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Causes of Discrimination in Human Society2

Causes of Discrimination in Human Society2

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Published by ifaboy
Discrimintation is evident in most societies of the world.From a kindergatten to nations and companies. it will be very interesting to know the reasons why
Discrimintation is evident in most societies of the world.From a kindergatten to nations and companies. it will be very interesting to know the reasons why

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Published by: ifaboy on Sep 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Human relations and the contest for power
Every where there is a gathering of human beings, the people there tend totry and exercise power and influence on each other for one reason or the other.Each individual seeks to exert some influence in the social stratosphere in which heis living. Man being a social being always seeks for some level of acceptance withthe people he is living with. Unfortunately, not everybody is good at behaving in away that is commendable to human society or socializing very well. This isdangerous as it leads to a situation where people avoid mixing with such a personand the individual is isolated from his immediate community. As a result, theindividual finds it difficult to exercise power and influence and gain great wealth. Nomatter how many brilliant ideas such a person has, he will not be listened tobecause in the first place, people stay away from such an individual and ignore himor her. As life or society is a game of power, the person becomes crushed by thepowerful forces in human society and the individual will tend to feel that life isunfair. To avoid being discriminated against, an individual must learn to behave in acourteous and socially acceptable way in public as his very life and survival maydepend on it. One thing I have observed is that people judge other people on firstimpression. That is they form opinion of people based on how such a personpresents his or herself to them. When in a gathering of people, an individual mustexude confidence and boldness and must sound as assertive as possible. This giveshis fellow human beings the feeling that he has a lot of power and that he is veryintelligent and powerful. Life itself is an art. What I mean by this is that we have toproject a make-believe impression of ourselves when in front of people so as to gainrecognition and power. If we act too naturally and showcase the bad side of us, wewill be underrated and cheated by people around us. Like an actor in a movie screenwe have to take up different characters in front of people. The worst mistakeanybody can make is to behave strangely as that will result in isolation andpersecution. People easily notice a person that is strange and they tend to believethat something is wrong with such a person. In an attempt to understand a strangeperson, people will come up with all sorts of bizarre ideas and myths about such anindividual and the person will be stereotyped.
Human relations and the quest for money and power
 The quest for money and power is very important in a gathering of humanbeings. In most major cities of the world people run around from morning to eveninglooking for money to make themselves comfortable. In fact, I have come to thecontribution that the average human being is greedy and covetous and if not for the
existence of law and police in a society, nobody will be safe. The quest for moneyalways results in bloodshed, hate, animosity and sheer violence. If you put between10 to 20 people in a place for some time, there is going to be crime in such a place.Somebody is bound to steal something. The quest for money leads to prostitution asspreading your legs for some one seems to be the easiest way to get money.Fortunately or unfortunately, money and sex are two powerful forces in humansociety. You can basically define society with these two concepts. One majorproblem I believe women have is that they are usually in a position where they aredefined by their sexuality. To women this may seem modern or fashionable but itoften leads to disaster. When women are defined by their sexuality, they are oftenused for sex, treated like prostitutes and they do not make any meaningfulcontribution to human society.On the other hand, I have observed that women use sex as a weapon to getmoney and power from men and men try to use sex to dominate and humiliatewomen. This relationship is complex and I think both sexes should realize that theyboth have different qualities and try to understand each other better. One thing Ihave noticed is that politics is not only apparent in a formal system of Government,it is also present anywhere there is a gathering of human beings. The most effectiveway to emerge a leader is to give people the impression you have ideas of your ownand that you can help them to solve their problems.
How differences (real or perceived) result indiscrimination
One thing I have come to realize is the fact that we live in a Universe wherethere are differences in variety. For example, God created different types of animals(lion, tortoise, goat etc) and different types of plants. Even among human beings,he created male and female with our various differences. This variety that isinherent in nature is not supposed to result in conflict but unity. Unfortunately thisoften results in conflict and sometimes sheer violence amongst us human beings.People tend to separate themselves into different groups or societies based on theiroccupation, gender, race, tribe, nationality etc. This is good in itself but the dangeris that it prevents us from seeing and understanding the common humanitybetween us. This often happens in politics where people with different ideologiesoften antagonize themselves and it usually results in violence. The violent politicsthat dominated parts of Europe in the early part of the 20
century was as a resultof the fact that each party had its own ideology and viewed themselves as theultimate solution to human and social problems. This attitude lead people in onepolitical party to see the other political party as inferior, destructive, backward anddifferent. Each party attacked the other party and accused it of all types of crimesand there were accusations and counter-accusations on both sides. The communistshated the capitalists; the Nazis hated the communists and so on. This is why therewere so many wars, conflicts and revolutions in Europe in the first 5o years of thelast century. I don’t believe that people with different ideologies and religionsshould fight or despise each other. This is because I believe that every ideology everevolved by man is based on the fact that we are trying to understand our social andphysical world or environment better. Invariably, each political and religious
ideology claims it is trying to make the world a better place to live in but they eachtake a different route towards this common goal.In a certain group of people or any social gathering where people stay forsome period of time, one thing you will notice is that people tend to dividethemselves into different groups. Some people will make only 3 or 4 friends in themidst of 20 to 30 people and then not talk to anybody else. Anybody seen as weirdwill have no friends and then be discriminated against. This will sooner or laterresult in conflict and social disorder. This is because when the isolated person takesnote of this, he will start fighting back and will try and do anything possible so asnot to be ignored. This could result in acts of extreme violence by the individualwhich could be seen as crazy but is just an attempt by the individual to makeeverybody understand him or herself better. There is no worse crime you can do toa human being than to isolate him. Such a person starts feeling frustrated andangry with the world around him and in some extreme cases it could lead toinsanity.
Why Individualism should be celebrated and notpersecuted
As individuals we all have our differences which should not be seen as areason for conflict. Individual differences are seen as a way of expressing our ideasand if it is encouraged, it can lead to progress. Progress is often made in anysociety when people are able to express themselves more often than before. Such asociety will allow people do things and say things that everybody thinks is differentor that many people are not doing. This will bring about progress as people have tosee things in a new way in order to come up with new strategies and ideas. Asociety that surpreses individualism will not progress and will continue to wallow intraditionalism and retrogression.One reason we are not making progress in Africa is that we are too traditionaland we think in a group. Most Africans are so close to their families that they do nottravel and are too afraid to be different. In Africa, if your father is something, thenyou must be that particular thing. You cannot initiate a new idea or chart the courtfor a new way to do things. The average African leaves in his father’s shadow. The Unfortunate thing about individualism is that individuals that exhibit anindividualistic trait are often persecuted and hated for no just cause. The irony isthat everybody knows that the individual is right with his views but they are tooafraid to speak against it yet they persecute the only individual who is bold enoughto tell the truth. Human beings are basically social beings and will do anything to bepart of society and avoid social persecution. This makes us not to be creativebecause to be creative is to be different. I believe our need to socialize tragicallydestroys our innate creative genius which lies in every human being. We go throughlife trying to be like somebody else instead of ourselves. At the end we end up beingmediocre and the society pays for it because our creativity and differences wasdesigned to make the world a beautiful place to live in and add to human progressand happiness. When the average individual is growing up, society forces us toaccept ideas which are wrong and we are told something must be wrong with us if we believe otherwise. What the individual doesn’t realize is that society itself is afailure. Our ideas about government, socializing, sex, money are often flawed and

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