lord of 9th house from the moon is under influence of Rahuand Ketu this indicates Pitru Dosh. Apart from this it is also saidthat if Rahu is situated in 2nd, 6th 8th and 12th house then it isconsidered as Pitru Dosh.At many places, Saturn is also hold equally responsible fordifferent forms of Pitru Dosh. When Sun and Saturn are in thesame house, or having Drishti ( affecting each other ), it is alsoconsidered as Pitru Dosh.Saturn also represents our ancestors. If Saturn is afflicting Moonthen predict that Pitru Dosh is from maternal side, while if Saturnis afflicting Sun, then predict that the Pitru Dosh is from paternalside. For this to happen, the 5th lord/house should also beafflicted.

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