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Ashtar Teleconference 9.8.9

Ashtar Teleconference 9.8.9

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Published by graydude

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Published by: graydude on Sep 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"Well good evening everyone, congratulations, you did fabulously well [with Elise's meditation].We are going to do something on this call that we have not done before. It is going to be whatyou might consider to be outrageous. It is not necessarily though, that it is going to be 100%arrival for some of this family group. It doesn’t mean that you can’t do it and it is not a test, getthat out of your minds. It’s simply something that you can practice doing if you so desire. It isnecessary in order to accomplish it to be in extremely high vibration and there is no faster way toget there, believe me, than giggles and laughter. And so we created a little bit of hysteria[laughing] and we thank you for being patient and staying with us, while there were some in thisaudience wh o were absolutely unable to do anything except laugh, because that was the wholepoint of it. And we are being extremely serious at this moment. So if you want to laugh some
more, go ahead. This is an example of being in such joy, in such bliss, that you simply can’t thinkof anything to do except laugh. A little music helps. If you want to get up and dance, that adds toit."But what we are trying to demonstrate here is when you just totally leave all semblances of 3Dand go higher, because we all know whether it is quite in your face at this moment or whether itdoes seem to be outside the window, down the street or whatever, there is still 3D on PlanetEarth. That’s the whole point is it not, it is to evolve out of 3D consciously. So you’ve got to knowwhat 3D feels like and believe me, Beloved Ones, you’ve been here so many times, you certainlyknow what 3D feels like. But then when you get a bit out of 3D, or a long ways out of 3D, youwant to know the difference, you want to know what it feels like to do that too. So we are goingto do an exercise tonight that has elements of beyond, well its all about going beyond 3D, with aspecific destination wh ich will be quite different for everyone. We hope we have your attentionand your curiosity and if you want to be on the edge of your seat, that’s perfectly alright at thismoment."We have some other things that we would like to comment on before we get into the mainexercise for the evening. So just take a deep breath and relax. Now, as you all know, duality orseparation is constant in 3D. We are approaching the highest point of separation or duality. Youknow how the yugas work, you get to the very top, the very highest point and then all of asudden it just goes down so low that you forget there ever was a high point, and the high pointcan be something that you enjoy or something that you think isn’t really all that enjoyable. Well,this is what this separation, the ultimate separation is. The ultimate experience of Sep aration isvery close. Now we know you are following this and you might have a question so we shall bequick to explain cause we want to keep these vibes up. But this is serious. What we are talkingabout is there are those, well everyone is having an opportunity to review the choices they havemade. There are those who are totally committed to going on to Ascension, never wavering,never once thinking, 'oh, this is so hard I don’t think I can make it'."Congratulations and kudos to you because that is a joyful commitment to make even though itmight be creating some real waves of acute Ascensionitis within your beings at this moment.There are those who have been on the Ascension path and are now wavering a bit andwondering, 'Is this worth it, am I gonna make it? Maybe I am not gonna make it.'Congratulations and kudos to you as well. You can still make it, everyone who wants to make itcan make it. It is something though that I, Ashtar, can tell you, but you’ve got to feel it, BelovedOnes, within yourselves. That’s another reason we are gonna go higher into bliss tonight. Causeonce you feel it it’s kinda catching isn’t it, you kinda want to do it more. So that’s what we aretalking about there."There are those who have steadfastly, and they are not in this group, but you know them, youall know some of these beings, they could be your Beloved Ones in your own families, they couldbe your neighbors, your friends, the shopkeeper who has the most delightful merchandise you’veever seen, the strangers, those who are strangers to you not really, but you have never metthem this lifetime in body. The ones who have steadfastly said 'No not me, I am not for change, Idon’t want change, I’m resisting change and I’m gonna make it real nasty if I can.' And you allknow who those extremists are. Congratulations and kudos to all of them too becauseeverybody’s doing a great job."You have free choices and you can change your choices now, in this moment, but what we are
here to tell you is that the great Separation is very imminent. And what that means, BelovedOnes, is that everybody’s gonna get to do exactly what they want to do. They can stay in theirbodies and go through with the Ascension, either in 2012 or in some cases a bit ahead of thatkind of a schedule. Or they can waver and make up their minds soon and go for Ascension or gofor leaving their bodies now and coming back again, or go for the path of Separation. And that’swhat we are talking about now. There is a place, it is a delightful place really, prepared especiallyfor those who don’t want change. And in their perception and the way they see it and in theirdecision-making proc esses, they would rather stay in 3D, although they don’t know they are in abox, they don’t know that 3D is a bunch of lies and unrealities. They find it very real and theyfind it very uncomfortable to think about flying up and out of their boxes. And there is a grandplace and they will go to that place. And they will be happy. And those that go for Ascension willbe happy. And those who choose to leave their bodies anytime now, and go flying free in theirspiritual form, they’re gonna be happy."So what we’re trying to tell you is, 'Lighten up everybody and be happy, happy, happy becauseeverybody’s gonna get to do what they want to do - no exceptions. It’s all fabulous. It’s allwonderful. Now the processes may be painful – we are not discussing that. The processeswhereby someone could leave their body, we are not talking about that. We are talking aboutultimate destinations - ascend or leave your body. You know where you are going to be."You are going to be either with your ascended body which becomes the crystalline body whichbecomes the light body, and you’re gonna do it consciously, or you’re gonna fly free of your bodyand there is a little bit of unconsciousness there while you are doing that, and then all of asudden, poof, there you are in your spirit body on the other side, as they say. It just means youare going into a higher dimension without taking your body with you. So that solves that mysteryif it was one. And then of course there are those who are going to be really happy that they getto stay in 3D, by golly, they can keep their guns, they can keep their anger, they can keep theirfear, they can keep their power and control games, they can be victims, or controllers, or theycan do both in one lifetime if they choose to."Isn’t that marvelous? The fact that they might have a few new playmates out there who mightbe looking at them as a little bit lower on the food chain, well, that’s something they will justhave to deal with. Remember they get to keep their guns. And they might even get some nukesto play with. But that will not affect the Ascension of Mother Gaia’s and Father, if you want to callhim Father, Vywamus' Earth. Because Earth is ascending and the momentum is building and youhave got to feel it, Beloved Ones. Just check in with your own beings and do say 'hello' to yourguides, and there are those who are making contact and connections even now with their galacticguides, and starting to receive some messages and some get-acquainted 'incomings' and this isdelightful because this is validation, this is even more help and support and guidance. Of courseyou don’t have to do what is suggested to you. You know the group that went to Maui hadabsolute freewill the whole time. There was nobody saying they had to do anything. They couldhave slept in their beddy-byes or fried themselves on the beaches the whole time that they werethere, but they chose to follow the inspirations or the incomings that came, and they had a jollytime doing it. Even though the Voice thought she was going to fall off a cliff or get blown off acliff once, they had a marvelous time doing it and they had great result and everything that theydid there was on behalf of and with all of you - and all of this great family in mission in humanbody and beyond.

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