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Icebreakers for your class

Icebreakers for your class

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Published by penhoat
Ice breakers for your form class
Ice breakers for your form class

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Published by: penhoat on Sep 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Icebreakers for People and Topics
16. Birthday Line Up....students line up in order of their birthdaywithout talking17. Meet My Friend Who...students interview one another andintroduce each other to the advisory18. Famous Partners...place the names of famous couples on indexcards, mix them up, have students match up19. Backwards name tag...place index card with another studentsname on backs, move around and ask for clues20. Buddy in the Middle...students sit in a circle, person standing inmiddle tells one thing about themselves21. Boundary Breakers...interview questions to help generateconversations about values22. Animal Sounds...students simultaneously make animal noises andmatch up with like partners based on sound23. Picture Books to break ice on character education topics...usebooks like the Giving Tree24. Don’t Judge a Bag by Its Cover...stuff gift bags with unknownitems, students select one, discuss why25. Machines...place name of machines on index cards, distribute togroups, have them act them out
Tried and True Activitiesfor Advisory Groups
Communication Skills/Problem Solving
Team Building
26. Stepping Stones... move group across make believe river to otherside of room27. Life Raft...students stand on top of shower curtain and flip itover without anyone stepping off28. Create a Shelter...use newspaper and masking tape to createshelter the group fits under w/out talking29. Tubes and Marbles Race...use half pipes in a race to place amarble in a bowl on the floor across the room30. Tire Tubes....students connected in a circle and move tire tubearound the circle31. Tinker Toys...create exact same structure while seated back toback
32. 4 Corners..Agree A Little, Disagree, Agree, Disagree ALittle...use any topic to discuss points of view33. Human Knot...students stand in a circle grabbing hands so theyinterlock, work together to get unlocked34. Life Skill Lessons...how to tie a tie, how to set the table, how todo anything....celebrate success!!35. Q:C:Q: - Quote, Comment, Question...analyze a famous quote, oldor new
Tried and True Activities for AdvisoryGroups
Study/Organization Skills
36. Plus 5 Club...celebrate students who haveraised their average in a subject by 5 points inone marking period37. Agenda books...use for goal setting, studyskills and long range planning38. Goal Setting that integrates Parents asstakeholders....ask parents to sign off on theirchild's goals39. Posting teacher tests and project due datesfor all subjects on the Advisory chalkboard40. Review Study Games for all subjects...sendteam members Q&A for your class
CommunityService Ideas
41. Valentines for Veterans...make in Advisory andthen invite the Vets in for a school assembly42. Holiday Gift Baskets/Adopt aFamily...distribute within community43. Bring a Dollar to Go to the..... During the

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