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Seed a Wonder Tool

Seed a Wonder Tool

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Published by John Paily

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Published by: John Paily on Sep 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Seed a Wonder Tool for AppliedResearch
A simple way to manipulate biological information tohuman advantageIntroduction
The knowledge of life that we have accumulated through observation is flimsy. Themodern knowledge of life is far away from the truth of life and is much inferior to thatexisted before science came into existence. Before science came into existence theknowledge of life was obtained by observation of the whole life in its environment. It hasits origin in minds journey internally into the spiritual realm. The knowledge of life thatscience obtained is by killing the life and dissecting it into parts. It is thoroughly inferior and is actually against life.This statement is not superficial. The author was a researcher who took to research from amind based on consciousness and hoped to contribute something to humanity. He hasspent many years in the field of biotechnology and even shown the will to quit a lucrativefield and Job that is based on illusions to live as small farmer and seek truth of life.Life is dynamic system surviving in time or energy cycles. Life originates form a singlecell. The control of life and its perpetuation goes beyond to a point in the informationsystem, form where the wave emerges to cause the cell division and growth. A wave isalways associated with a particle. The life thus is the manifestation of interaction of this particle and wave [energy] with the wave that is acting on it from the environment.Life works to maintain order or symmetry. This means behind life there is a particle thathas some form equilibrium and this particles struggle to maintain its equilibrium. In the process it develops information as means of survival against time/energy change. Anorganism thus is the result of interaction of the living particle with the environment for millions of years.What this means is that information is not stable and is subjected to change randomly. Itchanges in relation to random changes in energy in the environment and also timedirected change. The system can make quantum changes in its information as well asqualitative changes. Genetic studies have shown that a set of genes or part of chromosomes switch places during the cell division in extreme cases. What this in turnmeans the whole of biotechnology, which takes the maximum investment in terms of research, is founded of a wrong base. Biotechnology is founded on the base that life is based on the information and that exist in DNA as pairs of gene. It is founded on theassumption that information is predictable.1
 Nature has its own way of doing things and it does in a perfect manner. When I try to break into it, or grow in artificial medium, I am subjecting it into conditions, which areunnatural. I am putting the system into stress. After some time, the survival instinct of the system does make random changes to survive in the particular environment and grow.We must note that when a selected and fit sperm meets an egg, in the fist three momentsthe information for the whole future is determined. What is predetermined in these threemoments is what enfolds through a whole life time. Any further stress is a stress on theenfolding of information system and becomes impediments in the enfolding or growth.They are carried as backdrop information to cause changes when the system unfolds theinformation to perpetuate in time cycle. Thus life carries information as whole. Lifestruggles to dispel this stress through three fundamental process, breathing, mitoticdivision, and meiotic division and reproduction.As biotechnologist observing thousand and thousands of culture, I have deeply felt thatthe biological information is nearly impossible to predict. My work in biotechnologyspoke this truth to me. I am sure biotechnologist working around the world also has feltthis. But they seem to fail to express this reality for it is their bread and their self  promotes them to hide the truth and speak everything in favor, so they can get continuedinvestment and support. I have comes across reports of immense stability in cloned plantsin paper, but in reality and in field these cloned plants showed unimaginable variationsand included sterile plants. Few years after I left my research, I even came across anagriculturist who planted tissue cultured banana plants and found the yield of fruit foulsmelling and had to cut the whole plantation. But the industry down plays such reportsand observations to survive.I am not against biotechnology but there is necessity to set right the foundation of  biological thinking and review how best we can use the biotechnological techniques tohuman advantage. My work to review the foundation of biological science and physicalscience and visualizing the simple design and principle on which nature works, led me toconclude that that many of the complex and money and time consuming work that the biotechnology aims can be achieved by simpler nature compatible means.Here, I present to you one of them, actually the first off beat work done out of curiosity.This work changed the way I think, the way I experiment and led me to design sucesfulexperiment in tissue culture and develop simple methods to clone plants. Before I gofurther let me briefly write the fundamentals of life that reveled to me.
Fundamentals of life
Life is a process of enfolding and unfolding of an entity within the living systemagainst time or energy change. In other words there is something in life that perceives andsurvives against time and energy2] To the world this manifest as Enfolding and Unfolding of information that life has built through its creativity over millions of years. Creativity comes into effect when thesystem is stressed to its limit. The information build up could be visualized as as balance2
 balancing it self with addition of weigh. This means life is not information, informationand body is built up against time and energy that goes in cycles.3] Life constantly takes matter and energy to grow and maintain its body and thesymmetry.4] Life conquers time/energy by three essential process, breathing [maintaining the body], mitotic division [ growth] meiotic division [ conquering time and time it initialization]5] There are five phases to life.
Conception to birth [ creation and restoration phase]
Child hood [ Golden age]
Early adult hood [ silver age]
Late adult hood [ bronze age]
Old age leading to death. [ iron age]All life if you closely observe, strives to maintain certain equilibrium. The material worldwe know is gravitational and its force is centripetal directed to the center. Gravity weknow is built on the assumption of non-equilibrium, so we can logically assume that lifeis basically built on some form of equilibrium. There is a particle and wave behind lifethat survives and develops information and works against time and energy, through breathing, mitotic division and meiotic division. Mind has nothing to do with Life. It is anentity developed in time. This means life is four dimensional image of nature. Theseaspects are discussed in siteAwakening to Truthand links there off.
The Foundation of Biotechnology and its Fallacy
Biotechnology assumes that life is an expression of information and that information is predictable. This wrong assumption is the basic of failure of biotechnology. [This is thetruth that is not known] Our understanding of life and its information should be dynamicsthat is related equally to dynamic nature. If we can bring this shift in thinking, we candevelop many wholesome and simple and nature compatible techniques, in place of complex approach the modern world practices. There are innumerable observations that Iaccumulated during past two decades. I hope to upload them, if time and His Grace permits. Here is one of them.
Seed as a wonder Tool
This was an accidental discovery - a path nature revealed to my questioningprocess. It occurred during the initial period of my research career when I wastrying to
some highly difficult commercial plants. I had failed to elicit anyresults and I was totally frustrated. I had no body to fallback for support andguidance. I found my guide wanting. Just when I was about give up, MotherNature called me. I developed a strange form of communication with nature thatled me to reviewing everything I am doing. Looking back on my work, I foundthat what I am trying to do in the lab is to find the internal secrets of plantssystem. They dedifferentiate and differentiate information periodically againsttime cycle. My interest in Time Cycle began here. The perquisite to my success

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