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Art Syll 2009

Art Syll 2009

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Published by tannis635242

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Published by: tannis635242 on Sep 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Art 1
. Semester
Clintondale High School Mr. WaltersTextbook:
Supplies Required:
Students will need to have a spiral
that will be collected andgraded from time to time.24 pack or larger, of
Colored pencils
or both.
Glue stick
 Grades are based on the students performance in the areas of classroomparticipation, completion of designated homework assignments, art projects,reports, quizzes, tests, examinations and special projects. Points will beawarded for each then divided out of the total possible. The followingpercentages are an approximation of how your grade will be broken down.Every day students will earn their daily points for classroom effort aslong as they are working.
Daily Work 40%.
Individual Projects will be given and assessed with a grade sheet that thestudent must fill out.
Projects are worth 30%
.Students will be expected to work on their sketchbook in class as well as forhomework from time to time.
Sketchbook/Homework 20
%.We will also do 1 research project per quarter.
Research project
10%.At the end of each semester we have a Semester exam it is not part of theregular class work, but instead is added in at the end as a separate grade.
Exam. 20% overallGrade Scale:
A+ 100–97 B 86-84 C- 74-70 F 59 or lessA 96-94 B- 83-81 D+ 69–68A-93-91 C+ 80-78 D 67-66B+ 90-87 C 77-75 D- 65-60
Requirements / Expectations:
 Students are expected to contribute to exemplary conduct in the classroom.Students should come to class on time. They should be ready to start classpromptly. They should read, and then perform their assigned homework beforecoming to class. Students are expected to always come to class prepared withall necessary supplies. Most importantly they should display a positiveattitude towards their peers, their teachers, and their school.
 Mr. Walters Class Rules
1. Come to class with all materials. (crayons, pencils sketchbooks etc.)2. Follow Directions the first time.3. Have all assignments turned in on time.4. Be in class and in your seat before the bell.5.Do not eat, drink, or chew gum.6.Phones must be turned off or on vibrate, and cannot be used in theclassroom at all.7.Lab safety is to be followed while in the lab.8.Do not interrupt the learning process.
 Make up Policy:
Their will be no make up for
work. It is the student’sresponsibility to make up their missing project work, homework or tests. Theyshould check with their teacher immediately upon their return to class. Testscan be made up after school and should be scheduled with the teacher. Unexcused

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