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Virtuous Woman or Virtual Slave?

Virtuous Woman or Virtual Slave?

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Published by Patricia Backora
Christian women are sometimes intimidated by the Virtuous Woman of Proverbs 31. But did she live under Law or under Grace. Who are we to follow, Christ, or some other Biblical example?
Christian women are sometimes intimidated by the Virtuous Woman of Proverbs 31. But did she live under Law or under Grace. Who are we to follow, Christ, or some other Biblical example?

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Published by: Patricia Backora on Sep 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Virtuous Woman or Virtual Slave?
By Patricia Backora
Worn out and frayedShe pays her own wayTo prove her virtue to allA virtuous maidShe slaves night and dayUntil her juggled balls fall.Though made of clayShe does more in a dayThan her husband does in a yearShe never slows downWears her martyr’s crownShe’s fueled on religious fear.She slaves night and dayShe’s paid with lame praiseShe’s just a useful applianceWhen beauty fadesWork compensatesTo justify her eistence.
She suffers for others !ut never looks flustered"ou’ll never see her fatigueShe acts like an angelThough her nerves are mangledShe mustn’t lose her mysti#ue.She earns her own bread$ike Solomon saidThough there’s no time to eat it %&ause '()*She works to earn heavenShe doesn’t seem to need it.Sleep is forbiddenShe won’t feel forgiven+f she should close her eyes,er health’s unimportantThis virtuous womanWill be a doormat for life.+ read a disturbing blog posted by some poor woman who seems tobe in bondage to the -irtuous Woman described in roverbs /0.Whenever you read any scripture1 ask 2od to help you rightly digestit for proper application 3if any4 to your own life. + #ualify thisstatement because some scriptures you wouldn’t apply to your ownlife1 like 56udas went out and hanged himself 37att.'*89b4.:. "oucould even misapply scripture to try to build a case for copying thiseample by combining it with 52o and do thou likewise 3$uke0;8/*b4.: <idiculous1 but tragic. +t’s possible for two scriptural concepts toseem to clash with one another. =ample8 +n >eut.'/8? 2odcommands ,is chosen people to forever be at enmity with certainethnic groups and not to seek their good1 because those peopledidn’t treat them right 3>eut.'/8(4. !ut later you read in the @ewTestament where 6esus teaches ,is people to love even their ownenemies and do good to those who hate them and don’t treat themright 3$uke ?8'*4. Taking the 2ospel to A$$ nations as 6esuscommanded +S doing good to them. Seemingly contradictoryconcepts are found in Scripture1 but which has the final say in yourown life Are you under $aw or under 2race>id the -irtuous Woman of roverbs /0 live under $aw or under2race
She lived under Law!
 6ust like the enteteuch1 or fivebooks of the $aw of 7oses1 roverbs was also included in in the
canon of Bld &ovenant Scripture. This book was believed to havebeen penned by Cing Solomon many centuries before the death of &hrist ushered in the @ew &ovenant of 2race. The -irtuous Woman 5ate not the bread of idleness:. This lady wasa nonstop workhorse1 scarcely even taking time off to sleep. Shefelt that she had no right to eat unless she was constantly workingand producing things to earn her own eistence. Although herhusband praised her in the gates 3verse 'D41 it was all about herBUTUT1 period 3verse /04. This speaks of a relationship based onworks1 not grace. &an you spot the +@=EUA$+T" in this marriageThe husband sits in the gates gossiping while his poor wife knocksherself out cooking1 sewing1 embroidering1 haggling with merchantsand running a business on the side1 to provide for her household.She doesn’t seem to get much down time1 either. +nstead1 she getsout of bed while it’s still dark1 before her husband doesF Women >+> find time to rest1 even in the Bld Testament. +t was anecessary 5health and safety: custom because of the hot sun.<uth went out to glean grain to feed herself and her motherGinGlaw@aomi. !ut she still took a rest break during the hottest part of theday like the other workers 3<uth '8*4. She even sat down to eatwith !oaH’ men 3verse 0(4. 6esusbody needed to be properly prepared for burial after ,isbrutal death. !ut the women did the bare minimum and restedaccording to the commandment until after the Sabbath 3$uke'/89?4. Unless it was necessary to preserve life1 all work had tocease till after the Sabbath ended.

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