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Java Servlet

Java Servlet

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Published by Philzz
Java Servlet
Java Servlet

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Published by: Philzz on Sep 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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http://www.vijaymukhi.com/documents/books/javajsp/contents.html [5/2/2008 10:48:05 PM]
FOREWORD- Tushar A. Gandhi
Since childhood Java has meant a lot of things to me, at first having been brought upon an endless supply of Luis L'amour western paper backs Java was the cup of brewover which cowboys swapped trail lore in the wild wild west, throwing the dredges of Java into the camp fire was the ultimate symbol of machismo. Then one graduated tothe edge of the seat thrillers by Alistair McLean and java was part of the title of one of his unputdownable chiller "South by Java Head", in the World War classics Java waspart of the exotic South East consisting of Java and Sumatra. "Java" was also the wayone was asked to leave in the Marathi language. So having come to grips with so manyuses of the word "Java" when "Oak" was rechristianed as Java one was pleasantlyreminded of the associations of the past with this one word having so many memoriesattached to it.That Java was first considered to be the language which would enable all the smarthouse hold machines to talk across platforms, this was the strong point of Java it'scross platform capabilities or rather platform independent character. This very abilitytook this offspring of C and C++ away from its intended use to service the Internetexplosion. This was the golden age of Java working across networks and platforms.Java thus was the language of the kitchen cabinet, which became the lingua franca of the World Wide Web.Java has been a boon for the software engineers who having learned it on the WindowsNT environment here are able to work in the US environment, which is predominantlyUnix, based since Java was the same on both the platforms. The InfoTech related boomexperienced by India is largely thankful to the versatility of Java.If somebody talked to me about Java beans I would conjure up the image of shinnyrounded rich dark brown coffee beans and their rich aroma would fill the room, similarto the aromas wafting from South Indian kitchens as freshly ground beans of Java werebrewed into the famous decoction of the Madras Coffee every day at breakfast time.Who would know that Java beans would be far more recognizable as software plug ins.The ease with which Java beans could be reused, as plug and play bits of softwarepasted while writing programs, with out having to rewrite the entire code over and overagain every time a similar function had to be carried out.On the "Mahatma on the World Wide Web Project" we are using the JDBC to handle thevast database we are talking of over 250,000 printed pages of text, 15000photographs, 5 hours of video and 48 hours of audio, all this will be managed and asmart search engine also created using Java will enable our users to customize thesearch according to their specific needs and thus explore the database. All this is madepossible because of the versatility of Java.Java is human friendly technology which would have met with the approval of MahatmaGandhi since it is versatile, it takes care of many things without the need to becomeover technological, two being platform independent it would work in all environments just like Satyagraha and above all its simplicity the corner stone of the Mahatma'sphilosophy.When Scot McNealy of Sun put the animation of the steaming cup of coffee oncomputer screens all over the world, be it the PC world or the Macintosh one, the worldwoke up to the power of Java as its hot brew counter part wakes up the world every
http://www.vijaymukhi.com/documents/books/javajsp/foreword.html (1 of 2) [5/2/2008 10:48:15 PM]
day.CAFEBABE dances on flirting with all, across the world of Information Technology andJava and Java Beans take on a whole new meaning. Tomorrow's children are going toreact to "South by Java Head" as a software manual and Cowboys swapping tales overa hot cuppa Java as engineers swapping trade secrets and the aromatic Java Bean isgoing to be called a small software plug in.When India's Computer Guru asked me to write a foreword for his book on Java I wasintimidated first by the fact that I was adding on to the writings of a master and secondby the fact that my association with the different meanings to the word Java had beenturned on their head. What you are about to read is a serious insight into what makesthe CAFEBABE swing so this is where the fun stops. As the cowboys would say to eachother as they swigged the last of the "Hot Cuppa" and threw the dredges on to a dyingfire "Lets catch some shut eye partner, cause tomorrow is another drive".
http://www.vijaymukhi.com/documents/books/javajsp/foreword.html (2 of 2) [5/2/2008 10:48:15 PM]

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