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Published by: api-26237120 on Sep 17, 2009
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FACULTY SENATE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MINUTES10:00am – 327 Graff Main HallAugust 25, 2009
Members: Joe Heim, Kerrie Hoar, Becky LeDocq, Adrienne Loh and Bart Van VoorhisVisitors: Bob Hoar and Sibbie Weathers
July 29 Minutes amended and approved: M/S/P
No Chair’s Report:3.Faculty Senate Blog:
Bob Hoar and Sibbie Weathers joined the meeting to discuss having two FacultySenate blog sites on the Posterous website. This would be a pilot program andwould include one site for Faculty Senate correspondence and one site for FacultySenate committee agendas and minutes.b.Items are posted chronologically; therefore, subject lines should include thecommittee name, content (e.g., minutes/agenda) and the date.c.This site would not be a two-way blog (i.e., no feedback would be posted) and wouldbe moderated by the Faculty Senate office. In addition, minutes would not be postedto this site until they have been approved by the committee.d.Motion to approve the pilot use of the Posterous website to develop two sites to postFaculty Senate correspondence and Faculty Senate committee agendas andminutes. M/S/P4.Faculty Senate and Committee Replacements:a.One-Semester CLS Seat (replaces Bradley Butterfield who has a course conflict):Carol Angel will replace Bradley Butterfield for Fall 2009 semester.b.Two-Year At-Large FS Seat (replaces Bruce Riley): Chuck Lee will replace BruceRiley.
One-Year SAH FS Seat (replaces Brian Udermann): Since the number of open seatswas equal to the number of candidates at the last election, there are no readyreplacements for this seat. Motion to replace Brian Udermann (1-year SAH seat)with Rick Mikat. M/S/Pd.Textbook Rental Oversight Committee: Faculty Senate will need to choose threefaculty members to serve on this committee. The Chair will put out a call for volunteers.e.Academic Program Review Committee Seat (replaces Sharon Jessee): Motion toreplace Sharon Jessee with Mary Tollefson on APR. M/S/Pf.Consultative Layoff Committee Seat (replaces Bradley Butterfield): Motion to replaceBradley Butterfield with Ron Glass. M/S/Pg.Hearing Committee: Faculty Senate will need to add two more first alternates andnine second alternates to this committee. The Chair will put out a call for volunteers.5.Convener’s Meeting:a.This meeting will take place at 9:00am on September 1, 2009, in the Faculty Senatechambers (325 GMH). All SEC members should be in attendance if possible.b.Items for discussion will include responsibilities of the convener, chair and secretary;posting to the Posterous site and committee charges.6.H1N1 Update:

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